I stood there gasping for air as I watched Edward throw this blonde vampire up against the wall and start making out with her. I slowly took off my engagement ring and slipped out of the house, never looking back. Considering this is me we're talking about, it was a miracle. I ran into the woods, leaving my now useless truck in the Cullen's driveway. I let the rain hide the tears that started to fall from my eyes, as I half ran half stumbled further into the trees. I have no idea how long I had been running or where I was heading, when I suddenly stopped and sat on the soft moss that covered the ground.

It was at this very moment I gave up on my life. I had been hurt by too many people time and time again. Jacob when he found out that I was getting married ran away and cut me out of his life; the wolf pack that blamed me for Jacob's state of health; my own father because I couldn't fall for the boy he want me to, and now Edward again. Just like last time, I curled up into a ball and closed down. I still don't know how long I laid there before I felt myself suddenly flying. I didn't open my eyes, but I did take a deep breath and I was hit by one of the most mouth water smells. It was a mixture of wild berries, rich dark chocolate and orange; I couldn't help but lean further into it, causing the person who was carrying me to purr. I heard a masculine laugh, which sounded like the earth moving, mixed with the soft crashing of waves. I recognized it from my last run in with this particular group of vampires, causing me groan. I felt a pair of cold lips kiss my forehead, before they sped up even more. Between the rocking of my body, the smell of my kidnapper, and just from my emotions, I started to feel tired.

"Go to sleep my Isabella. When you wake again you'll be safe and loved. I'm taking you home, back to the Volturi."

With that I let myself go and entered the world of dreams and nightmares.

I was woken to light coming through a small airplane window, hitting the group of vampires that surrounded me. I quickly closed my eyes shielding them from the glow that filled the cabin, causing what sounded like a musical chime to laugh before the light was dimmed. I slowly allowed my eyes to open again, only to find them looking into a pair of crimson eyes. Much to my surprise, I didn't find myself flinching away from them but was drawn to them. In those eyes I saw love and friendship dancing through sadness and understanding. I smiled and found myself reaching up to brush a loose piece of hair behind her ear. She smiled in return and helped me sit up, before giving me a quick hug and stepping back. I noticed, unlike the one that carried me last night, she smelled of lemon, mint and orchids.

"Isabella, good morning. We'll be landing soon. Your breakfast will be waiting for you once we have landed."

I nodded and looked around at the remaining vampire's. I couldn't help but let out a small giggle when my eyes landed on Felix. I could tell he wanted to start jumping up and down, but knew better than to do so while on a plane. Instead, he smiled at me and waved, looking every bit like a child. Going clockwise, my eyes landed on Heidi who nodded in my direction and gave me a small smile. Just behind her stood Demetri who gave me a small bow and smile. It wasn't until my eyes landed on the last vampire that my heart rate increased and I forgot to breathe. I watched as he slowly made his way over to me, before sitting next to me and taking my face in his hands.

"Breath my Isabella. I can't have you passing out on me."

I took a much needed breath of air causing me to taste his scent on my tongue and moan in pleasure. As I kept breathing in his scent, I noticed that the plane was now making it final descent. Just before we hit the tarmac, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his body, making sure I didn't fall off the chair. I was still wrapped up in his arms after the plane had stopped, neither of us wanting to let go of the other.

"You know you two can let go of each other now?"

"Shut up Felix. Why don't you go and help unpack the luggage or something useful."

Felix rolled his eyes before kissing the top of my head, and leaving the plane before I could blink. However, I didn't miss Alec's growl as he pulled me even closer into his body.

"As much as I don't want to let you go, the brothers are waiting for us."

I nodded and went to stand, suddenly finding myself be carried bridal style through a hanger, currently filled with vampires moving around like the wind. There, leaning against the side of a limo, were the three brothers actually looking young for once. It was Marcus that caught my attention as he pushed himself away from the car and made his way over. He was dressed in dark wash jeans that hung low on his hips. I could see this because the white shirt he had on had the top two buttons undone and a couple on the bottom. Alec placed my feet on the floor only to have them leave it again as Marcus swept me up into his arms.

By the time I was placed on my feet again my brain had finally caught up with me and I started to wonder what was happening. Marcus and Alec must have noticed the look of confusion that flickered across my face.

"Isabella my dear, all will be explained once you have eaten and changed. Now you have a choice, ride in limo with us or on the back of Alec's bike?"

I smiled and reached out to Alec. He took my hand and pulled me against his body, causing Marcus to look at him like a protective father would at a boy touching his daughter. I reached out and patted Marcus on the arm, trying to calm him down. He reached down and kissed my forehead before looking at Alec again.

"You are to drive safely. Do I make myself clear? If she gets a scratch on her, you will be dead, soul mate or not. Isabella, my dear, please do what you are told and hold on tight. I'll see you back at the castle."

He turned back and made his way back to his brothers, who hadn't moved during the whole conversation. Aro bowed to me, while Caius nodded his head before they all got into the back of the car. I found myself being pulled over to a sleek black bike by Alec. He reached over the edge and came back with a helmet and a leather jacket, which he perched on the seat before turn back to me.

"Turn around Isabella so I can put the riding jacket on you. You're not riding with me unless you're wearing protection."

I did what I was told as Alec dressed me in the jacket, before throwing my hair up in ponytail. I didn't ask where he got the hair tie from before he spun me around and placed the full face helmet on my head. He made sure it was secure before he climbed on the bike, pulling me up behind him. He wrapped my arms tightly around his waist before we took off. I rested my chin on his shoulder and watched the Italian country side fly past us, feeling at peace for the first time since I had arrived in Forks. I was still lost in thought when we arrived at the city walls. Unlike last time, the guards at the gates let us through without question. We drove past the fountain and clock tower neither causing me pain which considering who was involved I expected it. Alec slowed down and stopped next to the limo. Demetri came over and helped me off the bike, while Alec disappeared around the back of the castle. Demetri helped me removed the helmet and jacket, just as Alec reappeared. He nodded to Demetri and took my hand before dragging me onto his back. We raced off into the castle not stopping until he reached what I guessed was his chambers.

"You can have a shower through there while I find you a change of clothes, then breakfast with the brothers. I promise all be explained my Isabella."

I nodded as he gently kissed me on the lips before leaving the room. I went through the door he pointed out and almost stopped breathing again. The bathroom was the same size as Charlie's whole house, plus a bit more. It was tiled with light brown and cream tiles; the bath itself was old fashioned with clawed feet and a high back. The shower itself wasn't what I expected. Instead of it being enclosed in glass, it was surrounded by palm trees and it was an actual waterfall rather than a shower. I slowly stripped and made my over to it, stepping into the shallow pool and made my to the waterfall. I found the water to be the perfect temperature, causing me to moan as I felt all my muscles relax from the pounding of the water. I found a little shelf buried into the wall which held shampoo and conditioner that reminded me of Pina Colada. I don't know how long I stood under the water, but I was interrupted by a small cough that brought me back to reality.

I looked over to see a very amused Jane standing there with a towel.

"Come on, it's time to leave that little piece of heaven and get ready for breakfast. Alec is panicking because you've been in there for an hour now."

"Oops, sorry. It's just so nice being in here."

"Alec will be happy to hear that. This bathroom is the envy of the guards and the brothers. He had it built after your last visit in hope that you would return to him. Now get out and dressed before I have to drag you out."

I sighed and got out snatching the towel from her hands but not before sticking my tongue out at her. Half an hour later found me in a white summer dress with white sandals, and my still damp hair up in a ponytail as I quickly walked next to Jane. She lead me to a closed in garden where Alec and the three brother were waiting for me. They all stood up as we made our way over. Alec pulled out a chair for me as Aro did the same for Jane. Once I'd been seated, Alec started to feed me. Edward had tried this once and it pissed me off, but Alec doing it I found myself feeling loved. Once he made sure I had enough, the table was cleared of everything but the coffee. It was Aro that spoke once we were alone again.

"Isabella, I suppose it's time we explained what you are doing here..."