I don't know how long I stood looking at the door, praying that he would come back, but after a while I gave up hope. Not moving from where he left me, I fell to the floor with tears running down my face. The pain in my chest was worse than it had been when Edward had left me. Without realizing it, I started to claw at my chest where my heart was located, trying to dig the pain away.

A high pitched wail filled my ears and it took me a minute to realize that the sound was coming from me. It got higher and higher and soon I started to smell and taste blood. Soon the noise stopped, to be replaced by the sound of me gasping for air, as I felt my lungs start to slowly fill with liquid. As the darkness took me I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that I had survived three vampire attacks, a group of teenage shape-shifters, having my heart destroyed twice, and I was drowning in my own blood. Just before I closed my eyes for the last time I swear I saw the door fly open, but I knew I had to be wrong.

I welcomed the darkness. In fact, I didn't want to leave it, but I suddenly found myself being dragged away from it. I wanted to scream in anger for being taken from the one place I was at peace. As the darkness left me I started to hear a female voice, one that I had heard before.

"Oh now you decide to listen to me again. You almost kill yourself without even thinking about me, and now here I am saving our backside."

"Who are you exactly?"

"I'm you. Okay let me rephrase that. I am your soul, your past, present and future. Now we don't have long, so listen. Alec does love you more than he will ever show you. Edward will try and get you back by any means possible. This last thing is really important, Alec is pissed that you tried to take yourself away from him and he will make you pay. Hope you don't mind being tied to a bed for a while."

"Not helpful. As for the whole tying up thing, it has never happened to me before."

"Well, take a breath my dear. Welcome back to existence".

I opened my eyes and closed them just as quick. The little voice gave me a small I told you so before I felt a pair of cold hands cup my face. His smell invaded my head and body before he pushed his whole body on top of mine and growled. I didn't want to respond, but when he pushed his hips into mine and growled again, I couldn't help but moan out loud, causing my throat to hurt and Alec to growl at me once again.

"Isabella, if you ever, and I mean ever try taking yourself away from me again, I swear you'll be sorry. Now my dear, Carlisle has informed me that you aren't to talk for a while because you have caused your throat to bleed. I will not punish you until I can hear you scream. However, I need to mark you as mine again, because in your little moment you expelled a lot of my scent. Now if you promise not to make a single sound I can do this in such a way that we can kill two problems at the same time."

I nodded and closed my eyes, as Alec slowly undressed me. I felt myself being tied to the bed causing me to start to panic. Alec pressed down on me purring and slowly started to kiss my neck.

"Isabella, I am tying you to the bed for two reasons. This way I can be more careful with you than I was last time and you can't tempt me with your little moves. Secondly, you can't run away from me. Now relax my dear and just feel."

I laid there as the only sound that filled the room was my heart beat and my ragged breathing as Alec started to kiss the bottom of my feet, I wanted to giggle, but it was painful. Alec slowly started to suck on my toes one by one causing my heart beat to increase. As he made his way up my leg he managed to find all these small areas that would cause me to become more and more aroused. His purr become louder the more aroused I became. Once he got to my hip, he started to suck, causing me to lift my hips so he could reach more which made him to snarl and push them down again.

After he had finished, he switched to my other leg and did the same thing. By the time he had finished, I had matching love bites on both of my hips. He slowly started to kiss his way up my body until he reached my breast where he took the nipple into his mouth, causing me to let out a strangled moan. Alec stopped what he was doing and glared up at me as a small amount of blood escaped my mouth. Within a blink of an eye Alec had captured my mouth in his and carefully sucked all the blood that had filled my mouth out before replacing it with his venom.

"Isabella, swallow. My venom will help heal your throat faster than if you let it heal naturally. I also thought I told you not make any noise? Now I'm going to have to drag this out longer, and here I was hoping that I would be entering you soon."

I did as I was told and swallowed his venom cringing as I felt it go to work on the damage that I had done to my throat. Once Alec, was happy that it had worked he went back to play with my body not once touching the place between my legs, where I needed him the most.

He untied me before he flipped me over so I now laid on my front as he straddled my back. I started to shiver as I felt him lick and kiss his way down my spine. He didn't stop there like I thought he would, instead I felt him started to stroke my ass before he hit it making me want to scream but I bit my bottom lip and buried my head in the pillow to stop myself. He kept doing this until I felt as if my ass was burning, but not in a bad way. However, what he did next caused me dig my nails into the bed with a strength I didn't realize I had. He had spread my ass checks and had run his tongue around my puckered hole before pushing one of his long fingers in.

"You're so tight. I can't wait to fuck you in this tight little hole of yours. I won't do it today mind you, because one, you're not ready, and secondly, I really don't think fucking you like that with the mind reader downstairs would be a good idea. However, it doesn't mean I'm not going to fuck you at all."

With that he pulled my hips up off the bed and spread my legs before he slide himself into me. I felt myself wanting to moan, but I wiggled my head so it went deeper into the pillow and bite my bottom lip. I felt Alec's breath on the side of my neck as he bent forward and bite in to it, releasing his venom back into my body while he took me like I had seen lions do on one of the many animal documentaries Renee had made me sit through.

Suddenly, Alec reached between my legs, and with one quick stroke on my clit, sent me over the edge with him. While he still had his teeth in me and was still buried in me, he lowered us to the bed, before carefully removing his teeth and licking his mark closed.

"Mine, all mine Isabella. Now we are going to have a shower and then get dressed. We have visitors and things we need to discuss. There will be a pen and paper down there so you can have your say but you are not to talk. Even with my venom healing you, it's still not safe for you talk. Do I make myself clear?"

I nodded as he eased his way out of me, before picking me up and moving us both off the bed. It was at times like this I hated vampires, they make doing everything look so easy. After Alec had washed and dressed me he picked me up so I was cradled in his arms, he informed me that after what had just taken place and my little episode, my body was to weak for me to walk by myself.

I rolled my eyes, which earned me a small growl from him in response. Within seconds, we found ourselves outside being greeted by the Volturi and the Cullen family. The only one to stand back was Edward, who glared at Alec before turning to me with lust filled eyes, causing Alec to pull me closer to his body and let out a low warning growl. Carlisle, carefully moved so he was blocking Edward, before speaking

"Alec, may I have your permission to check Bella over? I need to see how her throat is healing."

Alec nodded at Carlisle as he sat down in a chair that Jane had vacated for him, with me on his lap.

Carlisle knelt in front of us and smiled at me, before handing me a note pad and pen.

"Okay Bella, can I ask you what happened?"

I got scared. Alec left me alone in a dark room. Ever since you all left, I can't handle being left alone anymore. Mixed with the pain in my chest... I can't remember much after that.

"I'm sorry that my family has put you though so much pain my dear. If I had know what would happen, I wouldn't have agreed. I know most of the family will feel shame for what we did for as long as we all live."

It's not your fault Carlisle. It's not Jasper's either. It's Edwards fault for not having enough faith in your family and me. Now I have found someone, who even though he scares the living day lights out of me, I know that he means well for me. Though I am still not going to forgive him for locking me in that room anytime soon.

I waved Jasper, over and pointed to the bit I wanted him to read, earning me a smile from him and a wave of brotherly love washed over me causing me to smile. I watched as Alice ,smiled at me before pulling Jasper, back to her though something seemed a little off. Alec, read the last part and turned my head to look into his eyes. I saw how sorry he was, but I was still upset with him, causing him to make a cooing noise as I shook my head and looked back at Carlisle.

"Okay Bella, I need you to open your mouth and stick out your tongue, so I can look at your throat."

I nodded and opened my mouth a little bit and stuck my tongue out at him, causing him to laugh at me before I did as I was asked. I watched as Carlisle raised his eyebrow before looking at Alec over my shoulder.

"Well I have to say this Alec, your idea about using your venom to heal her throat was a good thing. I don't think you've damaged your throat to the point that it will be scarred for the rest of your human life, but you still won't be able to talk for a while. So you'll be making friends with your paper and pen."

Very funny Carlisle. Can't you see me rolling around on the floor in hysterics?

Carlisle, laughed that hard he fell over causing Emmett, to come over to see what I had written that made him fall over to begin with, which until this point I didn't realize was possible. Emmett, laughed and then shook his head as he pulled Carlisle off the floor before dusting him off as I looked around.

Everyone had found somewhere to sit or stand, in the case of Demetri and Felix who were currently standing behind Marcus, looking like bodyguards before they both winked at me and smiled. Edward, I noticed had placed himself so he was facing me, with Carlisle sat on his right, Esme on his left. Em sat next to Esme with Rose in his lap while Jasper and Alice copied them, though they sat next to Carlisle. Jane, leaned against my legs as I was still sitting on Alec's lap; Heidi did the same with Marcus who was sitting on our right.

I was the first one to break the silence as I quickly scribbled down the question that has been bugging me since the whole thing started

What is there to talk about? Edward hurt me twice now. I found Alec, I still love most of the Cullen's because they are my family. I don't have Charlie, in my life anymore, since he kicked me out of the house when I told him I was getting married to Edward, Renee and I haven't been close since I moved here. I thought I was moving to Volturi?

Alec read this before passing it round the circle. Edward ,clearly was upset when he read it, before handing it on when it got back to me it was Marcus, that answered my question.

"Isabella, you have to understand when a vampire chooses their mate it's for life, and even though Alec, is your soul mate, and is now full mated with you in every way possible, so is Edward, even though he has hurt you. This is going to cause problems because males are somewhat protective of their mates and you have two."

Is that even possible? I mean Edward, barely even kissed me, let alone go as far as what Alec and I have"

I held it up showing the rest of the circle. To my surprise it was Jasper, that answered the question.

"I've seen it once and it was very interesting to watch. The female had all the power in the relationship. They learned to work together, and it was the female who picked who she would have sex with. However, in this situation Darlin', I'm worried because your still human. You have two very dominant mates who don't like each other, and where one is happy for you to be changed, the other one isn't. As for the other thing Bella, mating doesn't actually involve around sex, it's a mental thing. It's hard to described and I am sure that at a later time Marcus, and I will be able to explain it to you but now I am afraid is not the time."

Great. So what you are telling me is that I'm now stuck in the middle of a vampire pissing game?

I threw the note pad at Jasper who laughed at what I wrote and nodded before destroying what I had written. I crossed my arms and started to sulk. Great, just what I needed when I couldn't talk. How was I suppose to tell them both to take a hike when I was pissed off at them both. Jasper, wrote me a quick note before passing it back over to me

"You'll be fine Bells. Marcus, and I will keep them both in check for you."

Both Alec and Edward glared at each other across the small table as I read what he said causing me to raise my eyebrow at him causing him to shrug before throwing me one of his lop sided smiles causing Edward, to growl at him.

I had enough of this and wanted out. The girls must have noticed because they all stood up the same time causing me to let out a small giggle, causing Edward and Alec to look at me in horror while Carlisle, handed me a bottle of water as I felt a dribble of blood leave my mouth once again.

"Bella my dear, I know it's hard at times but you really must not make any sudden sounds. Now I do believe that the women are going to kidnap you, so you're not going to be in the middle of the 'discussion' that is about to take place."

I found myself being pulled off Alec's lap by Jane, and without a word being said I was dragged away, followed by the rest of the females. We had just reached the house as a feral growl filled the air and a loud crash sounded, making me want to turn around. But I was forced into the house by Jane and Esme.