Ficawesome Gift Exchange- TAKE 2

Title: I Don't

Written for: Vampiremama aka Officer Spread'em

Written By: KD Masen

Rating: M

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What happens when Bella's Mr. Right, isn't really Mr. Right after all? A story of lies and deceit and what comes next. Written for the 2nd FicAwesome Gift Exchange for Vampiremama.

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Have you ever woken up in the morning from a really great dream, only to realize it wasn't actually a dream but instead your life? That is what my morning feels like right now, as I look down at the shiny ring on my left hand.

Last night was the happiest moment of my life so far, and it wasn't a dream.

Every girl fantasizes about the moment when the man she loves will ask her the most important question of her life, 'Will you marry me?' Edward Masen did not disappoint.

It was perfect. We drove out to his parents beach house, walked down to the ocean and had a late picnic dinner, which Edward admitted to having his mother help him make.

After we were full from dinner, we lay on the blanket and listened to the waves of the ocean while being completely wrapped up in one another. That's when Edward started a speech about how I was his forever and slipped the ring on my finger. The ring was huge; Edward never did anything halfway, not to mention that he also comes from a very wealthy family. His money was never something I cared about, and he knew this. The ring was definitely bigger than anything I would have picked out myself, but Edward had chosen it, and therefore, it was beautiful. I was not going to argue it this time.

I slowly roll over to check the time without disturbing Edward; he is still peacefully sleeping.

I am not quite ready to get out of the warm bed yet. I feel so at home. This has been the first time Edward and I have slept in the same bed; I guess this is something else I will have to look forward to when we get married.

Edward and I met 8 months ago through some mutual friends. Edward's best friend was dating one of my classmates.

The girls from the nursing program were having a girl's night out one evening when Vicky's boyfriend, James, and his friends decided to crash the party; Edward being one of his friends.

Edward flirted with me all evening, and just before the end of the night, he asked me out on a first date. I couldn't say no. He was friendly, smart, funny, and gorgeous.

After a few dates, I knew I was falling, and fast. He was so sweet and caring; a true gentleman. His family was just as charming as he was which was probably where he got his charm in the first place. Edward Sr. and Elizabeth Masen were the most kind and loving parents I had ever met. Edward Sr. had even helped me with finding a job when I graduated with a degree in Nursing. He set up an interview at the hospital with a family friend Carlisle Cullen.

He has become the only argument Edward and I have ever had up to date. Edward is convinced that Carlisle harbours some kind of romantic feelings for me. I told Edward he was just seeing things and that Dr. Cullen is nice to me because we worked together. Carlisle is also friends with the Masen's, and is 10 years older than I am. Carlisle Cullen is not interested in me


The clock now reads ten A.M. and I know I am going to have to wake Edward soon. He told me last night that we were meeting his parents for lunch today and we still need to get up, get ready and drive back to the city.

The more I thought about it, the more nervous I was about the lunch date. We were going to announce our engagement to Edward's parents.

I begin to place feather light kisses all over his face to wake him. I can tell the moment he wakes because even though his eyes are still closed, his mouth pulls up into a beautiful smile.

"Mmmm, I could get used to waking up like this," Edward says in his still groggy voice.

"Well, you better get used to it, mister, because you asked for it." I waved my left hand at him, showing off the glittering diamonds.

"I sure did," he says, while pulling me down onto his chest to kiss me.

I pulled back after a few kisses and he began to pout.

"We have to meet your parents for lunch in two hours and we both still need showers and to get ready to drive into the city."

"All right, all right, I'm getting up," he responds after I kissed his pouty lips once more before heading off to the bathroom to shower.


Two hours later, we are getting out of the car and walking into the fancy restaurant Edward's parents picked for lunch. I think Edward can feel the nerves rolling off of me.

"It's going to be fine Bella. My parents love you! I think if anything, you should be worried about my mother's excitement causing a scene."

He was right. Ed and Liz Masen have never made me feel like I was not good enough for their son. I may not come from money like they do, but you would never have known it. They have always treated me as an equal. I have no idea where these nerves are coming from, but I know Edward is right. I am just being ridiculous.

I stand up on my tippy toes and kiss his cheek before I lace my fingers through his and we head for the front doors of the restaurant.

We walk up to the maitre d' standing at the podium.

"Reservation for Masen," Edward tells the maitre d', who, may I add, is totally undressing my fiancé right there in front of me.

"Sure thing, right this way," she says, but not before winking at Edward and telling him to follow her and that the rest of our 'party' is already seated. I am currently invisible.

Edward's parents must have seen the maitre d' leading us to the table, because they were standing, ready to greet us hello when we got to the table.

We say our hellos before sitting down and ordering, catching up on what has been going on in the last couple of weeks. I am sitting with my left hand under the table, resting it on my leg. I know that if my hand comes above that table, Liz will notice the ring right away and I am waiting for Edward to say something. They are, after all, his parents.

The chatting starts to die down a little and Edward clears his throat. This is it.

"Mom, Dad, Bella and I have some news!"

I can see the smile appear on Elizabeth's face immediately. She is always bugging Edward about when he is going to finally realize that I am the one, and how he needs to hurry up and propose already, before I get away. She also regularly voices her thoughts on being ready to be a grandmother.

Before Elizabeth can burst with excitement, Ed gestures for Edward to get on with it.

"I asked Bella to marry me last night, and she said yes."

Of course, Elizabeth lets out the happiest scream imaginable and we now have the attention of the entire restaurant, both patrons and staff.

Liz literally jumps out of her seat and immediately pulls me into a hug. When she pulls back, I notice that there are actually tears in her eyes. She kisses my forehead and goes to embrace Edward in a hug. Ed of course hugs and congratulates me, telling me how he is looking forward to having me as a daughter-in-law, especially one that is able to keep Edward in line.

All the congratulations are given and we get back to our seats just in time for our food to be served. The wedding talk has officially commenced and by the time I finish up with my lunch, Liz has already told us they will be paying for the entire wedding, no questions asked.

"How many times will my only son get married?" is her reasoning.

Millions of typical wedding questions are asked.

"Have you decided on a date yet?"

"Have you thought about where you would like the ceremony to be?"

"What about the reception? Where? How many guests? What colour scheme? How many bridesmaids? What about the music? What kind of dress did you have in mind?"

Yes, the questions just keep coming and coming. Edward tells his mother to calm down because we just got engaged last night and there will be plenty of time for her to question and help with all the planning.

After making a date to go dress shopping with Liz next weekend, we are finally walking back to the car. Lunch went better than I expected, and I am happy to have the complete support of Edward's parents. Soon enough, they will be my parents as well… in-laws, and since my parents are not around, they will be the closest thing to parents I will have; I can't wait to start planning the wedding.


The last couple months have been a whirlwind of wedding plans. The day after Edward and I got engaged, we went back to my apartment that I share with my roommate, Rosalie, and spent the rest of our day, and well into the evening, talking about everything we want for a wedding.

We both have decided that we want to have a traditional, elegant, but small and intimate wedding; we are going to stick with strictly family and close friends. We also decided on a date, which will be in five months. FIVE MONTHS to plan an entire wedding.

I told Edward that I really didn't want to wait. I was done with school and am working in my study field, it was time to work on the rest of my life, and Edward was whom I wanted to spend it with. He had no arguments with having the wedding so soon either. He actually said that he could not wait for me to be Mrs. Edward Masen.

To most people, five months seems like an impossible amount of time to plan a wedding, but not when you have Elizabeth Masen on your team.

She has made sure the church, reception hall, caterers, and DJ are all booked. We picked my dress, the menu with the caterers, gone over the colour schemes and decorations, and have ordered the flowers. The guest list is complete with an intimate number of 60 guests, and invitations are ordered and should be back any day to be mailed out. The one big thing that still remains is picking bridesmaid dresses.

The only thing that Edward has to do is get fitted for tuxes with his best friend, James, and their friends that he has asked to be groomsmen, emphasis on men. This leads me to my current dilemma... choosing bridesmaids.

Of course, I have asked Rosalie, my long time best friend and current roommate, to be my maid of honour. She, of course, is thrilled to be finally filling this role, which is something that was decided when we were eight-year-old girls.

I really don't have that many close girlfriends. I mean, I have a few friends that I made while in the nursing program, but none that I'd consider close enough to ask to be a bridesmaid. The same thing goes with most of girlfriend's of Edward's friends. I have met a lot of his friends and their girlfriends, but again, none that I consider close friends. Plus, I found that a few of Edward's guy friends are kind of man whores. It 's always been Rosalie and me. Although, the last six months or so, we've been hanging out with Jasper's girlfriend, Alice.

Jasper is Rosalie's older brother, my pseudo brother. He met Alice about the time I met Edward. She is a sweet girl, perfect for Jasper. She is a closer friend than any of the girls Edward's friends are dating, so she is also going to be a bridesmaid.

That still leaves me with the problem of finding two more bridesmaids though. I cave and ask Vicky. I mean, it isn't like she is a total stranger, and technically, it is because of her that I even met Edward in the first place. I mean, if James had never decided to crash our girl's night, I would have never met Edward. She is a nice girl and she has been dating Edward's best friend for the last couple years.

This still left one spot open since Edward had asked his three friends, Mike, Tyler and Ben to be his groomsmen. After some careful consideration and conversations with Edward and Rose, I also decide to ask Angela. She is a really nice girl that I met four months ago when I started my job at the hospital. We haven't been friends for very long, but she is kind and genuine, and I suspect that we eventually will become really good friends.

After all the deliberation over the wedding party, we finally have a girls date set to go pick bridesmaid dresses. Once that is done we can check that large task off the list, which only leaves us with a few smaller tasks to prepare.

Things are coming together so smoothly, I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Liz, as she continuously tells me to call her, keeps reminding me that just because things are going smoothly, doesn't mean a disaster is coming; maybe I should just consider the fact that Edward and I are meant to be.

I decide to trust her instincts and believe that she is indeed correct, and that Edward and I are meant to be, that this wedding will be just as perfect.


Now, with only two and a half months before the wedding, Rose, Alice and I are on our way to the boutique. Our appointment for the bridesmaid dresses is today.

"So, Bella, do you have an idea on the style of dress you would like us to wear?" Alice asks from the backseat of Rose's car.

"Not really, I figure we should just try on a few styles and see what looks good on you guys."

"That sounds good to me," Rose replies as she pulls into the parking lot behind the shop.

We head into the boutique and Liz and Vicky are already waiting for us. We are just waiting on Angela and then we can get started.

"What colours are you going with again?" Vicky asks. It seems like she asks this question a lot, it is almost like she is trying to convince me to go with another colour. That is not going to happen though. The day Liz, Rose and I came to pick out my dress, I fell in love with the basic red dresses I saw hanging within the racks of bridesmaids dresses.

"Red," Alice cuts in before I can answer.

Before anything else can be said, Angela walks in, out of breath.

"Sorry I'm late, Bella. I got held up at the hospital with Dr. Cullen."

"Oh no, what happened now?" I ask.

She seems to think a bit before she answers. "Nothing big, he just wanted to go over a chart before I left."

"Okay, let's get started," Liz speaks up, trying to lead us all into the store.

" I have picked out all of the styles of dresses in the colour that Bella has chosen, so if you ladies would like to get started trying them on, just pick from the rack and head into the change rooms," the sales lady says as she pushes two whole racks of red dresses towards us.


After two and a half long hours of the girls trying on dresses, and another two hour long late lunch with them, we are finally done and heading back to my and Rose's apartment.

"So what's Edward up to today?" Rose asks.

"I believe he and the guys were going for their tux fitting and then something about having a poker night at Mike's house," I reply when Alice starts smiling so big I think her face is going to get stuck.

"You know what this means, right, Bella?"

"No, I don't, Alice, care to enlighten me?"

"Girls night!" Rose and Alice say at the same time.

After a couple calls to Vicky and Angela, and a trip to the video store, we are finally back at the apartment, just the four of us. Vicky declined, saying that she had already had plans with Jessica, Mike's current "fling" or whatever you want to call her.

I am not overly torn up about Vicky not coming. There just seems to be something off about her. She is never rude to me or anything, but there is just something off about her.

After three chick flicks, two tubs of ice cream and pounds of junk food, we are ready to crash for the evening. I am really glad that we decided to do this. Angela fits in well with the girls and I am really glad that I decided to ask her to be a bridesmaid.

Barely able to keep my eyes open any longer, I close them and drift off with thoughts of the wedding and how I can't wait to walk down the aisle towards Edward and become his wife.


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