The Misfortune Begins

I sat patiently on the self as I watched my beloved master create my new brother. I couldn't help but smile, I was going to have a younger brother.
"Master what are you going to name him?" I asked finally. He turned to me his emerald orbs watching mine.
"I don't know yet" he said with a soft chuckle. "Do you have a name in mind?" he asked placing the left arm in its socket.

"Maybe" I muttered looking away.

"What is it? I promise I won't laugh or anything" He said testing the joints for the left arm.
"Are you sure? Now that I think about it, its not all that great of a name" I said now worrying if the name was fit for my masters creations.
"I'm sure it's great let's hear it." He said as he stopped working on brother. I now felt nervous, I took a gulp of air that was not needed.
"Vince" I said my voice shaking. "Yes I know it's a terrible name it was just that I thought it would fit him. I'm so sorry, I just…"
"It's perfect." I snapped out of my nervousness to stare at my master. His face showing sincerity, his smile kind. "Isn't that great Vince? Your big brother named you all on his own." He said motioning toward me. I felt a warmth build and grow in my body.
"Thank you." I said my face felt as if it was burning. He then got up from his seat to walk toward me. He then put his warm hand on my head.
"No need for thanks, he is your brother after all." He said lightly ruffling up my black hair.
"But you made him!" I said wrapping my small hand around his wrist. "I don't have the right to name something that I didn't create!" I said looking straight into those emerald eyes. He then started to laugh with startled me.
"Gilbert you worry too much. Besides this is a gift from me to you." He said as he ruffling up my hair some more before he went back into his working place. I smiled feeling for where he put his hand on my head. Minutes soon turned to hours as I watched dreamily at my master create my brother.
"Hey, Gilbert!" I turned to look at my master. "Would you like to see how your brother looks so far?" Of course I do! Not having to be told twice I jumped off the shelf and ran toward my master. "Say hello to Vince!" he said as he pulled out my younger brother. I looked at him with joy and amazement. My younger brother who was just a tad bit shorter then I had long golden hair that looked like masters except it wasn't braided. He also wore a nice outfit with consisted of a black cape over lapping a black coat with golden lacing, the coat stretched down to his knees. Underneath the coat he wore long black pants with matching black shoes. Despite the fact he had no eyes yet nor the fact he didn't get a soul yet he was perfect. I hugged my new younger brother my happiness overflowing. "I'm glade you like it." Master said as he pulled out one of the drawers. He then was holding two golden eyes in one hand and a brilliant blue stone in the other. "Now to finish little Vince off." He said with triumph in his voice. He then began to place the golden eye in his right eye. Before he had even began to place the next eye into it's socket the door burst open. My master and I both spun around, my master dropping brothers golden eye in the process. Five fierce looking men began to walk into the room followed by a noble man.
"So these are the supposive living dolls?" he said snickering to himself as he looked at me his eyes full of amusement.

"What do you want?" My master demanded getting up.
"Nothing that important…just this." He said picking me up in his dirty hand. I shrieked in surprise while my beloved master watched in disgust and anger.
"Give Gilbert back!" He cried out lunging for the noble but before he even was able to lay a finger on him one of the fierce men grabbed him and pushed him to the ground.
"Master!" I cried out. I watched to my horror as now one of the men restrained my master while the other beat him. "Stop it!" however my plea fell on deaf ears as they continued to beat my master.
"Oh, what's this?" the noble asked as he walked toward my younger brother. He then set me down to examine my brother. I was too paralyzed in fear to move. I watched as he examined my brother turning him around and cringe in disgust as he looked at his face. "What is this filth?" the noble cried. "This doll has only one eye! How disgusting." No your disgusting! That's what I wanted desperately to scream but my lips would not move to form the words. He then pulled open the drawers till he found the one that held the eyes. He then grabbed a random eye and forcefully placed it into my brother's left socket. "Much better." He muttered. He then looked at my master who's nose was bent the wrong way and his face covered with purplish splotches. "You! Make this doll move!" he demanded waving my poor brother around. My master despite looking so bad he was able to pull off an intimidating glare.
"And why should I do that?" He demanded. The noble then grinned as he pulled out a gun and pointed at my masters head.
"You should do it if you want to live." He said with a now twisted smile. My master despite being in this situation still glared at him.
"No!" My master yelled surprising all of us in the room. Did my master want to die? I watched as the noble hit my poor master with the gun. The horror was too much, I just can't watch my master be beaten like this! I have to do something, anything!
"I can make Vince move!" I yelled my body trembling. All there attention snapped toward me, I watched as my master eyes widened in horror while the noble began to smile. "I'll make Vince move if you promise not to hurt my master!" I said my voice shaking the noble's smile grew bigger.
"Don't do it!" My master cried out in desperation, the noble then hit him again with the gun with made me cringe.
"It's a deal now, make the doll move!" the noble demanded. I slightly shock in fear at his demand but I sucked it up as I walked toward Vince. I slowly began to undress my brother so that his chest was showing. I slowly found where the flap in Vince's chest was. I then ran across the desk looking for that brilliant blue stone that master was holding before. As I searched and searched I should have looked at my terrified and scared master but I didn't. Once I found the stone I ran back to Vince and slowly insurted the stone into the hole. The stone began to glow and surges of energy can be seen spilling out of the stone. I then closed the flap and redressed my brother. I watched my brother my patience dwindling. He then opened his eyes, what I saw shocked me. My brother his left eye with that damn noble put in was whine red not golden like the other eye. Rage began to build in me but I dismissed it for the moment. Vince then hugged me a smile on his face, I couldn't help but hug him back. Well at least now those men will stop hurting my master and we could fix that bad eye latter…
I spun around to see a flower of red bloom from the side of my masters head before he collapsed on the ground.
"MASTER!" I cried in horror. My head felt empty pain and sadness began to sink in. "Wh…why did you do that? WE HAD AN AGREEMENT!" I yelled at the noble. He just smiled and then he started to laugh.
"Yes you said not to hurt him any more. With that he will never hurt again. Besides he was useless to us. If he couldn't even make a damn doll move what good is he?" I stood paralyzed at his words. "Besides we have you, you can make the dolls move if we wanted to and you don't look like the kind to fight back like him." I just stood staring at the noble the words sinking in. I now understood why master looked so scared, why he didn't want me to awaken Vince. I started to tremble and fall to my knees my brother at my side trying to comfort me on a foreign concept. And with that the noble grabbed me and Vince off the table as we exited the place I called home for so long…

Yeah I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Doll of Misfortune. I hope everything didn't happen too fast _ _ll. If your wondering Jack was the doll maker not Oz (but don't worry he'll come into the story latter^^) the story is based off of a Vocaloid song sung by Rin Kagamine called Dolls. Any who please review I would really appreciate it.