Sing to me

I growled furiously at the large piles of paper in front of me. "Does he really expect me to learn all this in one day?" I hissed as I scanned through the jumble of words. I wanted to shred the papers and run; run far away from here. But I couldn't do that; not to Vince. I bit my lip as I continued to scan the words, saying a few lines here and there. I continued to do this till the brilliant sun had fallen and the sky was now blending the orange sky to violet, the clouds a light pink color. "Done" I uttered quietly as I fell to the floor exhausted. Remembering each and every word perfectly, knowing the beats, the tone of voice to reach; it was much more work then one would think. Almost as if on cue the noble waltzed into the room a large grin upon his face.
"How's my little money maker doing?" He asked casually, his eyes watching me hungrily.

"Well, I'm done." I hissed out, his grin widened. "Where's Vince?" I asked trying to keep my voice calm as he gazed down at me.
"You won't be seeing him till after your performance." He said circling around me like how an animal would it's prey.
"What; why?" I yelled. "You said I would have Vince back if I did this!" I continued the noble seemed to roll his eyes.

"It's only natural to do so." He muttered quietly.
"But you promised!" I yelled back at him. He slowly turned to me.

"Listen doll…"

"Gilbert" I hissed.
"You should be grateful that I was nice enough to keep you and him alive." He growled at me. "Unlike that master of yours" he said trailing off. I clenched my fists remembering, while he wore a mocking smile…..

He now stood up so he towered over me. "I shall be back at nine to retrieve you. If you are not here when I return you already know the consequences…" I nodded slowly. " Me and Vince shale be in the audience. So if you screw up you'll see the consequences." I bit my lip at that. "Well now I will be on my way" He said as he smiled down at me and tapped me lightly on the head with his pointer finger. I waited till the door closed behind him to curse.

I began to pace wooden floor the murmur of voices behind the velvet curtain didn't help the uneasiness. A great many of unanswered questions began to buzz around in my already dizzy head, most of them pertaining Vince's fate.

What if I'm not able to please him? Will Vince die for that? What if he decides to kill Vince no matter what I do?

I tried to hold of those unpleasant thoughts for now as the crowd began to grow quiet and the lights began to dim. Crap is it starting already?
"Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls; thank you for coming here tonight." The announcer behind the curtain said as I rushed over to my position. "We have quite a show here tonight! Witnessing a being that should not be, a miracle of nature…" That's a bit much I thought. "…Join me in welcoming the living doll Raven!" I was about to question the name but the curtains quickly began to rise. The light was blinding and it took awhile to adjust to. I stared at the crowd of people all of there eyes watching me, I stood there terrified. So this is who I must please for Vince's safe return? I quietly thought as I searched for him in the crowd for him. It wasn't that hard to spot them since they where seated by a group with crimson hoods on. The lights around me slowly began to dim and the first few tunes from the piano began. It's starting! My mind quickly scrambled to remember the words,

On the night everywhere is dead silent

My voice was weak as I uttered the words. I hesitantly glanced at the noble who didn't look too pleased, but I continued.

Snow falls down

I stared up toward the ceiling to with of course no snow would fall.

On my palm I hold up

I raised my open palms to the audience.

Snow falls and melts in a moment

What a transient life

I uttered in a sort of bored tone. My voice wasn't as shaky as before but I was still nervous and it was hard to tell the nobles feelings right now.

Snow like a light piles up without a sound

You gather it and smile

"What does my voice sound like now?"

I asked making my voice slightly higher.
Even if I reply, you can't hear anything anymore

Tell me you feel painful, tell me you are lonely

"So that you don't have to be alone anymore" I thought.

I'll find anywhere…

"So that we can all be together" I thought completing the writers incomplete sentence.

Please don't leave me alone, please, I beg you

A memory of Master leaving the shop flashed into my mind. My childish pleads unheard as he smiled and left.

Aren't we sharing one soul?

As snow piles up, you gradually wither

I can't do anything but hold you tight

My thoughts flickered to the motionless body of master. "I couldn't even do that" I thought bitterly a sense of guilt slowly began to build.

If possible, just one more time, let me hear your voice

Yes, I just wish to hear Master's voice.

One more time, just one more time

Just once more…That's all I ask

Call out my name…

"Please." I thought hopefully as the piano began to do its quick solo.

Your empty eyes are out of focus, I see one drop in them

Once again I saw Master's lifeless body. His brilliant emerald eyes lost its color and where now a pale green. While there where only large red drops covering the wooden floor.

In the gray world everything is motionless but the snow

You're getting cold, your voice is gone

We can't even melt each other as one

Listen to me, smile to me again

I remembered his smile; his pure smile.

Having no more tears, I can't melt you with my tears…

If possible, take my voice away and give it to my precious one

Because I rather hear your southing voice instead…

If I'm to be left in the world without you

Let me wither…

With you

I love you, unable to tell you so

I felt miserable right now, memories of Master kept coming back to me the more I sang. I wanted to stop but, if I don't Vince will…

Our world is reaching its end

How hard I scream, neither your voice nor yourself will come back


I screamed; I screamed the pain out. The unnecessary painful memories, taunting me with the past.

Snow showers, I beg you please don't stop falling

And take me away with her

I was giving into my own words. I just wish to see him again…

Let everything wither with my miserable voice

Why not…

Let it all

Yes let it all…


I let my voice die down as the lights began to fade. The piano began to play it's final tunes and once it stopped the lights have completely gone out and a roar of applauds began to sound out. I smiled lightly in the dark.
"I think I've pleased them" I thought hopefully but then the light smile on my face disappeared "Lets just hope that hewas pleased" I thought bitterly staring off into the darkness.

The hooded figures began to exit the show along the sea of people.
"So are we going to kill something or what?" The smallest of the group asked hopefully up at her companions.
"No Lily… Not yet." One of the larger figures said.
"Fang is no fun" Lily grumbled.
"We mustn't act too quickly Lily. It would seem suspicious." A small stern voice said from with in Lily's arms. The voice it belonged to was a doll sized figure wearing the same crimson hood as everyone else.
"And I thought you would have been excited to see one of your own kind Lotti" Fangs voice chimed in. A light laughter came from the doll.

"Maybe. But now is not the time for those thoughts we're on a mission." The doll reminded her companions who instantly became serious.

"We must find him as soon as possible." The largest of the group muttered a long silence followed.
"We attack at midnight a week from now" Lotti finally said with followed by Lily grinning madly.

"Yeah I can't wait" Lily giggled as she stared up at the quarter moon.
Soon every thing shale be painted red…

So how did you all like Gil's first performance? Too emo/ depressing? The song he sang was Soundless Voice by Len Kagamine for those interested in listening to it. I bet you're as excited as I am to read as I am to write the next chapter. Any who hoped you enjoyed it and please review.