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I was so completely overwhelmed with the response I got from my first ever post-ep story that I decided to give it another go. Hopefully I'm not just a one-hit wonder and you guys actually enjoy this one too...

I had about a thousand ideas for this one because the episode was just full of wonderful little moments – and I'm talking about the whole cast here, not just Danny and Lindsay (although their moments really were my favourites)! I apologize if it's kind of disjointed - it was written in a bit of a rush. I wanted to get it up for you all before I talked myself out of posting it altogether.

So, with that being said... Enjoy!

"Babe, do me a favour and hop up on that table."

Lindsay nodded her head, tucking her flashlight into her pocket before she placed her hands on the tabletop and hoisted herself up, the battered and worn wood creaking slightly beneath her. She watched as Danny took a moment to examine the position of the handprints they'd found on the surface of the smaller desk across from her.

"Yeah, see the hands would have been like this," he said, placing his hands on the table on either side of her legs, his thumbs barely grazing her thighs. She leaned back and rested on her hands, her pulse quickening as Danny stepped into her, positioning himself between her knees. She could feel his eyes on her, his gaze dropping to the barest hint of cleavage exposed at the neck of her coral coloured top. He lifted his head. Their eyes met. She felt his breath hot against her skin. There was no mistaking the glint of desire she saw flashing in his blue eyes as he brazenly thrust toward her, mimicking the action that would have inflicted those deep indentations on the wall. She should know – the walls of their apartment had similar scars hidden behind strategically placed pieces of furniture from the abuse they'd inflicted during countless moments of intense passion.

She was all too aware of the fact that had they not been in the middle of a library – at a high school, no less – he would have had no qualms about taking her right then and there.

"Like that." He grinned at her, his eyes dancing with ill-concealed mirth after his brief demonstration. "Looks like there was a little extracurricular activity goin' on back here, huh?"

She glanced down at their familiar and intimate positions, sighing inwardly at the knowledge that their day had only really just begun and the prospect of getting him into a similar position in a more appropriate location was still several long hours away.

"Yeah," she agreed as Danny took a step back, allowing her to hop down from her perch. He turned his head and busied himself with glancing around at the debris scattered on the floor of the small, secluded alcove. He was trying to hide it, but she caught the tiny smirk on his face. He'd enjoyed their little moment just as much as she had.

Sitting on a stool in the layout room where piles of evidence from the Olivia Prescott case were strewn all over the table top, Lindsay closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose between her thumb and forefinger. Little moments flashed through her mind. They were nothing out of the ordinary; on any other day they would have seemed inconsequential. But not today. Today they had served to torture and torment her. It was as if fate was toying with her, seeing how far she could be pushed before she couldn't take it anymore and she snapped, jumping her husband right in the middle of the lab.

His chest pressed against her back for the merest fraction of a second as he reached around behind her while they were examining evidence in the layout room.

Her foot inadvertently brushing against his under the table of the conference room as the team met to debrief on their findings.

His toned body straining against the second-skin fabric of his blue t-shirt as he stretched his back after so many hours spent hunched over his computer. Of all the days for him to forgo his recent trend of wearing looser-fitting button down shirts to work, Lindsay thought with a sigh.

She'd been purposefully avoiding him all afternoon, knowing that if she wasn't careful the dull ache of longing that had begun back in the library would quickly swell up like an orchestral crescendo of desire in the pit of her stomach. She just had to steer clear of him for one more hour and she'd be scot free.

Feeling a twinge of thirst in the back of her throat, she peeled the latex gloves from her hands and tossed them into the garbage before she headed to the break room. She was just getting herself a bottle of water from the fridge when Jo walked in with a bemused smile on her face.

"What's that look for?" Lindsay inquired, hopping up to sit on the edge of the counter while twisting the screw-top lid from her beverage.

"Hmm? Oh, nothing," Jo replied absently as she filled her mug to the brim with piping hot coffee. "Just had an interesting conversation with your hubby, that's all."

"Oh really?" Lindsay asked. "What about?"

Jo smiled at her over the rim of her mug. "You, actually." Lindsay raised her eyebrows, her curiosity piqued.


Jo nodded before taking a cautious sip of the scalding liquid. "I was just asking him if he knew whether you really had been a cheerleader in high school, or if you were just humouring me earlier," she replied.

"Oh? And what did he say?"

"He grinned at me like a loon and told me to mind my own damn business," Jo said. She grinned slyly, clasping her cup between her hands and leaning back against the countertop adjacent to where Lindsay was perched. "Kinda gave me the impression that he'd seen your pom-poms firsthand."

Lindsay nearly choked on her mouthful of water, covering her mouth with her hand as she hacked and coughed, trying to keep her drink from making a reappearance. "Jo!" she finally managed to sputter.

"Oh relax, Lindsay. Your secret is safe with me," Jo assured her with a knowing wink. "I have to say I'm impressed – you're not nearly as straight-laced as you seem. I guess it's true what they say; it's always the quiet ones."

Lindsay gaped at her co-worker. A thousand sharp retorts sprung to mind but died on the tip of her tongue. Instead she blushed and shook her head. "You can blame Danny for that," she said, smiling shyly at the older woman who let out a bark of delighted laughter.

"So he unlaced you good and proper, did he?" Jo chuckled. "It was the same for me and my ex. I was quiet as a church mouse until he came along." She let out a wistful sigh. "Too bad things didn't work out between us, because Lord have mercy -" she feigned a swoon and fanned herself with her hand. "That man could tie me in knots when he wanted to." The two women shared a smile and Jo took another sip of her coffee, regarding Lindsay speculatively once again. "Made working with him real hard sometimes," she said. "We'd find ourselves alone in a secluded spot. No one else around. He'd look at me that way…"

Lindsay narrowed her eyes at Jo. "He told you about the library?"

"He may have mentioned finding evidence there that suggested that a couple was having sex," Jo said with an unaffected shrug of her shoulders. "Muttered something about a little harmless demonstration before he suddenly got all coy and flustered. So I made an educated guess which you -" she jabbed a finger in Lindsay's direction, "- just confirmed for me."

"Nothing happened!" Lindsay said somewhat defensively. "We… I… he…"

"I'm not saying anything did happen," Jo assured her. "You're both professionals. I know that." She smiled at Lindsay and patted her hand. "Doesn't mean you didn't want it to though, does it?"

She gave Lindsay a wink before shifting her attention at something – or rather someone – over Lindsay's shoulder. "Hey, Danny."

Lindsay turned to see Danny leaning against the doorframe. "Jo," he said with a nod of his head. Then his eyes were fixed on Lindsay. Even from across the room she could practically feel the sexually charged tension crackling like electricity between them. She saw his Adam's Apple bob as he swallowed hard, averting his gaze to look anywhere but at her. In that moment she knew that she was not the only one that had been plagued by lust all afternoon. "Hey, babe," he said, blushing and coughing to clear his throat when his voice came out in a croak that would put a pubescent boy to shame. "You busy?"

"Just taking a break. Why?"

"Oh… I just wanted to make sure we were still on for tonight," he mumbled, shoving his hands deep into his pockets and rocking back and forth on his heels. "We got reservations for seven o'clock… you think you'll be ready to go by then?"

I'm ready to go right now cowboy, she thought. She caught herself before the words escaped her lips, electing to nod her assent instead. "I'll be ready," she said aloud.

"You two got a date night tonight?" Jo inquired. "What's the occasion?"

Lindsay smiled shyly. "Um, it's our anniversary," she said.

"Lord. Well I didn't know that!" exclaimed Jo. "Congratulations you guys! How long?"

"Two years… and she's not sick of me yet," Danny said, a wide grin on his face. "Guess I must be doing something right, huh?"

Jo smiled, her eyes glinting with amusement as she glanced back and forth between husband and wife. "You know what? Why don't you guys just go," she offered, raising her hands to ward off their protests. "No, I'm serious. You've got less than an hour left on your shifts. I can finish up for you in layout, Lindsay. And I'm sure that whatever you were working on will still be there in the morning, Danny."

"You're sure?" Lindsay asked hesitantly. "We don't want to take advantage…"

"My offer is going once… going twice…" Jo sing-songed.

"Alright! Alright!" Lindsay laughed "We'll go!"

"That's more like it," Jo said with a satisfied nod of her head. "You kids have fun." She winked at Lindsay and gave Danny a pat on the arm as she passed him in the doorway. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" she called out over her shoulder as she walked away down the hall toward the layout room. "And stay away from libraries!"

Danny gaped at Jo's retreating form before he turned to his wife. "How did she…? Did you…? Because I didn't…" He broke off, giving his head a shake before he grinned mischievously at her. "Why do I get the feeling we just got busted doing something incredibly naughty before we even got a chance to do it?" he asked as he crossed the room to stand in front of her.

"I know. Where's the fun in that?" Lindsay giggled, her insides twisting as Danny placed his hands on the countertop on either side of her legs, his thumbs gently caressing her thighs as he stepped between her knees. She slid her hands up his arms and over his shoulders, lacing her fingers together around the back of his neck, pulling him close and pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

"So, what do you say we get outta here?" he asked, moving his hands to rest on her hips. "We got an hour to kill before dinner… any suggestions as to what kind of trouble we can get into?"

"I may have an idea or two," Lindsay murmured. "You think we have time to make a quick stop at home and still make our reservation?"

"I was hoping you'd say that," Danny smirked before he bent his head to whisper in her ear. "I don't know about you, but I'm about ready to burst. I've been thinking about you all day, Montana. I want you so bad."

A delicious shiver ran up Lindsay's spine and she quickly untangled herself from their embrace and hopped down from the countertop, taking his hand and tugging him none too gently out the door and down the hallway, stopping only to grab their coats from their office before they headed to the elevator.

"Where are they off to in such a rush?"

Jo looked up from the evidence strewn across the layout table to see Mac standing in the doorway watching Danny and Lindsay dash passed the glass-walled room, frantically pulling their coats on as they hurried down the hallway.

"I'm just making an educated guess here," she said with a knowing smile, "But I'd say they're tying up some loose ends from this morning."

She laughed as Mac furrowed his brow in confusion before turning to watch as the elevator doors at the end of the hall slid open and Lindsay grabbed fistfuls of Danny's shirt, eagerly pulling him into the waiting elevator with her before the doors slid closed behind them.

So… after reading this, I'm wondering if it needs to be a two-shot. Or can I just let you all fill in the blanks?

I'd like to say a big thanks to the folks over at DLChem who kindly pointed out (I'm sorry but I can't remember who exactly posted it) that Do or Die aired exactly two years to the day after Green Piece, which would technically make it Danny and Lindsay's anniversary. I know that the show seems to have progressed a little further than that time-wise, but you know what? I just don't care!

Besides, it happens to coincide nicely with a little anniversary of my own. It's been exactly one year since I published my first story on FFNet, so I guess that makes it my (wait for it…) Fan-aversary! Yay! *does a little dance* God, I'm such a geek.

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