Chapter 2 (Final)

"So like Jango" breathed Ventress in a hushed voice.

The scene seemed frozen.

A moment in time that hung in existence in a world of its own.

The light sabre was held motionless not far away from Rex's neck.

"Not even a flinch" she whispered in admiration as the burning light from her sabre disappeared and the hilt was placed back at her side. Rex's eyes had not left hers as he tried some semblance of control over the drugs surging through his system. He had little strength left and it took everything he had to stay kneeling upright before her.

"Such a shame my ship has only room for one" Ventress purred. She leaned forward again, her face almost touching Rex's. Without warning she shot her tongue out licking him slowly and firmly from his chin over his mouth and nose, up between his eyes and up his forehead.

"Mine" she breathed.

When she had finished with him she stood back and gave him a light push with her boot, he fell back gently and slumped on the floor. She gave another soft growl of approval and tuned on her heal and strode towards her ship laughing. She didn't even pause as she used her force powers to snatch up Rex's helmet into her hand. With an elegant leap she landed in her craft, its canopy sliding shut as she sped off into the red skies.

Rex was still lying on the floor. Occasionally he squirmed around groaning softly.

The light in the room suddenly dimmed as a Clone gunship pulled into the side of the landing port, several troopers jumped out.

"Cody! Over here" yelled Obi-Wan. The clone commander glanced at Rex but hurried over to the Jedi.

"Cody I want you to listen very carefully. I'm going to tell you how to deactivate this shield" Obi-Wans voice was shrill above all the noise, but Cody nodded obediently and focussed of the console before him. As Cody worked under instruction Anakin paced impatiently along the length of the shield his eyes never leaving Rex.

The pulsing from the gunships engines sang through the room Obi-Wan was shouting instructions at Cody as he worked at the controls, the shield was soon neutralised.

"Let's evac now gentlemen" shouted Obi Wan as the Jedi and troopers made for the safety of the waiting craft. Between them Obi Wan and Anakin stopped to scoop up the slumbering form of Captain Rex and headed for the transport.

"Is he ok General?" shouted Cody above the din.

"He'll be fine Cody don't worry, let's just concentrate on getting out of here"

"You got sir" said Cody. They all ran into the ship dodging falling masonry along the way.

"Hit it!" shouted Cody above all the noise when they were all safely aboard. The engines droned as the gunship steadily pulled away just as the floor of the room collapsed closely followed by the ceiling.

"We must make haste Commander, Ventress has a head start on us" said Obi-wan.

Just then the com link buzzed with an incoming connection from the Resolute.

"It's good to hear your voice Master" said Ahsoka as Anakin greeted her.

"Any sign of Ventress up there?" asked Obi-Wan

"Yes Master, we did engage her but she got away"

"Left the party early eh?" chuckled Obi-Wan stroking his beard. "I imagine she wasn't too happy about that"

"We did receive a very colourful transmission from her before she went into hyper-space Master"

"We'll be with you shortly Ahsoka" said Anakin his voice unable to hide his anger, "And have a medical team standing by, we have an injured trooper." He cut her off before she could enquire further.

"What's happened to Rex?" asked Cody, his voice showing concern. He moved aside as a medic knelt to deal with the injured Captain.

"He took a few knocks but I don't think it was anything serious" replied Obi-Wan in a grave voice.

"Ventress has drugged him" added Anakin, placing a hand on the medics shoulder "Some sort of compliance drug" The medic nodded and opened up the kit bag next to him.

"What did she want with Rex Sir?" asked Cody, puzzlement in his voice.

"I don't know Commander, but I'm sure we shall find out soon enough. It's just a matter of time."

The ship thundered on through the sky.

"Mine" it was a soft barely audible whisper, none of the troopers seemed to have noticed it.

"Did you say something Anakin?" enquired Obi-Wan, his face flashing hints of warning and reprimands.

"No Master" Anakin grunted, he folded his arms as he continued his brooded look at the passing landscape.