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:: Sanctuary::

"Why are we even here?" Will Zimmerman complained, tugging at his sweat soaked shirt that clung to his body. Helen grimaced at him briefly arching her flash light beam around the temple ruins.

"Because, Junior, we are trying to rediscover the greatest race ever to live." Nikola explained, for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. The hot Indian sun had made them all restless and annoyed and eager to get this mission over and done with. If it was a mission at all.


The door bell to the Sanctuary rang and Big Guy made his way to answer it. He threw it open to see Nikola Tesla standing with a grin, a bottle of expensive wine in hand.

"Nikola what are you doing here" Big Guy snarled.

"What? Can't an old friend stop by and say hi?" Nikola replied with a look of mock hurt.

Big Guy grunted at him viciously and Nikola put his hands up in surrender.

"Don't get your panties in a twist," He exclaimed with a cheeky grin. The Sasquatch kept glaring at him. "Wine?"

He pushed past big Guy, his eyes scanning around the Sanctuary.

"Where is Helen?"

::Helen's lab::

Nikola walked into Helen's lab without knocking and spotted her reading a medical journal.

"Hola," Nikola exclaimed with a grin.

Helen looked up and put her book down

"Nikola! Why this is a surprise" Helen said, standing to greet him.

"Always a pleasure to see you, Helen," Nikola said charmingly.

Helen points to the bottle in his hand curiously.

"Is that-"

"45 Bordeaux? Yes. It is to make up for the one that Churchill gave you that I used to store my devamper. Of course, this isn't from Winston himself but it is the thought that counts, right? " Nikola said sheepishly.

Helen rolled her eyes suspiciously.

"What do you want, Nikola?"

"Why is everyone so ready to think the worst of me? Can't I just visit with a gift for thanking you of riding me of those wannabe vampire children?"

"I am afraid you don't work like that, Nikola." Helen smirked.

Nikola sighed and dropped into a chair, propping his feet on her desk.

She glared at them but held her silence waiting for him to begin.

"Fine if you must know… I want your help to find the vampires," Nikola admitted.

"Oh Nikola not this again" Helen sighs in frustration.

"Helen I didn't say re create them I said find them big difference."

"Nikola the vampires died out centuries ago you are the only one left"

"What if I could prove that they were still…well, I cant say living and breathing can I?"

"I'm all ears, Nikola."

"Well, it isn't dead on proof but it may be worth your while."

"How Nikola?"

"Well think about it. The sanguine vampiris were the most advanced race ever to exist."

"Your point Nikola?"

"Oh Helen you've been spending way too much time around that protégé of yours. Your mind must have shrunk. Don't you see? If we bring back the vampires, we could live in a golden age again; the vampires rule and the humans serve us. Well naturally I would make you my queen."

"Nikola your insane. Do you really think the world of today would suddenly just bow down to vampires?"

"Of course Helen. Once they saw how powerful and great we were, they would have too."

"Where do you think they would be hiding, Nikola? Transylvania?"

"Don't be ridiculous, Helen. I have been doing some research into where they mainly resided and seeing as I have searched all of them except one…India"

"Why would they possibly be in India? Next you are going to say that Ganish and Krishna were vampires too?" Helen scoffed sarcastically.

"Of course not Helen but it was the last place they were known to be."

"Why should I help you, Nikola?" Helen asked him, but the truth was she had already made up her mind.

"Helen you cant tell me you are not the least bit curious."

Helen sighed

"We will leave first thing tomorrow."

"Thank you Helen" Nikola kissed her cheek. "You wont regret this."

Flashback end

In India

"My feet are sore," Kate complained.

"My back hurts." Henry whined.

"Oh, will you all just shut it." Nikola snapped and they immediately fell silent.

"Hey, Magnus! Have a look at this!" Will, who had wondered off ahead called out, and sharing a look, Nikola and Helen made their way to him.

"What is it, Will?" Helen asked, and the protégé pointed to a small device that sat half exposed under some rubble.

Nikola bent down to retrieve it, but Helen stopped him.

"Nikola, we have no idea what it does. I would suggest against touching it." She checked her phone, noticing a missed call from the Sanctuary. "I can't get any signal in here. I'll be back after I call Big Guy." She started back the way they came, and as an after though added "And don't touch it!"

As soon as Helen was gone, Nikola called Henry over.

"Any idea what this does?" he asked the HAP.

"None, whatsoever. And the Doc said we should wait for her to get back to-"

"Oh, Henry. Do you always do what Helen tells you?"

Henry thought about that a moment, then nodded. "Yeah, generally."

"Hello, Mr. Vampire, could you for once have some brains and do what Magnus says." Kate protested as Nikola started to clear the rubble away from the device.

He ignored the teams protests, and cleared the last of the stone away from it, admiring the blue symbols that were carved over the gold metal. It was in the shape of what resembled a six pointed star, a small clear stone in the middle of it.

Nikola pressed his fingers to it gently, tracing over the stone, and suddenly it lit up bright red, sending spears of light throughout the cave, followed by a large pulse of energy that sent all four people to their backs, knocking them out.

Helen moved her phone towards the sky, finally getting two bars of signal, just as she felt a large tremor shake the ground.

Dropping her phone, Helen ran back into the cave, worry and anger boiling up in her. She knew Nikola had something to do with it, and she hoped to god, that it wasn't something dangerous.

As she ran into the part of the cave, previously occupied by her team and Nikola, she found four young children laying on the ground, one with his tiny hand holding the device. Oh lord.