The fat raindrops slithered down Nikola's neck, his dark hair plastered against his forehead as the cold rain drenched him to the bone. The pavement was cold beneath his bare feet, and he shivered against the wind, clutching the device closer to his chest. He was starting to regret not grabbing his coat and shoes before he stole the artifact but he didn't have time to go back now. Helen was surely looking for him now, but the good thing about being a vampire was that he knew how to cover his tracks.

Nikola detoured into an alleyway, glancing back quickly. No one was following him. That thought, while a good one because it meant that no one was here to stop him, also let tears spring to his eyes. No one cared for him; that's what that thought told him. Perhaps, nobody even knew he was missing. Why would they? He was just one of many abnormals in the Sanctuary; why should anybody miss him?

These thought, while so unlike the arrogant, self centered Nikola that was presented to the public, were yet so oddly familiar to the him that no one saw. In The Five, he felt like he belonged somewhere, as if all his life, he had been waiting patiently to meet these four amazing scientists so that he could truly live. And yet, after John had been on his killing spree, the remaining four somehow didn't keep in touch as much as any of them would have liked. Never again had he felt as if he belonged; that was until he saw Helen again in Rome and realized how much he had missed her. He had been staying with her on occasion, every now and again dropping by when she needed help or when he wanted to see her. And every time he was in the Sanctuary, new or old, he got that feeling back; the feeling like he belonged.

Now he saw that it was all a lie.

Nikola kicked a bottle angrily, stubbing his toe on the glass and he cursed, curling further into himself against the rain. He forgot how cold such a small body could get and was somewhat thankful for the warmth the device was giving off as it hummed against his chest.

The click of heels echoed around the alley behind him and Nikola ducked into an abandoned shop, recoiling in disgust as his bare feet touched the dirty floor. He tried to ignore it and kept going, crouching behind a box as the heels clicked through the door.

Nikola held back a snarl, and tried to contain his shock at seeing the woman in front of him who should have been long dead.


Helen let out an exasperate sigh as she watched the Big Guy sniff around the corridor, her hands nervously smoothing over the cover of her journal of research. This was all her fault, she thought to herself, closing her eyes momentarily. If she hadn't said those things to John... If she hadn't been so careless, then Nikola wouldn't have stolen the device and then she would have some idea of where he was right now. Despite being small, Nikola was still a vampire and could outrun any of them. If James were here, he would be able to find Nikola easily.

Helen opened her eyes again and glanced towards the door as it opened and the other children raced in, Kate wiping sparkles from her face and Henry devouring a piece of cake.

"So where did Vlad go this time?" he mumbled through a mouthful, dusting crumbs from his shirt and the Big Guy growled warningly, eying the mess.

"Henry, I would very much appreciate it if you were nicer than you have been to Nikola. I realize that this is a difficult situation, for all of you but remember that you're not going through this alone."

Henry scratched his neck sheepishly and nodded.

"As for where he is...I'm not sure," she admitted with a sigh. "Actually, I was quite hoping that you three would be able to help with that. Will," she turned to the boy whose blue eyes were looking up at her, "I'll need for you to make a profile on him and construct any theories as to where Nikola could be. Kate, I need you to help him...tell him of any abandoned warehouses that he could be hiding in. And Henry?"

The HAP nodded, not bothering to look up at his boss.

"Yep, create a weapon that'll stun but not kill him. Got it, Doc."

Helen gaped for a second and then shook her head, her dark curls bouncing freely around her face.

"No, Henry! There will be no weapon. I need, instead, for you to come with me and help me with something, if that's okay?"

Henry looked taken aback but complied anyway, following his boss down the hallway towards her lab.

She just hoped they found Nikola before he got himself or anyone else hurt.


Somewhere, across Old City, Nikola Tesla was being dragged into a van, screaming and kicking as the rain poured down onto him, the gentle drops turning into harsh slams of cold water on his skin. Around him, her laughter of glee at her achievement echoed around the battered brick alleyway, chilling Nikola more than the water could as the device was pried from his hands. Before the van doors slammed shut and darkness engulfed him, Dana Whitcomb winked menacingly at him and it sent shivers down his spine.

He just hoped Helen found him before Dana got him or someone else hurt.

Authors Notes: First off..I want to say that I am still very stricken over the cancellation of Sanctuary...if you didn't know before now, I'm sorry you heard it from me :/ Secondly, sorry it has been so some sick way, Sanctuary being axed gave me inspiration to write this chapter...and plan the next. It's also dedicated to Arones who has been waiting patiently for this you are darling...anyway, happy mourning :(Please review and make my day!