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Her Dancing


As I stood there, looking out on the meadow which was bathing in moonlight, I got the feeling that something was about to happen. It was like the air was waving of some kind of electricity. A wind flew past me and I swear I could hear a voice calling my name.

Then I saw the shape of a woman on the meadow. My eyes widened.


It was indeed her. The long black hair and those soft brown eyes. Damn, does she show up in my dreams now? I cannot allow myself to fall for this woman. She already has one. She chose Kyoshiro, not me.

Then again, a soft voice called me. But this time it wasn't Sakuya. The voice was more... energetic, excited, full of spirit. Then I saw how the shape of Sakuya changed. I stared at a woman, that was for sure. But the woman didn't have a clear form. All I could say was that she had long hair. But I couldn't see in which color.

Her voice called me again. I felt my heart beat faster. Why? Did I fall for this woman? Don't be stupid, how could I? I don't even know what she looks like!

Suddenly she started to sing. I heard some kind of melody in the background. It was a soothing melody that did something to my soul. It made me calm down. My eyes caught the woman again. She danced. Danced in perfect rhythm to the music.

I found myself get captured in her gaze. For the first time I really wanted to use the word 'beautiful'. No, even that wasn't enough to describe the picture that was happening right before my eyes.

I just wanted to see her. Who was this mysterious woman that danced so wonderfully and took my heart? I really want to know...


The very second he opened his eyes he knew that he had been dreaming. Because he wasn't the kind of person that would be this revealing in reality. He was the silent type that kept things for himself.


That dream again. Why did he dream like that? He hated it, cause it always bothered him. And this time it bothered him more than ever. Because he really wanted to know who this woman was. But why? She was just a woman in his dream, wasn't she?

"Damn, I need some sake..." he muttered as he stepped up from his futon. "Where's my damn pipe..."

Thanks to that dream, Onime no Kyo didn't have a very pleasant day.

To be continued

Lately, my motivation for writing fanfics has been down the bottom. However, I listened to this wonderful music and an idea just plopped up in my freaking head. I've always written SDK fanfics as sequels to the manga. But now I really wanted to try out this idea!

Hope you enjoyed it!