Banished One


Robi walked the way through the desert, and through the forest, and had fallen asleep in her father's arms. Her mother had always said, "The young one possesses all of the languages. What she needs to do is find them for herself."

They entered the valley at the end of summer. The country Kildenree was a land of languages, they had not yet banished the languages. The young one stirred, and opened her eyes, adjusting to the sun like a young cub does when first walking out of a cave from winter. The voices hushed, and the cheerful one was awake. The band was from Yasid, following the Northern wind. They had passed through many towns, until they found Kildenree.

They were gypsies, and were used to the people not accepting them. The townspeople picked fresh grass filled with good life, and shook it into the air, to rid themselves of evil. They were not welcome. The townspeople drove them out to the mountains, and would never let them return.