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It did not take long for the two groups to meet, and as he had expected, upon meeting his lords younger sibling-Inuyasha- began to express his dislike for his lords presence, quite loudly too. Narrowing his eyes he looked over the younger sibling of his lord. Really now, this boy was such a disgrace. He held no dignity, unlike his lord. This fact alone was the main reason his lord disliked the half breed, it was not just the fact that the boy was half blooded-mixed with a human- but more so his lack of manners, dignity and other things.

It was no secret that his lord did not like humans, it was very well known along the land. Many people however thought his disdain for the race was because of his younger siblings birth, and his father's falling. Some lies and some truth lie within this speculation. He disliked humans because to him-they were weak and the weak were not be bothered with. They also complained often, thinking they deserved everything without having to work for it. That the gods were always against them. His lord had more unpleasant interactions with humans, than pleasant ones.

This was also one of the reasons his lord disliked his half brother. Serving under his lord for such a long time, he was able to pick up on what irritated his lord and what he disliked and the reason why. He knew that if anything his lord felt the half breed did not deserve the sword of their father-not one that made such a physical impact. His lord had been raised to be nothing but perfection-from the way he talked to the way he acted-it all had to be perfect. He had worked hard when he was a pup, to rise above his own sire in strength. He wanted to be stronger than his father-it was something he had been able to achieve but to never show.

For his lord's sire had passed away saving something that his lord had viewed as weak. To rub salt to the wound-his sire had passed down something that caused a physical impact and showed a massive amount of strength-to someone so weak and undeserving. Yet had left his lord with someone that showed no strength, his sire had left him with something weak.

The Kappa retainer sighed. In his own honest thoughts, though he never showed it-nor spoke it, he thought his lord was powerful enough. That he did not need assistance to show his strength. Grasping the two headed staff in his hold tighter he frowned at the on coming battle he knew his lord would engage in with the half breed. Though his lord was much stronger than the half breed-he knew his lord was not one to turn down a challenge, especially if it came to besting the half breed.

Which meant this meeting would not be a short one, with the stamina that the two brothers had this visit could either take from minutes to hours. Either way my lord will not want his ward to be in the way. Glancing towards the small girl, he grumbled softly underneath his breath and grasped the young girls wrist. Tugging on it, he motioned towards the side of the path with his head. "Come girl we need to move, you are getting in Lord Sesshoumaru's way" he ordered, tugging again.

The small girl pouted but followed after him, Jaken did not need to turn to know that the two headed beast was also following. Once they were out of the 'battle zone' Jaken turned to watch as the hanyou and his lord began their usual battle. Glancing towards the side, he noticed that the half breed's pack were resting not that far away from them. Why couldn't they rest on the other side? He thought as he looked them over with a scowl. He didn't like the half breed's pack much, not because they were humans, but just because they downright annoyed him. Disrespecting his lord by not treating him as they should.

"Master Jaken~"

The sing song voice of the small human child beside him drew his attention away from the half breeds pack and towards her. He cringed at the innocent look on her face, after traveling with her for sometime, he knew that this expression meant two things. She wanted something, or she was about to cause trouble. With his luck, It could also be both. "What do you want?" he questioned gruffly-he enjoyed the girl's company sometimes, she did add more entertainment to their travels, but her mischievous streak usually caused him pain.

"Rin wants to know if she can go say hi to them" she stated while pointing towards the group he had previously been observing.

Jaken frowned as he looked at the group, taking a glance at his lord he noted the small nod of his head. Meaning his lord had heard the girls question and had given his permission. Shrugging, Jaken nodded and folded his arms together before his chest. "Do as you wish girl-just stay out of Lord Sesshoumaru's way."

Rin giggled and nodded her head enthusiastically, Jaken watched as the girl got to her feet and ran over to the group. Huffing he made his way over to one of the trees sitting at the base of the tree, he closed his eyes and exhaled deeply. Since Rin was now with the other group and since the battle between brothers would take awhile, he did not see any harm coming from enjoying a nice nap and collecting his thoughts. Perhaps that was what he needed to calm and sort out his previous dilemma on his lord finding a suitable mate.

He nodded in agreement to his own thoughts, yes a nap sounded perfect.

Jaken had no clue how long he had been sleeping, but he had a feeling he had slept longer than he should of. The reason for this feeling came from the tip of his lord's shoe.

Scrambling to his feet, Jaken looked around wide eyed and startled. Seeing his lord's narrow gaze upon his person he bowed vigorously "I-I'm sorry my lord! Is there anything this lowly servant could assist you with?" he questioned frantically.

The loud laughter not far away made the kappa demon aware that they were still with half-breeds group-more specifically the half breed himself. Well, at least his lord had not left him. He turned his attention back to his lord when the tall demon began to speak. "Hn. Rise" after the command was given, Jaken once more bowed to his master and rose to his feet. Still not daring to look his lord in the eyes, he waited for the next command. He did not have to wait long for his lord soon began to speak again. "This Sesshoumaru has decided that we will join the half breed and his group, to assist them in ridding the lands from the filth."

Ignoring the half breeds outraged shout of "I don't need your fucking assistance bastard!" Jaken looked hesitantly towards his lord. "Lord Sesshoumaru why are we traveling with a group of such weaklings surely my lord could make better progress on his own" Jaken stilled and shrunk back as his lord's gaze narrowed even further.

"This Sesshoumaru does not remember asking for your opinion" he stated slowly, a small smirk coming to his lips that sent shivers down the small kappas back. Obviously satisfied at his fear, his lord continued. "We are settling here for the night. Get food"

Jaken gulped but did not dare to talk back to his lord-he knew his lord was already displeased with him. Sighing softly he nodded and began to walk towards the surrounding forest to gather food for the evening meal. He stopped at the edge of the clearing when a soft voice reached his ears.

"Ah. Lord Sesshoumaru- he doesn't have to go out and get food. I have enough for everyone."

Stopping, he turned to look at who had spoken. It was the woman that traveled with the half breed, the indecently dressed one. Turning his attention to his lord, he waited for further command. His lord frowned "So be it-Jaken-get the wood for the fire then" Nodding Jaken left the camp grounds and went to find wood that would but suitable to build a fire.

As he gathered the branches and twigs that had fallen from the trees, he let his mind wander. Them staying with the hanyou and his pack left him at a slight disadvantage to finding a suitable mate for his lord. Sadly- the only females of marrying age that he would be in contact with for awhile were the indecently dressed miko, and the slayer female.

He huffed. Perhaps he could send Ah-Un to find available royal demon females? He shook his head. No that would not do, the beast was his lords and he knew his lord would be upset if he found out that he sent the dragon out without his permission. He supposed that he could search as they traveled. He nodded-it sounded like a good plan for now. He would go to nearby challenges after they stopped and gather information on demoness' that were available.

Feeling as though he had gathered enough wood for a fire to last through the night he tightened his hold onto the branches and started back towards the camp.

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