I am The Boss

Triela looked at the new cyborg before her. Her name was Henrietta, and positively adorable. She couldn't have been more than twelve, two years younger than Triela. Short auburn hair and huge brown eyes. Though she was withdrawn, she was sweet. Triela had a brief memory of a girl that looked like that, and fingers running through her short auburn hair. Triela shook her head. What girl? After a few seconds, it passed. But the liking to the girl did not. So, Triela started to follow the girl.

A few days later, Angelica tugged on her sleeve. Triela never liked the girl very much, but she was alright. "That new girl really likes her handler!" Angelica whispered. "Don't you?" Triela whispered back. Angelica sighed. "Not in that way!" Triela paused for a moment before it occurred to her. "But he's so much older than her!" Triela hissed. Angelica's big black eyes didn't even bat once. "I doubt she would care." Angelica said. Triela shrugged. "She's crazy, but she is rather adorable." Angelica smiled. "So is that little girl, Rico." Triela looked at Angelica for a moment. "Two at once? I'd better go see them."

Rico was a small blond girl with blue eyes. She was around 11, Triela guessed. She was so tiny, and also pretty adorable. If only every cyborg was like this… she thought wistfully. After a few sentences Triela learned how much Rico loved her new life. Rico was probably deprived a lot, Triela thought. Little did she know how much.

Claes and Elsa came to the agency around then. More missions. More friends. Claes was pretty scary at first, but when they got to know her, she was a sweet girl with a kind heart and generous mind. Triela felt somewhat proud, as she was like their mentor. Since Angelica reacted badly to conditioning, more than often she was in charge. She was the boss.

Of course, Triela hated Elsa. She was like Henrietta, but a less adorable version. But she couldn't stay away from her own enemy, and struck up a conversation. Henrietta later asked her about it, but how could she reply if she didn't know herself?

It was a strange dream. Triela was sitting on the floor, and someone was singing as she ran her fingers through Triela's hair. The words of the song were not very clear, almost distorted. But the voice rang out in it's sweet lulling way. That was the night Elsa died.

It was a strange dream. She was just walking through a meadow with a boy by her side, a bit taller than her. They were laughing and talking. The path stopped at a small cottage, and he dropped her off there, and walked away, smiling and whistling. Angelica died that night.

It was a sweet strange dream. She was walking up that path, and she knew something would end. But yet, it was beginning. Her hair was slowly turning golden red. Her eyes hazel. Flowers were scattered about, and everything spelled peace and happiness. She turned, and looked back. The boy was waving at her. He looked so sad, and she remembered his name. "Bodhi!" she called. He smiled. So sad, so faraway. He suddenly yelled, "Don't look back!" she listened, and turned to see the shimmering golden horizon so close. For an absurd reason she wanted to run back to the other cyborgs, but Triela steeled her heart and walked into it. The next morning, she did not wake again. She never did. But somewhere, she is with Elsa and Angelica. She is still the boss. And she is still hoping, still waiting.

I know this was so very short. But do you like it? READ AND REVIEW! For those of you who don't watch Gunslinger Girl, it's about an agency that gives dying girls a new body, that is very strong. They are trained as assassins, but the new body side effect is memory dehydration. This shortens their life span. Note: Angelica died of that, while Elsa committed suicide.