A/N: This is another attempt at a BDSM fic. My last one got a very good response, and I would like to write more BDSM fics. A lot of the time BDSM, power exchange, D/s, bondage, and anything like that get thought of as wrong, but its not. I'm gonna try to write a multichap fic on it. I might use the fic to write a more detailed story, or one that indirectly explains more about everything. A lot of what's in this story will be based off what goes on between myself and my pet. If I haven't mentioned already, I'm actually in a BDSM style relationship right now, hehe, that coulda been important to know.

Summary: One person could change your life forever. For Bella, that person was Alice. Alice helped her find who she was, taught her why she felt the way she did. Alice taught her everything, and now Bella would do anything for her Mistress.


I looked at the ad in my hand again. Someone was offering to split the rent for a three bedroom house, not a bad offer. I looked up at the house again. Not far from the college, good sized, overall it was perfect.

The problem was that if I went through with this I'd be sharing a house with Alice Cullen. I'd just transfered to this town, and for some reason I couldn't say a word to her. She just made me feel. . . different. I couldn't explain it, I just knew that for some reason I felt different around her, but it wasn't a bad feeling. In fact I enjoyed it a lot, I just didn't understand. When she looked at me I almost always had trouble meeting her eyes. . . And I usually couldn't look downcause of how tiny she is.

When she asked me for anything I would usually do whatever I could to answer honestly or give her what she needed. Sometimes she gave me odd looks, like she knew something was going on, but even then I don't know if she could explain it either. Fuck the world, I need to stop thinking like this. All I need is to get out of the car. . . Walk to the front door and knock.

Oh shit, when did I get on the porch? Alright, breathe Bella, deep breath, too late to walk away now. Just knock, and ask about the ad, see if she still has the room. Here goes nothing, I thought as I knocked a few times.

Alice answered quickly, looking at me for a moment. I noticed her glance at the paper in my hand before saying, "Hello, Bella. Come in and have a seat, I was just making something to eat. Would you like anything?"

"Thank you," I said quietly, following her to the living room. "And can I please just have something to drink?"

"Have a seat, I'll be right in," Alice said, nodding toward the couch. I sat down, chewing on my bottom lip. I jumped slightly when Alice set down my drink, sitting in a chair across from me.

"So you're here about the ad?" She asked, setting down her plate.

"Yes, I need to find somewhere to stay, the hotel is starting to get expensive and-" I stopped when Alice held up her hand.

"Bella, you're babbling. Relax a bit. The room is still open, and the rent is already paid for this month."

"So I can stay here?" I asked, slightly worried she would turn me down.

"Yes. Try to be moved in by next week, by then the rent agreement should be written up. If you need help moving then let me know, alright?"

"Yes ma'am I will," I answered. Noticing the look she gave me I bit my lip hard. Shit, why did I call her ma'am?

After studying me for a few second she took a drink and said, "You can have the master bedroom if you want. My bedroom is right across from that one. I ask that you don't go into the last room, the doors locked, but the key is on the doorframe. You can look around if you wish, but I have to go to class soon."

"No, its ok, I can look around later. I'll go so you can finish lunch, is it alright if I come over tomorrow and stat moving in?"

"That's fine, I'll be home all day tomorrow."

"Thank you," I said, standing up. "I'll show myself out."

"Goodbye, Bella," she said. It seemed like she was inspecting me again.

"Goodbye," I responded, showing myself out. Damn it, that was the longest conversation we'd ever had, and it seemed like she knew more about me then I did. And now I was living with her. . . This was going to be an eventful semester. Or year. . . Possibly longer. Shit.


Hmmm, life was taking a great turn. Bella was strange to figure out at first, but after talking to her a few times things became glaringly obvious. She didn't realize it yet, but we were going to have a great relationship. And that at some point she would be mine.

Bella was always fumbling around me for one very simple reason. She is submissive. And I'm a dominant that could match her. She'll need some time to figure it out, and time to learn, but I can tell already that its's something she'll enjoy.

Now I can't wait until tomorrow.

A/N: The way I described Bella is actually the way my pet described our first few meetings. Slightly uncomfortable, but something she enjoyed.