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They do make a good couple, I thought, sitting down and popping open a soda. Alice might be over excitable sometimes, but Bella's calmness seemed to balance her out. I rubbed my forehead, trying to figure this out.

Nothing had ever calmed Alice down in any way before. She was always hyper, and if she wasn't hyper, she was at the club chasing down some girl. Alice had never taken the same girl home twice. Sure, she sometimes tied and fucked the same girl more then once, but she only took them home once. After that it was always somewhere else.

I never thought Alice would settle for one person, or really start a relationship. She hadn't had much of a relationship since Freshmen year in High school. Alice had tried the whole relationship, but sometimes she'd detach herself from her emotions, and her fascination with bondage, made things difficult. If her partner could stand the emotional issues, they couldn't stand the bondage. If they wanted the bondage, they usually wanted more as far as the emotional side.

I took a drink, thinking more. Alice is always the happy, bubbly little pixie, but underneath there was a lot more going on. Has Bella realized this yet? I wondered. I didn't want the relationship suffering.

It may not have seemed liked it to Bella, but Alice had fallen for her, and she'd fallen hard. Alice was good at hiding her emotions, but when she fell for someone she usually fell for them pretty badly. Bella probably didn't know this, she probably thought that Alice only wanted her for sex. This could've been true, but Alice told me about when Bella walked in on her.

I smirked slightly, thinking about that. If Alice had only wanted Bella's body, she would've invited Bella to join, not hidden the girl tied up and asked for a few minutes. Not that Bella knew that. Hell, I'm pretty sure Alice didn't even realize it at the time.

I took another drink, turning my thoughts to the dreams Alice and Bella had told me about. They'd been dreaming of each other, but wouldn't admit it to each other. Of course, Alice knew about Bella's dreams, she'd heard Bella talking in her sleep.

Not all of Alice's dreams had been about sex or sadism. Quite a few of them involved just sitting together, or going out. I wasn't about to doubt that those things would eventually happen, Alice had a knack for knowing things before anyone else. Bella's dreams seemed to involve more of the sex, but that was understandable. She'd never been exposed to this before, and her curiosity and want for it was getting to her.

I shook my head, finishing my soda and standing up. This was giving me a headache, and not really my business either. I knew they'd tell me soon enough, I'd be the first to know when pretty much anything happened. Alice trusted me completely, and if she didn't tell me, Bella would need someone to talk to.

I laughed quietly at that thought, going back to my bedroom and my now sleeping boyfriend. I yawned, laying next to him and thinking, Alice and Bella aren't the only one's who are starting a new relationship. Jacob and I were getting more serious too.

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