one without a permanent scar
The NextGen girls

passes by
like a clock
you don't know when
this situation will be resolved
and you're still lost within yourself
who are you, that you can't answer
but it isn't like anyone would even care
about you, because you are just another random girl
not special, not talented, not pretty, just not (never) enough
so why do you even care about anything anymore?
it's not like you'll ever be noticed (important)
it's a lose and lose situation, right?
you will always be the loser
I mean, you know that
you are just hidden
you're just alone
you are

they look
at you, girl
they see brown hair
assume you're not a Weasley
you are one, you're just different
you're quiet little Ravenclaw, transforming on stage
turning into that great, beautiful butterfly (you could)
except there's one essential piece absent from your puzzle
Lorcan Scamander, that fellow Ravenclaw you were always loving (forever)
however, you're little Lucy, always hiding in the shadows
never shining in the spotlight (you're meant to)
never being everything you were meant to
much fear (not a Gryffindor ever)
just a dark, hidden shadow
just a remnant now
just a memory
you are

that's all
everyone can think
you're that pretty one
shiny blue eyes, blonde hair
but you were meant for more
those Veela genes from your old grandma
they've cursed you for years upon years (always)
does everything (always) have to be about your looks?
whatever, you (might) have a boyfriend who (you hope) cares
because you are more than your stupid Veela genes
you are more than just a blonde Weasley
you are more than that stupid box
you are just another girl who's
trying to love (not working)
trying to live (failing)
trying to learn
you are

you want
to make music
not sit there and
look pretty all the time
because we all know that's boring
and you're not boring by any standards
some call you tomboy, others pretty beyond belief
not true, because then he would notice your existence
at the moment, you're someone to play hilarious pranks with
but somehow you want more, even though you're just
a miniscule white spot in his enormous tapestry
you are just the Slytherin one too
just the one who is wrong
one Weasley with no life
just the clueless one
you are insane
you are

of reason
'don't do that!'
we all know that
you should've been a Ravenclaw
those words- they summarize your life
should've been, would've been, could've been, yeah
these words that could probably destroy someone's life
you definitely might've been something (once upon a time)
now just relax, the Ravenclaw who ruined everything (did you?)
you're just a dream destroyer with your twisted reason
since you've told Lucy that Narnia doesn't exist
that's you, heart breaker, yeah, you, girl
you're just that dream crusher, girlie
just another Hermione (again, yeah)
just picture perfect, always
just reasonable one
you are

average girl
fiery auburn locks
to match with personality
but (personality) is a mask
don't you know that? everyone does
hide, you don't want to be discovered
hide, you don't want them removing the mask
showing everyone what is really inside of you always
you're always content just to bask in your father's shadow
it's never mattered who you are, just your father
you are like your mum (don't you know?)
you are the second Ginny Weasley, girl
is that who you wanna be?
you are just another girl
just a fireball girl
just a blaze
you are

you're always
just another someone
just another face (recognized)
someone had to play responsible
responsibility, you over all your cousins
meanwhile, you are dreaming of playing football
because you're the tomboy at heart, aren't you?
even if it's not recognizable at first to acquaintances
but you're the responsible one driven to insanity by responsibility
this (it's) all the amazing life you've always lead
the one you had control over (yeah, right)
& now control has just slipped away
you are just a responsible girl
just face in the crowd
just a pretty girl
just a tomboy
you are

A/N: A little side product. Very angsty. But I like the design, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. :D