A/N: This is just a random, (hopefully) humorous story I came up with after remembering a conversation me and two of my best friends had back in 2006 at the age of 10. The conversation was simply about 'What if the Doctor Who characters were actually real? How would they react to the series?' Anyways, hope you enjoy! Uploaded purely because I feel extremely bad about not having posted a story for AGES!

Rose's grip on the handle was slipping. She couldn't hold on much longer...Daleks and Cybermen whizzed past, sucked into the Void. Rose knew that is she didn't hold on, she'd soon be joining them...Her grip faltered and she was pulled towards the Void. The Doctor screamed her name, knowing it was futile. Suddenly he saw Pete appear, grabbing Rose and vanishing back into the Parallel World...

The Doctor screamed and screamed. Rose rushed into the TARDIS library, seeing the Doctor screaming at the TV. Rose sighed and moved towards the plasma screen just as the credits rolled on the TV show the Doctor had been watching. She crouched beside the Doctor, hugging him and calming him. The Doctor was mumbling under his breath "That's not what happened, that's not what happened..." over and over again.

"Come on, Doctor, let's go have a cup of tea to calm you down." Rose told the Doctor, hauling him to his feet."Bloody TV show. I told him it was all lies and that he'd only upset himself by watching it." Rose muttered under her breath.

"That's not real, is it?" the Doctor asked shakily, nodding towards the TV screen.

"No, Doctor, it's not real and you know it's wrong." Rose assured him, entwining their hands and raising them so he could see their wedding bands. "I've told you before; TV shows exaggerate stories." Rose reminded her husband.

"Yeah, I suppose. It was a rather dramatic title- 'Doomsday'. Although, good casting on your account; that Billie Piper has you nailed." The Doctor told his wife.

"Yeah, well, that David Tennant fella isn't too bad either." Rose told him as they walked towards the kitchen.

The flat-screen TV stood silently in the corner, the logo of the TV show frozen on the screen, two words stencilled on the logo in black: Doctor Who.