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This fic came about when I thought about all the P3 "Arisato Revival" stories as I call them. Pretty much all of them have Minato and/or Minako/Hamuko being released from the Great Seal a few years after P4. Instead of a few years, what if it was a few centuries? How would the Arisatos feel about living farther in the future when their friends and family have all passed on? Would they also have to use their Personae again? These questions I hope to answer in this fic. Mind you, I'm only using Minako/Hamuko as the Great Seal, but her brother may have descendants whom may show up (still working on a full outline of the story as I write this chapter).

As for the Star Trek connection, I'm actually not completely sure if I'm going to go into space or include any Star Trek characters in the story. I may have their aliens show up but maybe not the main characters. If they do show up, it may just be a cameo or two. I'm really just using the Star Trek timeline as a basis for this story's timeline. That is why I haven't labeled this fic as a Persona/Star Trek crossover just yet. Although I have to admit, searching up Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki, for a Vulcan, Romulan or Klingon god to turn into a Persona sounds intriguing.

Now without further ado, P3P: Where No Persona Has Gone Before.

How long has it been since she became the Great Seal? She couldn't really tell anymore. Not that the eternally cheerful girl known as Hamuko Arisato would ever complain. She made the choice to protect her friends and all of humanity from their death wish in the form of Erebus from reaching Nyx, the harbinger of Death, at the cost of her own life after all. She had a few chances to relinquish the job too.

A few years after preventing the Fall, Hamuko witnessed another miracle similar to the one she made: another group of Persona users solved a murder case and defeated Izanami, the Japanese goddess of the underworld, and stopped the fog of blissful ignorance and her plan to turn everyone into shadows. They also eliminated the wishes for death and ignorance from everyone's heart, thus eliminating the need for the Seal. In fact, once Izanami was defeated, Erebus had shrunk to near non-existence.

That group stirred up an old memory of one of its members, Yukiko Amagi. Hamuko remembered her from the Gekkoukan tennis team's trip to Inaba and subsequent stay at the Amagi Inn. She always had fond memories of the trip and the girl, who had left an impression on her. Finding out that she is the girlfriend to the current Wild Card was a very nice surprise. Hamuko wanted to thank them once released from the Seal.

If she actually was released from it, that is.

In learning of the developments in Inaba, her old teammates and friends from SEES planned to "extract her from the Seal" (Hamuko cringed when Mitsuru, in her usual down-to-business voice, used the word "extract"). She was very eager for those plans to succeed until she started to have very brief but very frightening visions of terrible pain, death and despair. Those visions told her that she still needed to maintain the Great Seal.

She needed to stop whatever SEES was planning but did not know how. Luckily, for her, two of non-corporeal friends were able to intervene. One of them was Theodore, a resident of the Velvet Room. Truth be told, Theo would rather see Hamuko be free but would follow her orders otherwise. Theo tried to enter the dreams of Aigis, who formerly was a Wild Card user and a guest of the Velvet Room. She did not quite understand why he would try to prevent such a thing from happening and thus ignored his vision.

The other was the human form of the persona Thanatos known as Ryoji Mochizuki. He loved Hamuko for the short time they were together and wanted to see her happy, but he knew what was at stake and agreed to her plans. When Theo failed, Ryoji surprised SEES in person on the eve of the extraction. Unfortunately, they also could not believe what he was saying and were about to fight him, thinking that Nyx had taken over him again. After a few minutes of dodging attacks, broken laboratory instruments and, to Hamuko's mind, several comedic attempts to choke him with his scarf, he was able to convince SEES to meet him at midnight on the rooftop of Gekkoukan High, the last place she was seen alive.

"Oh sure, laugh at me almost getting choked out with my scarf," an annoyed Ryoji said.

"Although I don't understand human sense of humour much of the time, I must admit that it was funny sight," opined Theo. Ryoji just snorted while Hamuko just giggled at both of them.

"Seriously though," she added, "thanks for helping for me both of you. I know that you would rather have me live out my life but I can't just let humanity fall for my whims."

"It is our pleasure, my lady," Theo said, earning a snort from her and a laugh from Ryoji.

"Yeesh, I thought I told you to stop with the formalities," fumed Hamuko. Before Theo could reply, Ryoji cleared his throat.

"I believe your audience is here, Hamuko," he said. She looked in the direction of Gekkoukan and saw what he saw.

"Well, let's go meet them," she said sadly.

Well, that's the first chapter of my first fanfic. Please excuse the excessive exposition. I'm just setting up the story right now. Any comments, constructive feedback and ideas are welcome. See you next chapter.