"Are you sure you don't just want to take Pav and drop me back?" Kurt asked, slightly nervous. He clutched the birdcage closer to his chest, not caring when his seatbelt dug painfully into his neck. Blaine chuckled from the driver's seat.

"Don't worry, Kurt," He smiled, glancing at him quickly and then back to the road, "I get it, you're worried about meeting my parents, but c'mon. All they'll see is two friends."

"Hm, until they realise we're both gay," Kurt said sarcastically. He straightened in his seat and unclenched his fists, letting go of the bars of the cage and flipped his hair, "And I'm not worried."

"There's no reason to be," Blaine said reassuringly as he turned off the roundabout, "My parents are okay with it. Well, not as comfortable as your dad," He said, looking to Kurt again, "But they're pretty cool."

"Okay," Was the only thing he could reply with. He glanced out of the window and just saw a blur of trees, although the sun was shining through them. It was a Sunday and Blaine had managed to persuade Kurt to come to his house, under the pretence of letting Pavarotti free in his room for a while as they stocked up on bird seed and cleaned it out. Kurt knew he could do this by himself but accepted the offer anyway, curious as to what Blaine's house looked like.

The rest of the car journey passed quite quickly because at a traffic light, Blaine hooked up his iPod to the speakers in the car. He sang along to the music every now and then and Kurt watched him, stomach squirming at his voice.

A song which was obviously called "Stutter" came on and Kurt vaguely remembered it from a video he'd seen online. Blaine watched him struggle to remember where and he laughed.

"You know it? Sing along!" He said.

Kurt grinned and they both just belted out the lyrics to various songs that came on. Blaine had exactly the same music taste as himself, which was effectively a mix of everything. Kurt was laughing and Blaine danced and tapped out the rhythm on the steering wheel but then they turned into his lane.

"Woah..." Kurt said as he stared out the window, "Are you rich?"

The houses they passed were all very regal and very very large. Most of them had long drive ways and even gates with a little telecom thing.

Blaine looked uncomfortable, "My dad's... well off. Don't judge me by the life I live at home though. I'm hoping to break the stereotype." He grinned. Kurt still felt slightly nauseous.

He turned into what seemed like the biggest house there and stopped in front of the gate. He rolled down his window and spoke into the little doorbell, "Mom, it's Blaine. And Kurt."

Kurt knew he said his name to comfort him but as the gates slid open and Blaine eased up the drive, it just made him hold the cage tightly again. Pav started chattering from inside it and Kurt poked a finger through the bars and stroked the soft feathers of his head, soothing himself more than the bird.

The car stilled and Blaine unclipped his belt and opened the door. Kurt fiddled with his seatbelt, struggling with the cage and then his door opened. Blaine leaned in and lifted the cage from his lap, his hand brushing Kurt's as he did. He smiled slightly and said, "It'll be fine."

Kurt managed to get out and as he took the cage again, they stood on the porch awkwardly for a few minutes as Blaine fumbled for his house key. He found it and opened the door.

Inside the hallway was beautiful. The staircase dominated the room but smooth antiques were place around the walls, all pale blue and pink.

"And you thought you were nicknamed Porcelain," Blaine smirked and gently poked at Kurt's face, indicating why. His touch made Kurt blush and it was lucky Blaine had started to lead them into the kitchen.

A woman dressed in a chic blouse and pencil skirt turned as they entered, her soft brunette hair tumbling down her back. She matched the house perfectly.

"Oh hello Blaine!" She said and smiled towards Kurt, "You must be his friend!"

Kurt smiled at her soft voice and shifted the cage to one arm, extending the other to shake her hand. She took it graciously and Kurt wondered why he was even worried in the first place. He was even feeling proud he was there.

"Want any food?" She asked.

"It's okay, Mom," Blaine said, "Kurt and I got something this morning."

"You sure? I could always cook up something-"

"Mom!" He chuckled, "We're going upstairs."

Before she could change her mind, Blaine grabbed Kurt's hand and jogged out the room, tugging him along. Kurt struggled to keep the red in his cheeks from creeping up again but he couldn't help remembering the day he 'spied' on the Warblers, and how this reminded him of running through the corridors again.

They got up the stairs and Blaine led him into his room and it was completely different to how he expected. Everything was a soft yellow and a large plush bed was to one side. It wasn't massive, but fairly big. There was a desk, a TV, an old Playstation 2 and a soft rug on the floor. Kurt put Pav's cage down as Blaine kicked off his shoes. He suddenly felt very cocky.

Looking around the room, he confidently sauntered over to where Blaine's desk was and trailed his fingers down the surface. He spun around slowly to face Blaine his hands behind him on the polished desk. Blaine smiled then chuckled, "Neat enough for your OCD, Kurt?"

Kurt ducked his head and nodded silently. Blaine crouched down on the floor against his bed and signalled Kurt to come join him. He plonked down next to Blaine, who opened Pav's cage door and the little bird hopped out after a slight hesitation. Blaine scooped him up in his hands and stroked his head, cooing gently. Kurt found the scene adorable and suddenly felt jealous of the bird. He shook it off and continued to watch Blaine with Pav.

"I bet if Pavarotti was a guy he'd be pretty sexy," Blaine said nonchalantly. Kurt's eyes widened at the pure randomness that the older boy sitting next to him had just sprouted. Blaine then caught his eye and he suddenly felt as if Blaine was take a blow at him for the whole 'Animal' performance earlier in the week, which Kurt still cringed at. Thinking back, he remembered what Blaine had said to him after the performance, "You look like you had gas pains..."

Was he really that unsexy? He tried to cover up the hint of malice that rose in his voice as he replied "He's a bird, Blaine."

Just as Blaine was about to retort, a deep voice who Kurt suspected to be his father called for him. Blaine politely excused himself and Kurt was left alone. He laced his fingers through the fur of the rug and looked at the little yellow bird.

"He thinks I can't be sexy?" he mumbled looking. Pav continued hopping around, chirping in agreement.

"I guess that means I just have to prove him wrong," he finished smirking to himself.

While waiting for him to return Kurt kicked of his shoes and made himself comfortable on Blaine's bed after he'd placed the darling bird back in its cage. When Blaine entered again his eyes widened as he looked at Kurt who was lying on his stomach. Kurt glanced up at Blaine and smirked, "I must say, you were a very cute baby, Blaine."

Blaine looked very confused until he looked down at the brown photo album that Kurt had managed to find. Blushing, he suddenly became very aware at what type of pictures were in there.

Before he could stop him, Kurt had turned the page, "Oh, Blaine you have a very dashing-"

Before he could even finish his sentence, Blaine had grabbed the book off of him, the tips of his ears turning red.

"Kurt, you-" Blaine tried to exclaimed but just chuckled foolishly as he snapped the book shut, "What are you doing?"

"What did your dad want?" Kurt asked, sitting up. Blaine sat on the end of his bed and his weight shifted Kurt a little.

"Uh, nothing," He replied and smiled at Kurt.

That smile. One corner of his mouth turned up, almost invitingly and his eyes even shone. Like, really shone. His hair had escaped that awful gel and a few curls framed his face. God, he was the definition of sexy.

"Hey," Kurt said, "I was thinking about what you were trying to say the other day..."

Blaine looked mildly baffled but also intrigued, "What?"

"About... well, what triggered the 'talk' with my dad."

Blaine's eyes popped slightly, "Oh!" He giggled. He giggled! Kurt wanted to just rip his clothes off right there.

Kurt stood up and moved so he was opposite Blaine. Blaine stood up too and Kurt thanked the height difference.

"Kurt, you don't have to..." Blaine trailed off. God, he wanted this too. Badly. But just thinking of when he first saw Kurt, struggling to be strong but crying in the coffee shop. Of how vulnerable he looked after Karofsky...

"No, I want to prove this to you," Kurt said, equally quiet. Blaine exhaled lightly, a little laugh.

"Kurt, you don't have to prove anything to me. I just want to help you-" He said.

Kurt leaned in slowly and quickly at the same time. He cut off Blaine's words but pressing his lips against his. It was soft and sweet and so, so different to Karofsky. He was just reminded faintly of mint and sweetness. He slowly moved his hands up to his neck and Blaine touched Kurt's chest gently.

Kurt smiled and sharply bit down on Blaine's lip, but made sure he didn't hurt him. He pulled away leaving a breathless, red-face Blaine looking at Kurt in awe.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that," He said, his hands still tracing Blaine's neck.

"Kurt-" He said, astonished. He then looked faintly sad, "You don't have to do this. I'm the only openly gay kid you know, okay? I don't want to be your only option."

Kurt smiled and bit his own lip, searching Blaine's face, "I'm not. I really... really like you."

Blaine looked at his lips and then back to his eyes, "Are you sure?"

"Of course," Kurt grinned, "You're too dapper for me to not have."

Blaine smiled and leaned in for another. Kurt obliged and let Blaine pull him back so they were both sitting on the bed. All he could focus on were how soft his lips were and he lifted a hand to the back of Blaine's head, entwining his fingers in his hair. That didn't actually have gel in it at all. Kurt smirked; he pushed Blaine gently down and swiftly moved on top of him, not once breaking the kiss.

Kurt slowly moved down Blaine's neck, kissing it lightly. Kurt could feel Blaine arching his back as if to get closer to Kurt with every kiss and finally he stopped at Blaine's collar bone where he let his tongue flick out on to his skin. Kurt smirked as he heard a little whimper come from Blaine's mouth.

Moving back up to his neck Kurt, clenched his teeth and without even thinking about it he bit Blaine's neck and sucked. The groan that Blaine was so desperately trying to hide erupted out of his lips. Kurt once again licked the sore skin he'd just bitten; there was most defiantly going to be a bruise there. Kurt sighed and sat up, he wanted to continue but he knew he couldn't, he had a plan after all. He lifted himself off Blaine and stood up straightening his clothes in the mirror, he hated wrinkles.

He saw Blaine prop himself up on his elbows in the mirror, looking adorably scruffy. He caught Kurt's eyes in the mirror and raised his triangle-y eyebrows in question.

"I called my dad when you were talking to yours," he unlocked his phone and smiled at his... friend.

"He's outside now. See you Blaine."

Kurt picked up Pavarotti's cadge and didn't even turn round to look at Blaine. Oh this is going to be fun, Kurt thought as he strolled down stairs a confident smirk plastered on his face.

"Kurt! You- you forgot the birdseed!"