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Blaine felt a delicate hand clasp his own, linking their fingers together. He knew who it was right away, he didn't even need to look.


The beautiful, perfect boy he'd met by fate on that stairwell. The wonderful boy he'd tried to protect and tried to teach but in reality it was Kurt who protected Blaine and it was Kurt that had taught him so much. Taught him what it felt like to be in love, to stop running, to face your fears. And Blaine loved Kurt for it.

No one was going to change that, ever. Blaine could give a long list of regrets when it came to his life but what he had with Kurt and what he hoped to have in the future with Kurt, would never, ever fall into that regret list. He loved Kurt and always wouldlove him.

"I know I haven't said it yet - but don't think I don't, okay..?"

Blaine glanced at Kurt; he couldn't understand what the taller boy was getting at.

Seeing this, Kurt smiled and shook his head, "You're so oblivious, Blaine."

Blaine squeezed his hand and gave him a toothy grin, "Good thing I have you to point stuff out for me then."

Kurt watched Blaine for a few seconds, and unreadable expression on his face. The ex-Warbler watched Kurt's features turn slightly defeated.

"It's not like Dalton, Blaine. People are going to judge us."

Blaine looked down at their entwined hands and swallowed.

"I know but I love you, Kurt. So much it kinda hurts..." The older boy noticed the intake of breath from Kurt and then it hit him, what Kurt was on about. Kurt had never said 'I love you' yet. Blaine looked up and saw Kurt's eyes were starting to water.

"Hey - hey, don't do that!" He almost laughed, capturing Kurt's cheek in his hand, his thumb brushing soothing circles.

"I'm just not ready to say it yet..." Kurt whispered.

Blaine nodded "It's okay Kurt. I'm not going to push you into saying it."

Kurt let out a watery laugh, "But I do, I really fucking do."

Blaine had never seen such fire that burned in Kurt's eyes; it was predatory, fitting, and unmistakably hot. He felt a blush spread across his cheeks as Kurt's hand curled round the back of his neck, pulling him into a hungry kiss.

Blaine moaned into Kurt's mouth, and shifted so he was closer. He felt Kurt run his tongue over his own, and suddenly he was kissing him softer, gentler, yet with just as much passion. It wasn't desperate, but it was conveying so many feelings and as Blaine felt Kurt's tears roll onto his own face, he let them squeeze past his own shut eyelids. Kurt made a tiny little noise and laughed against Blaine's lips.


He pulled back after whispering that one word and Blaine smiled.


Blaine rested his head onto Kurt shoulder and sighed, "I'm not going to regret this Kurt. Us, I mean. I'll wait for you to say it, I will. So don't waste it when you do and please don't regret it."

He felt Kurt nod as his fingers travelled up to the nape of the Blaine's neck. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment until he heard the shrill bell of McKinley roll and he knew he had to pull away. He smirked at Kurt. The stepped out from behind their car, their previous shelter if you will. Kurt looked down at their linked hands and smiled as Kurt began to stride towards the school. Proudly.

"By the way," Blaine said, "That was hot. The kissing, I mean."

Kurt rolled his eyes, "No dear, it's just me who's hot."

Blaine grinned, "I have to agree."

He looked towards the school office and dropped Kurt's hand, "I need to go get my time table and see the headmaster... See you later?"

"Of course," Kurt said smiling. He quickly glanced around before giving Blaine a peck on the lips and turning to walk to whatever his class had.

Blaine smirked as his eyes grazed over Kurt's body. Oh yes. Kurt was not only perfect and wonderful but he was sexy too. Under that list of regrets, he had included the moment where he'd spoken to Kurt after the performance of "Animal." And he silently promised himself to make that up to Kurt, somehow.

And Blaine was sure he could most definitely get used to seeing Kurt in those skin tight jeans every day. Smiling to himself, he went through the reception door humming 'teenage dream' under his breath, quietly wondering if Kurt would really let Blaine put his hands on him in his skin tight jeans.

Oh well, I'll ask tonight.

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