The Glass Chamber

by Layton Colt

Daniel and the rest of SG-1 are taken prisoner by Na'rya a Goa'uld queen and she chooses Daniel as her beloved. The other three team members are sent home while Daniel is left at the mercy of another ruthless Goddess.

Part One: Another's Beloved

Just another day in the life of SG-1, Jack thought as he was forced to kneel before yet another parasite claiming to be a God.

His head was still reeling at how quickly this 'routine' mission had deteriorated. Daniel had been talking with the natives and had suddenly paled calling out quickly to O'Neill, "Jack, I think that there might be a Goa'uld on this planet… they keep saying that their god is coming…"

Barely had the words left his mouth that the four teammates were stormed by Jaffa, Daniel -futilely- had tried to reason with them but the Jaffa had only dragged them on mercilessly. The first prime was the only one who said anything, claiming that they had trespassed and must face judgment at the hands of their goddess…

Which brought them to their current predicament…

Another perfect host walked from the shadows, a beautiful woman with long blond curls and surreal gray eyes. Jack didn't like how her gaze passed over all of them, lingering a little too long on Daniel.

Daniel's track record with women was less than stellar… Sha'ure got kidnapped and taken over by a Goa'uld… and don't even get him started on Hathor.

And now this one, he could see the look in her eyes… the same look Hathor had had every time she looked at Daniel.

"My, my…" the Goa'uld purred. "What have we here?"

"Trespassers my queen, what do you wish us to do with them?"

The woman stepped in front of Daniel and Jack mentally groaned. With an evil smirk the woman ran her hand down Daniel's cheek, he turned his head away but his hands were tied and he couldn't stop her.

"Leave the young one with me, take the others to a holding cell,"

"Oh, I don't think so…" Jack blurted out as he rose from his knees. "You're not going to touch him."

The woman turned to him with a smile, the amusement evident in her eyes, "And you believe you will stop me? Like you stopped Hathor from 'touching him'?"

Jack's eyes widened, how did she know about Hathor?

She laughed, "What? You thought I did not know who you are? The murderers of Ra? You're quite famous really, such a prize. And as for Hathor's beloved, well I've always told Hathor that whatever she has I can take from her." The woman ran her hand down Daniel's chest. "And he is defiantly worth taking… I can see why Hathor picked him as her chosen one… he is quite handsome…"

Jack's eyes grew darker, "He's just a kid, you want to pick on someone? Then deal with me."

"Jack, don't," Daniel said softly, his tone firm.

The Goa'uld Queen walked over to Jack now, who had his arms held firmly behind his back by her first prime, "I almost would," she said softly. "You have both proven your worth in the killing of Ra but I much prefer innocence and youth."

Jack tried to pull away from the Jaffa's firm grip, "You stay away from him," he hissed. "Or so help me…"

The evil smirk was back in place as the woman again spoke, "On second thought, send the other three back home. I'm sure that will provide sufficient punishment for their trespass, the mind is the darkest prison."

Jack's eyes widened, she wouldn't just allow them to leave?

"I want you to dial up the planet they call Earth and push them through, then guard the Chappa'i so that they may not return."

"I'm not leaving without Daniel," Jack said.

"I'm not giving you a choice," the woman shot back.

"Go, Jack," Daniel said with quiet determination. "Get Sam and Teal'c home safe. I'll be fine."

"Fine!" Jack roared. "No, I don't think so,"

"Take them away," the Goa'uld ordered for the first time using the characteristic booming modulation of her kind.

"No," Jack struggled as the Jaffa began to drag three of the teammates away.

"Try to send them through relatively unharmed, will you, Casen?" The queen called sweetly to her first prime, her voice returning to a soft lilt.

"Damn it, let me go!" Jack cried as they were pulled further from that megalomaniac's palace. Further away from Daniel.

"Finally alone," the queen purred as Jack's frantic shouts finally faded into the distance.

Daniel remained silent.

"I'm much better than Hathor, you know,"

"Really?" Daniel said with a small grin. "And who might you be? You seem to know quite a lot about me and my friends but I've yet to learn even your name."

The woman's eyes glowed briefly, "I am Na'rya…" she breathed.

Daniel shut his eyes, "Na'rya? I don't remember ever reading about a goddess named Na'rya."

"I am the mother of Hathor," the woman said sounding offended.

"Her mother!" Daniel blurted.

"Yes, I always knew my daughter had good taste… we usually do fight over men. I can't wait to inform her who I've taken as my new beloved. Taken you from her just as she stole Ra from me…"

"Now wait just a minute, Hathor drugged me, as I'm sure you know. Apparently you don't share that particular trait or I would already be under your control. Let me guarantee you, as long as I'm thinking clearly I'll be no one's beloved."

"Oh, Daniel," Na'rya's whispered. "You will submit to me… I may not possess the deceptive pheromones of my daughter but that is only because I have other ways to gain control…"


Jack felt himself fly through the event horizon landing hard on the ramp. Closing his eyes briefly in relief that Carter had entered the code into the GDO in time he quickly pulled himself up from the ground.

"Colonel O'Neill," came the concerned voice of General Hammond as he entered the embarkation room. "Where's Doctor Jackson?"

Jack suppressed a groan, how many times had the General asked that question? How many times is it now that he'd left Daniel behind?

"He's been taken prisoner by a Goa'uld, sir," he reported, sounding a lot calmer than he felt.

"A Goa'uld?" the General echoed. "How were you able to get away?"

Jack flinched, "She didn't want us, sir. She had us sent back through the gate."

"What does she want Dr. Jackson for?"

God, he really didn't want to know.

"I think she might have taken him as her beloved," Jack admitted sounding disgusted by the very idea.

General Hammond nodded, "What's your recommendation, Colonel? Do you think we can attempt a rescue?"

Ah, yea. "Yes, we'll need to take in some marines though, the gate will be guarded."

"O'Neill," Teal'c said. "I do not believe attempting a rescue at this time would be wise. It is what the Goa'uld queen expects."

"Well, I don't plan on disappointing her."

"I too fear for Daniel Jackson, O'Neill but there will be Jaffa in front of the gate, if we go through chances are that we will be dead before we realize we've reached our destination."

"Then what are you suggesting, Teal'c? That we just leave Daniel there, with her?"

"No, I am merely suggesting we wait until the Goa'uld no longer expects us to return."

Jack snorted, "And how long do you think that will be? A year maybe two? Teal'c what the hell are you thinking? We've got to get back there now."

"The Goa'uld are not a patient race, O'Neill, if you wait even a week you will increase the chances of successfully rescuing Daniel Jackson considerably."

"Then it's settled?" the General asked. "We'll wait a week and then attempt a rescue."

"What?" O'Neill roared. "Nothing's been settled. There's no telling what that… that thing will do to Daniel if we leave him there a week."

"Jack," the General said obligingly, using his subordinates' first name to try and get through to him. "You won't help Daniel if you lead a group of teams in to a suicide mission. You and your team are on stand down until next week at which time you will attempt a rescue, understood?"

"Yes, sir," O'Neill ground out.

"Dismissed, Colonel."


"Tell me, beloved, how old are you?"

Daniel rolled his eyes, "I have no intentions of cooperating with you."

Na'rya raised her ribbon device, "Don't make this harder on us both, Daniel. I only asked your age, is withholding it really worth the pain I will inflict on you?"

Daniel sighed, "I'm twenty six, why? What does that have to do with anything?"

"So young, how is it you carry so much knowledge if you are such a child?"

"I'm not a child, and I graduated a few years ahead… what is this about?"

Na'rya picked up a small silver box of a nearby table, "Do you know what this is?" she asked quietly.

Daniel shook his head, "No, what is it?"

"You've encountered it before… it almost killed the one you call O'Neill."

Daniel stared at the box, he couldn't remember ever seeing anything like it or remember it harming his friend.

"It made him grow old beyond his time," Na'rya supplied.

Oh, yes that. Nano-technology. He could still remember how Jack had aged years in only days.

"What are you going to do with it? You want me to grow older?"

Na'rya gave a wry smile, "On the contrary I want you to stay young."


"It can work both ways my beloved. These, once given to you will make you forever young."

Daniel gasped, he didn't want to be immortal, certainly not if the rest of his life was to be spent with this woman. "No, I don't want to stay young."

"You Tau'ri, you don't understand do you? I care not of your wants. You are my beloved and I will protect you but you will obey me. Now kneel and this will be less painful…"

Daniel remained standing and Na'rya's eyes glowed angrily, lifting her ribbon device she drove Daniel to his knees. Dazed from shock and pain Daniel was unable to move as Na'rya opened the box and ruthlessly forced its contents down his throat.

Daniel felt like fire had been dragged down his throat, he fell down on his hands as he felt the nano-technology meld with him. The last thing he remembered before losing consciousness was Na'rya lifting his chin and kissing him softly.


Jack couldn't believe it, a week. They wanted to wait a week? Daniel would walk through fire to save any one of them, hell, he'd just sacrificed himself to some crazy Goa'uld to get them home safe, and they wanted to leave him there for seven days?

There was no doubt in his mind that they shouldn't be waiting.

But his team hadn't backed him up.

He couldn't understand Teal'c of all people recommending to wait. He knew that Teal'c was just as protective of Daniel as he was…

Okay so maybe Teal'c was just being sensible but god damn it Daniel was at that woman's mercy and he couldn't stand the thought of what she might do to him with a week.

He knew that they were right, that he was the one being unreasonable.

But that wouldn't make getting through the next week any easier.

"Colonel?" Sam said quietly as she entered his office. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Captain," he snapped. "I'm not the one that got left behind."

Carter flinched, "I'm sure Daniel will be fine, sir. He's a lot tougher than he use to be."

"Is that supposed to make me fell better? It doesn't. He never should have had to toughen up. He never should have been allowed on SG-1."

"Sir," Carter gasped. "You can't mean that, after all Daniel's done…"

"I'm not saying Daniel hasn't proven himself, Carter. On the contrary he's given everything he has to this program but what has he got in return?"

"This is his choice, sir. It's where he wants to be."

"But is it best for him?"

Sam shook her head, "I don't know. But that's not the point. What matters is that Daniel needs to be part of SG-1, just as much as we need him. And when we get him back I have no doubts that he'll bounce back and head right back through the gate…"

"And back into danger,"

"We all take risks, it's no different with Daniel."

"It is!" Jack cried. "He's just a kid Carter, only twenty six, did you know that? He doesn't like to tell people his age, I'm sure you can guess why."

"Twenty six?" Carter echoed. "I thought he was at least twenty eight."

"Now do you understand why its different with Daniel? Why he shouldn't be out there."

"No, I don't care how old Daniel is, I don't care if he isn't a soldier. I wouldn't want him any other way… he belongs out there, more than any of us…"

Jack sighed, "I know that's true, that Daniel would have a fit if he knew I was even considering sticking him behind a desk job, but Carter don't you understand? Every time he bounces back, every time he goes back through the gate and gets hurt that it's my fault? My responsibility?"

"Sir, it isn't…"

"It is, ever since I first met him I felt the urge to look out for him, even when I was calling him a dweeb and acting like a jerk. He was so wide eyed and innocent…so much like Char…" Jack broke off and pressed his eyes shut.

"Like Charlie? Is that what this is about?"

"Daniel was the first person I would let close after Charlie died, after we brought him back from Abydos and he was so lost… I took responsibility for him, Carter. I vowed that I wouldn't let him get hurt and look at all that he's been through. I can't protect him, it doesn't matter how much I try to… he still gets hurt."

"Daniel isn't Charlie, Jack," Carter said softly. "He'd never forgive you if you cut him from the team, like I said this is where he belongs and you need to pull yourself together so that we can bring him home…"


Daniel's head was still spinning. He was vaguely aware that he was again kneeling before Na'rya but he couldn't focus.

The time since he regained consciousness was blurred and he was sure he must have been drugged. He could tell he'd been given new attire, he was now clad only in a pair of intricately decorated cream colored pants and his skin appeared to be tinged with gold. And he knew that Na'rya had applied brown kohl to his eyes as well. The most noticeable change, however would have to be that his hair had been cropped short, it was disconcerting that his bangs no longer fell into his eyes.

"Well my beloved, you clean up quite nicely…"

Daniel shook his head slightly, trying to clear the fog…

"I'm sure you must be feeling beside yourself," Na'rya said sweetly. "That would be the aftereffects of the Nano-technology, I have not drugged you young one as I'm sure you have assumed. Not yet, anyway."

"My friends?" he asked weakly. He had to force himself to focus.

"Your friends have made it through the Chappa'i. You have no need to worry about them. You need only worry about yourself."

"Do you really expect me to ever give in to you?" he was still feeling dazed but the fire blazing in his blue eyes was unmistakable.

Na'rya frowned, "Of course, I have all eternity to break you my Daniel. I believe the more relevant question is do you really believe you'll be strong enough not to give in? I've broken the proudest of soldiers. I shall have no trouble gaining rule over a child."

Daniel let out a breath in frustration, "I am not a child and I will not give in, you want to spend all eternity playing your sick games, be my guest but you have no idea what I'm capable of."

"Bold words,"

"And you can guarantee I'll provide the actions to back them up,"

Na'rya gave him a smirk, "Hathor had told me you were strong, she said you overcame her breath for a brief moment, as had the one you call O'Neill. I'd be foolish not to admit that the Tauri have become stronger but you are still slaves. Rebellious slaves, perhaps a little too clever for my liking but slaves none the less."

Daniel laughed, it came out sounding manic in his dazed state, "You know it amuses me to no end how you can call us slaves. Do you even realize how much you need us? You are nothing without us and you know it. I don't think you're quite so arrogant as you pretend. You know exactly what we are and you're terrified of us. Terrified that we'll fight back, and that we'll win."

"You know nothing!" Na'rya hissed.

"You're parasites, nothing more. Hiding behind the titles of Gods, do you even realize what an idiotic notion that is? How ridiculous it sounds? Five minutes with your people is all I need. Five minutes to convince them of what you really are. Do you think you're stronger than those slaves? That your small army of Jaffa could fight off the thousands of people that you're allowing to starve?"

"Enough!" Na'rya growled. "I will not listen to this mutiny. Not even from my beloved."

"You're nothing, a mere hindrance, you call us slaves? You're the one trapped in a body that isn't yours. Forced to inhabit us greater beings because you can't do anything but slither along the ground with out us…"

"You will cease!"

"The Goa'uld are like a virus, spreading and infecting the pure. We're not the slaves, you are. You hide behind the façade of being a God but you are still nothing but a glorified snake. Do you think if you showed those people your true form that they would still bow before you?"

Na'rya's eyes blazed angrily as she moved in front of Daniel, raising her ribbon device and activating it. Daniel never flinched. He'd been expecting it but the pain would be worth the satisfaction he'd got at watching her reaction to his words.

He was right that this Goa'uld wasn't as arrogant as most. She'd been listening to him and he'd seen the doubt flicker in her eyes. It was only a moment and a small victory but Daniel had made a Goa'uld doubt their superiority.

And he had all of eternity to make that doubt grow.

Unfortunately, he wasn't entirely sure that Na'rya wasn't right. If she began to drug him he wasn't sure that he could keep from breaking.

He'd been speaking with false bravado earlier, really he was scared to death because he wouldn't get five minutes with Na'rya's people. He wouldn't get a chance to explain. He was a prisoner and though he would do everything he could to escape he was pretty sure he wouldn't succeed. If anything he could tell that Na'rya was no fool. She hadn't ignored his words because of her pride, and he was sure her superciliousness was an act. This woman wasn't one to underestimate an opponent. Not even if they were nothing but a slave. A rare trait in a God.

Of all the Goa'uld they had met thus far, he guessed she was by far the most dangerous.


Jack gripped his gun tighter as the first chevron locked. He'd survived the week.

Now all he could do was pray that Daniel had as well.

Their plan was simple, go in and retrieve Daniel, SG-3 would be backing them up, a couple of extra marines were also thrown into the mix.

The problem was that none of them knew what to expect, what they would find when they found Daniel. Not even Teal'c knew what would be going on the other side of the gate.

Jack, personally didn't care if he had to walk through a battlefield. He'd had to wait a week, he was going to bring Daniel home, he'd waited long enough.

Daniel had waited long enough.

"SG-1, you have a go," The General's voice rang across the room.

Jack looked up in surprise and saw that the wormhole had already been established. "Okay team, let's go,"

With a well hidden shuddering sigh, Jack led the way through.

Once on the other side Jack immediately got his bearings, seeing only two Jaffa he took out the one nearest to him, Teal'c, who had appeared beside him took out the other.

"Is it normal to have only two Jaffa guarding the Stargate?" O'Neill asked Teal'c as the last soldiers exited the wormhole and it shut down.

"It is if there is no perceived threat, the Goa'uld may believe we've given up on hope of a rescue. However, there will also be a third Jaffa patrolling the area, we should leave before he returns."

Jack nodded, "Alright, Makepeace, I want you and your men to take cover in the forest, watch the Stargate and take out any Jaffa you can. But don't take them on if you think they're more than you can handle."

Makepeace nodded and Jack continued, "I'm going to take my team back to the palace, I think we stand a better chance if only the three of us go but stay in contact on the radio in case we need backup."

Makepeace smiled, "Yes, sir. We'll be right here."

Jack nodded and headed off in to the trees, he Sam and Teal'c went off in a different direction as they reached cover. They decided to reach the palace through the forest instead of following the worn path where they could have been easily spotted.

"I can see the palace," Sam said passing her binoculars to O'Neill. "What do you think is the best way in?"

"The front door," Jack said. "There is a lot of Jaffa around the back but the entrance is hardly guarded. It's the last thing someone would expect."

"I agree, O'Neill," Teal'c said. "This Goa'uld does not seem particularly concerned with security."

"Right, okay kids, let's head out,"

Sam nodded and followed Teal'c and O'Neill as they exited the trees and started for the huge palace doors. Both doors had been swung wide open and she could see the empty throne on one side of the room.

The other side of the room…

"Sir," Sam said quietly as they entered the empty palace. "There's someone over there."

Jack turned to where his second in command was pointing. On the other side of the room was a young man with short blondish hair. He was kneeling on a myriad of pillows, his head bowed so they couldn't see his face.

Squinting his eyes, Jack got closer getting a sinking feeling in his gut, "Daniel?" he whispered.

Sam turned to him in shock, she'd never thought for a moment that the broken man before her could be Daniel.

Jack broke into a run but Teal'c caught up with him and grabbed his arm, "Do not, O'Neill. I believe he has been placed in a glass chamber."

"What's a glass chamber?" he asked impatiently.

"It is a room that appears to have no walls but which no one but the Gods may enter."

Jack nodded but still moved closer, kneeling before the unresponsive man careful not to touch the 'walls' he whispered, "Is that you, Danny?"

It was a stupid question, now that he'd gotten closer he could see that it was, he could also tell he'd been drugged out of his mind. He winced when he saw the goldish paint he was covered in and the scant clothing he was adorned with. The bitch had even cropped off his hair.

"Christ, what has she done to you?" he whispered.

"You will back away from my beloved," a booming voice demanded.

The three 'would be' rescuers whirled around to see, the Goa'uld queen, flanked by at least twelve of her Jaffa.

"You were foolish to return," she said softly, Jack looked deeply in her eyes unsure if the admiration he'd heard in her voice was genuine. "However I never doubted that you would… I've been waiting, you took longer than I would have guessed but I suppose it's for the best, because you've come by far too late. My beloved will not leave with you… he is under my control."

Jack glared, "He doesn't want anything to do with you," he growled, growing even angrier as a smirk appeared in response to his words.

"Oh, I'll admit he was strong, foolish as you are. His numerous escape attempts infuriated me to no end and he suffered much needless pain but it is I who has prevailed. Slaves can only take so much before they succumb…"

Sam's eyes narrowed, "He hasn't succumbed, you've got him drugged. You haven't changed anything. As soon as the drugs leave his system so will your control."

Na'rya turned her cold eyes in Sam's direction. "That's where you are wrong. You've no idea what I've done to the young one while he's been in my company. The control I've gained over him is not so easily forfeited as that."

"Why you…" Jack growled as Teal'c placed a hand on his shoulder to keep him from lunging at the queen.

"Casen, take my newest guests to their new accommodations… I don't believe I'm feeling quite so generous this second time around."

Her first prime nodded taking it upon himself to secure Jack and motioning two of his men to take care of Sam and Teal'c.

"I swear, you will pay for what you've done," Jack whispered, his voice dangerously quiet as Casen pulled him out of the main room.

As the room cleared, Na'rya's eyes flashed angrily and she used her ribbon device to send her throne into the wall, crashing it into pieces.

"I don't like that I believe you, O'Neill…" she said to herself. "You must be taken care of, I cannot let my want to toy with you risk my position… You will be the first to die."


Daniel listened to Na'rya talking to her first prime as he pretended to be in the near catatonic state that the Goa'uld's drugs had continuously put him in.

"What do you wish me to do with the prisoners my queen?"

"Keep an eye on the one called O'Neill,"

Daniel stifled a gasp at hearing Jack's name, grimacing he kept his head lowered and wished his friends hadn't attempted a rescue. Surely they knew that Na'rya had expected it.

"He is not to be underestimated. I've already arranged his execution… tomorrow in the court yard. I wish to make an example of him to my people. Show them what happens to those who would betray me."

Casen looked at his queen, was that fear he saw in her eyes? Surely a goddess would not be frightened of a mere slave. But he couldn't deny it, she was scared of these humans… and even he had to admit that they were different.

His queen's young beloved had nearly escaped many times and each attempt despite the drugs clouding his mind he had seen fire in the blue depths of the prisoner's eyes.

And the one called O'Neill he could tell was a warrior. Making threats, Casin had no doubt he would carry out, he didn't know which was more of a threat, the one with fire in his eyes or the one with ice in his voice.

"I've never known you to kill your prisoners so quickly," Casin said cautiously. "They are usually made to suffer first."

Na'rya's eyes flashed, "He isn't just any prisoner, I will not have my orders questions, Casin."

Casin lowered his eyes, "I would never even think of questioning you, my queen."

Na'rya nodded approvingly, "I should hope not. And know this, Casin. If you do I will find out…"

With that Na'rya left the room, Casin following two paces behind.

Daniel's head shot up, he couldn't allow her to kill Jack. He hadn't fully recovered from his last injection of Na'rya's potions but she was distracted and he was overdue for his next.

So even though he wasn't at his best he was still thinking twice as fast as the average person. It took a lot to slow down Daniel's matchless intellect.

Sliding the zat gun he'd stolen off one of Na'rya's Jaffa two days before he moved against the only solid wall and shot at the barrier in front of him that he couldn't see but knew existed.

Firing volley after volley the air finally flickered and the barrier shut down. Daniel didn't waste time celebrating his small victory, he knew he didn't have much time. The farthest he'd gotten in his attempts at freedom was a mile from the Stargate. Na'rya was an extremely paranoid Goa'uld and never left him unguarded for long.

He was just hoping that his teammates arrival had her distracted enough that she wasn't quite as vigilant as usual. Sticking the prized zat gun in his waist band he disappeared into the first hallway he came to.

It had been almost pure luck that he had acquired the weapon. During one of his more successful getaways he had been tackled by three Jaffa, one of them lost their zat guns out of his belt holster and Daniel had had just enough time to hide it in his waist band before he was dragged back to face Na'rya's wrath

Unfortunately he had not had a chance to make use of the gun until now, his latest escape had angered Na'rya considerably and she'd drugged him more than usual after knocking him unconscious with her ribbon device.

Daniel wished again his friends hadn't come for him. They'd only complicated things in the attempt. He knew he couldn't allow Na'rya to kill Jack but he didn't know how to stop it. He didn't even know where in the palace that his friends were being held and he knew he was running out of time.

Shaking his head in another futile attempt to clear it he took off the down the first hallway he came too, he vaguely recalled being put in a small dank room for punishment once… it had to have been the same place that Jack and the others were now.

He barely remembered his imprisonment in the room but he called up all his inner strength to figure out which way to go. It was like following the path from a dream but he knew he was getting closer.

As he came to the bottom of a flight of stairs he could hear Jack's angry voice, though his mind was still too fuzzy to distinguish any real words from the ramblings.

"Ja'k," he croaked as he fell to his knees in front of the cell.

The three team members turned at the voice and stared at Daniel in shock.

"Daniel!" Jack gasped.

"Get away from the door," Daniel ordered tiredly.

Jack furrowed his brow but did as he was told.

Daniel fired the weapon at the door three times and smiled slightly as it disappeared. No longer able to fight the darkness his eyes rolled back into his head and Jack fell down next to him just in time to keep him from hitting the ground.

"I knew that bitch couldn't control him…" Jack said under his breath.

"O'Neill," Teal'c said, "We must leave, I will carry Daniel Jackson."

Jack was reluctant to release his hold on his friend but gently relinquished him into Teal'c's care.

Nodding his approval as Teal'c lifted Daniel up as though he were weightless, Jack turned and began to lead them down the hall.


They were so close, the Stargate was mere feet in front of them and Jack had been foolish enough to believe they were home free.

He'd let his guard down and now the impossibly beautiful want-to-be Goddess was blocking their path, her ribbon device wrapped around her palm and held outwards.

She didn't look like she'd have much of a moral dilemma about using it.

"You'll not leave here with my beloved, but I will allow you O'Neill, and your two other crewman to leave under the condition that this time you do not return."

"Where are your Jaffa?" Jack asked looking around. It appeared that she was alone.

"I need not an army to protect me from the likes of you, my people are losing faith. I plan to restore it by ridding them of you and returning with my beloved."

Jack smirked, "But you're afraid you won't be able to defeat us so you're trying to bargain? You're not getting Daniel. I left him here once, nothing will get me to do it again."

"He is not the same, even if you do leave here with him you'll not get your friend back."

"He seemed fine when he rescued us, doesn't sound like something someone under your control would do,"

"He is strong but he can not fight it forever, the nightmares of what I've done to him will haunt him for eternity… he will not overcome unless he is allowed to remain here with me. Only I can undue the damage that has been inflicted."

"Damage you inflicted," O'Neill roared. "Do you really expect me to say 'yea, sure you can keep him'?"

"He needs to finish the treatment or he will be destroyed. I've grown fond of him, I wish not to cause him anymore pain,"

"I've heard enough, Carter dial us up."

"Do not," the Goddess ordered, her eyes glowing ominously.

"You use that on any one of us," he said nodding to the ribbon device, "and one of others will kill you before your victim hits the ground… you can't win."

"Then I will take what I can get, the satisfaction of having one of my destroyers die with me."

"You don't have to die, tell the people you killed your beloved because he tried to help us… let us go and we won't return."

"It is that you won't return that I fear. I speak truthfully when I say the young one will not survive without me, I have made it so and so it will be."

"What have you done then? Tell us."

"It is not something that can be explained."

"Dial it up, Carter."

"Yes, sir,"

Na'rya lowered her ribbon device in defeat, "I believe you will return, O'Neill. When you learn I had spoke the truth you will come here and seek me out in a futile search for questions that can not be answered with words. But when you come it will be too late…"

"Daniel's a lot stronger than you give him credit for, whatever you've done to him, he'll overcome,"

"My beloved said upon his arrival that I was hiding behind the title of a God, in this he was correct. I'll admit I'm no deity but my technology is so much greater than your own you could still call me such. You'll realize soon that what ales Daniel is not exactly the result of any weaponry… I respect him, O'Neill and so I will tell you this, if you leave here with him you must never return. Once you've left the answers that you seek will no longer be found on this soil but within yourself."

Jack stared at her, surprised by the modesty and compassion in the speech. He had no doubt she was as cold blooded as any Goa'uld they'd yet met but there was some underlying peculiarity about this one… something telling him that maybe despite her thirst for blood she'd managed to hang onto her soul.

The Stargate sparked to life and pulled back into itself, Jack nodded to Teal'c who nodded and took Daniel through. Moving around the Goa'uld he would never trust he came and stood by Carter.

"For what it's worth," the woman said. "You were right, your friend never gave in to me… I'm not saying I didn't take what I wanted, I did. But he fought me all the way…"

Carter had to grab the Colonel's arm to keep him from raising his weapon, had that been meant to reassure him?

"I never doubted it," O'Neill growled. "And you don't have to worry… I've no intention of ever returning and you can be rest assured that Daniel sure as hell won't."

Makepeace and his men came out of the trees, guns at ready. Jack motioned them to lower the weapons. O'Neill motioned for the marines to enter the Stargate and then told Carter to go in as well.

With one last look at the beautiful Goddess, Jack stepped through.


Jack paced back and forth in the small infirmary, no longer able to sit in this endless vigil.

The team had returned hours ago and still Daniel remained unresponsive. Janet had taken blood samples to try and determine what he had been drugged with and how to counteract them but Jack was more worried about Daniel's emotional health.

How much could the kid take?

It had only been a couple months since Hathor. What she had done to him was the kind of thing you thought would never happen twice.

Because more often than not, once was all anyone could handle.

But Daniel wasn't anybody, Jack reminded himself. Daniel wasn't like anyone Jack had ever met… he had a spirit that just couldn't be broken, Jack was sure.

But it was going to be more than a little bruised, though.

"My God," the startled gasp from inside the doors was all the invitation Jack needed.

"What?" he asked.

Janet was standing near a sedated Daniel staring at a sheet of paper in disbelief.

"What?" Jack asked again. "What is it?"

"He's got nano-technology in his blood, similar to the ones that infected you…"

"Christ, is there a chance they could spread?"

Janet shook her head, "No, it seems with these the opposite is happening, they don't want to leave Daniel, they aren't trying to spread they're determined not to be removed."

"Any idea what they do? I mean is Daniel going to start to age?"

"I don't think so, I think if that were the case we'd already be seeing a difference."

"So you don't know what they're doing?"

"No, but maybe Daniel does."

Jack nodded, they couldn't very well ask him now, he was out cold. And so well he should be. After all he'd been through. After all he'd endured.

"Right, well I don't plan on going anywhere until he wakes up so I can ask him."

Janet nodded, knowing better than to argue that the Colonel should get some sleep. "Come get me when he starts to wake up."

Jack sat down in the chair by Daniel's side and placed his head in his hands. He had let this happen. How could he have let this happen?

He was getting tired of everything happening to Daniel. He would much rather it be happening to himself. He was better prepared.

He could have handled what had happened to Daniel with out blinking an eye. Because he didn't feel things on the same level as Daniel. And even though he had no doubts that Daniel was stronger than he was Daniel still suffered more from these 'accidents' than he himself ever would.

"Ja'k," gasped a small voice.

Jack's head shot up, "Daniel!" How the hell had he fought off the sedative so quick?

"What happened?"

"We got out, we're home."

Daniel nodded but something was wrong. Something was different. "What happened to Na'rya?"

"Na'rya? Is that the name of the Goa'uld?"

Daniel nodded vaguely, much too tired to do anything else.

"Oh, well she's still on that planet, she let us go, actually. Kind of anyway, we had her outnumbered but she surrendered and I was impressed."

"Na'rya is different than the others," Daniel said quietly. "She's not as prideful, she's smarter… more cunning."

"Great," Jack said. "Just what we need. Now you stay here, I'm going to go get Janet."

Daniel nodded again and Jack peeked into Janet's office returning moments later with her at his side.

"Daniel, how are you feeling?"

"Um, dizzy, a little but otherwise fine."

Janet nodded, using her pen light and a thermometer for a quick examination. She looked up with a smile. "Well, everything looks fine, but Daniel I have to ask you, do you know anything about the nano-technology in your blood?"

Daniel nodded, "Yes, Na'rya gave them to me, they keep me from aging."

Both Janet and Jack gasped, "What?"

Daniel waved his hand dismissively, "Apparently the technology can work both ways…" he told them before falling into a restless sleep.

Jack ran a hand over his face, keeps him from aging? What were they going to do about this one?

To be continued…