The Glass Chamber

by Layton Colt

Daniel is drawn back to Na'rya, believing he needs to be with her… once again SG-1 must find a way to get him back if Daniel can't find the way home on his own.

Authors Notes: I tried to make this good but I'm not sure I succeeded. I think it's a little rushed but I just really *really* wanted to get it done with. It came out with an entirely different outcome than I had planned and I hope that none of you are disappointed.

Part Two: The Darkest Prison

He had to get back.

He needed to return to her, even now he could hear her sweet voice calling to him, beckoning for him to join her at her side.

Calls as soft as whispers echoing in his hazed mind.

Ripping the IV out from his arm Daniel stood on shaky legs. How would he be able to get back to her? They would try to stop him, he was sure and he wasn't in any condition to fight them.

But he had to return. He wasn't completely sure why but it was an impulse he couldn't fight.

Didn't want to fight.

He wanted to return to his queen. Caress her soft lips and rule by her side.

Why had he ever left? Who was he to defy a Queen? His God?

Suddenly Daniel felt nauseous, grabbing his side he looked wildly around the infirmary. He *needed* to get out of here.

Only Na'rya could ease this pain… get rid of the emptiness.

Hearing slight snoring Daniel turned, Jack was draped over a white plastic chair fast asleep.

Jack had taken him from Na'rya. He was the enemy. All of them were… just slaves pretending to be more.

Glaring at the lone figure Daniel left the room, the lights were at half intensity signifying that it was night.

Good, less people to contend with. Daniel stopped off at his office and changed into a spare set of fatigues.

He had to act fast, Jack never slept for long periods when one of his team was ill.

Daniel strolled into the gate control area and smiled at the airman on duty.

The airman smiled widely, "Doctor Jackson, it's good to see you up and around."

Daniel smiled wider, "I was just released, I came up here to go through some addresses. Sam wanted me to look at them, she thought they might be Abdonyian glyphs." Daniel grimaced, he knew he was making absolutely no sense, he only hoped the airman didn't catch on.

The man stared at him blankly, he'd been caught once in Daniel's office and had to listen for an hour about an ancient culture he'd never heard of, he tended to simply smile and nod in their future encounters, "Of course… um, go right ahead. Need any help?"

Daniel shook his head, "No, no help. Coffee would be nice, though."

The airman nodded eagerly and left, Daniel turned to the computer and quickly dialed the address for Na'rya's planet.


The klaxons woke Jack and he jumped to his feet. Realizing that Daniel was no longer in the bed just as the words 'Unauthorized Gate Access' rang through the halls.

Jack was running even before he was fully awake. He had no doubts who was trying to use the gate, he didn't waste time trying to figure out why.

"Sir!" Carter yelled as she jogged up beside him. "What's going on?"

"No idea, but I'm willing to bet it's got something to do with Daniel."

Carter gave her CO a quizzical look as they both increased there sped. Running up the stairs into the briefing room they didn't even acknowledge Hammond as they looked down into the gate room below.

The gate was active, the shimmering wormhole was glowing slightly, casting an eerie light on the room's lone occupant.


"The blast doors have been sealed," Hammond was telling them. "We can't stop him."

Daniel was staring at the wormhole as though it was the first time he'd seen the phenomenon. Jack watched feeling helpless as Daniel reached out his hand to touch it.

"Don't do it…" Jack whispered. Trying to keep Daniel from proceeding through with nothing but sheer force of will.

It didn't work. Without so much as a backwards glance, Daniel was gone.


Na'rya smiled as she paced the vast thrown room. She had felt her beloved return.

She had known he would despite her warnings to the warrior O'Neill. She had severely doubted the changes she had inflicted on the young man could be overcome by friendship.

She hadn't lied to O'Neill… she had given him a chance to save the one whom would become her next pharaoh but he failed. And now he was hers.

She'd ignore the pity she held for these slaves. The unfamiliar sensations that assaulted her when she was near her young chosen.

She was a Queen… a God. She had to fight these weaknesses if she wished to become strong again and retake her empire.

She looked up as Casen entered the room, "Your beloved has been taken to your quarters as you requested, my queen. He is not fighting any longer."

Na'rya's lips curved upwards, "Well, I suppose not… who has ever been able to fight the nano-technology? The only wonder is how he withstood its powers for so long."

Casen only nodded vaguely. Still unsure of what to make of those his Queen would call the 'Tau'ri'.

"I want you to keep a look out for his companions. In the chance they are foolish enough to once again try and return."

Casen nodded. "As you wish."

Na'rya made her way through the halls, anticipation and longing at seeing the one whom she had chosen nagging at her. She fought the feelings back, he was her beloved, yes but he was still a slave and these feelings were not appropriate.

Not at all fitting of a God.

Raising her chin and changing back into the ruthless Goddess that had first abducted SG-1 she entered the room.

Daniel stood at the other side, looking out the window at the people struggling with everyday life only twenty feet below.

"You have returned," Na'rya's voice was cold. Obviously angry at him defying her and leaving her in the first place.

Daniel turned at the voice, "My Queen," he breathed as he dropped to his knees.

Na'rya smiled at his obedience… ignoring the fact that part of her missed his passion. "You need not bow to me my chosen."

Daniel rose but kept his eyes downcast. Gently, Na'rya reached out and lifted his chin. "What is wrong, love? Are you not pleased to be reunited with me?"

Daniel's eyes widened, "Of course! I was worried you'd be angry with me."

Na'rya's anger had seemed to have dissipated and she smiled again, "I am no longer mad… we have too much to do to focus on trivialities such as this. Besides, I allowed you to leave me. Had I wished I could have forced you to remain."

Daniel nodded, "Why did you let me leave?"

Na'rya didn't answer at first, unsure of the answer, "To see if you would return," she said at last.

('I respect him, O'Neill and so I will tell you this, if you leave here with him you must never return. Once you've left the answers that you seek will no longer be found on this soil but within yourself.')

Her own words echoed through her head. She had been weak. She had given O'Neill the answer, albeit in cryptic terms. Fortunately he had not understood just how much she had revealed with those few words.

He had not realized that he and he alone held the key to saving Daniel Jackson. He had failed to keep the young man safe and now Na'rya was determined to keep him as her pharaoh.

From now until eternity she would keep him by her side.


Jack was livid. How could this have happened? He glared at the airman standing a few feet away as he paced through the briefing room.

"And you didn't think it odd that Dr. Jackson was coming to do this at 2:00, after just being brought back from a week of imprisonment?" Jack asked harshly.

The airman lowered his head, "He looked fine… I just… he was talking about hieroglyphs and said that Captain Carter asked him to look at something. I didn't know he was still supposed to be in the infirmary."

Jack continued to glare and General Hammond sighed, "That's alright, son. You couldn't have known that this would happen."

Janet walked into the room and nodded at the General and SG-1.

"Dr. Frasier," the General greeted. "Can you come up with any theories about why Dr. Jackson would go back to that planet?"

Janet sighed, "The only possible explanation is that the nano-technology I found in his system is doing this to him. Maybe it's some form of mind control or just something to draw him back… I can't be sure without knowing more about the technology."

The General nodded, "That sounds like as good a guess as any."

Jack looked at them impatiently, "Okay, so what are we going to do about it?"

"Well, I'm reluctant to send another team after him…" the General began.

"Then don't send *another* team. Send mine. We'll bring Daniel back."

Carter and Teal'c nodded in silent agreement. Both were ready to head back and bring Daniel home already. There would be no waiting a week this time they wanted their missing fourth home already.

"Colonel, I have to think of all the risks…"

"Okay then think of the risks of leaving Daniel with a Goa'uld when there's a chance he's been compromised. The kid has practically every workable address we've discovered memorized. He's got too much knowledge to just let him stay there."

The General sighed. He knew there would be no way to talk Jack out believing he should rescue Daniel. Or Captain Carter and Teal'c for that matter.

He could order him. And he would honor that order -most likely- but he'd lose what was left of SG-1 if he denied them this chance.

He knew without a doubt if they didn't get Dr. Jackson back they'd all be permanently changed. And not for the better.

"I suggest you and your team come up with a plan, Colonel. You leave at 08:00."


Casen watched as the young man paced the room, seemingly quite agitated. His fists would clench and unclench as he turned to start the other way. His Queen was watching him with some amusement.

"You're still fighting? You don't like my idea of creating an army of Jaffa with the people below?"

Daniel turned to her, some of the fire had returned to his eyes, "Of course I don't like that idea!"

Now Na'rya's eyes had narrowed, "I am your God, am I not?"

"Yes," Daniel said without hesitation.

"Then how can you claim I would be wrong in these actions? If I am a God and this is what I wish?"

"I don't know," Daniel said quietly, his conviction of this being terribly wrong fading.

Na'rya placed her hand on Daniel's cheek, "We will make our children soon and then we will create an army that would rival that of even Apophis… but for now you must rest, regain your strength."

Casen stood straighter as Na'rya approached him, "Watch him closely, Casin… it would appear he has not yet given up the fight."

Casen nodded, turning to the young man in confusion as his queen left. Still fighting? How could he still be fighting if his queen did not wish him to?

He'd been under the impression that gods were all powerful.

He was beginning to believe that he was terribly mistaken.


"Alright," Jack said as he paced his small office. "This should at least be easier this time, we have a better idea of what to expect."

The other two members of SG-1 nodded, "Yes, we know the best way to reach the palace and we've learned some of its layout," Sam agreed.

"Yet again we will not know what to expect of DanielJackson's condition," Teal'c reminded. "He could very well not wish to be rescued."

Jack sighed, he'd been trying not to think about that. "If he doesn't want to come Teal'c that's where you come in, don't give him a choice."

Teal'c nodded solemnly, understanding the order but not happy with having to forcibly drag DanielJackson back to the Stargate as he would likely have to.

"I'll bet that this Na'rya has upped her security and that she probably expects us so we need to be ready for a fight. As for getting into the palace that probably won't be easy either but at least she doesn't have many Jaffa."

"Ah, sir," Carter interrupted. "I think we need to consider the possibility that she has, um-- acquired-- some more Jaffa."

"What do you--?" And then visions of a bathtub filled with Goa'uld larva flashed in his mind and he didn't need to finish the question. "Right. Of course. Dammit, we've got to get there *before* that happens!"

Carter nodded, "We have to prepare for all outcomes, sir. You know that, even if we don't like it these things have to be considered. Daniel's life depends on it."

Jack ran a hand through his hair, realizing Carter was right but not wanting to even entertain the possibility of what she was suggesting. "I do know that, okay, so even if she does have more Jaffa… we know the layout of the palace, we should be able to do a thorough search in a short amount of time."

Teal'c nodded, "I do not believe that the Goa'uld will expect us to attack so promptly, seeing as how we waited a week before rescuing DanielJackson the first time."

Jack nodded, "Even if she is, we go in with extreme prejudice, alright? Shoot first ask questions later. We have only one objective and that's to get Daniel home safe."

'To hell with everyone else on that damn planet,' Jack thought bitterly.


An army of Jaffa?

God, he felt sick again. He couldn't let this happen. He knew he couldn't but at the same time he knew he could not go against his queen.

Daniel paced the small room tirelessly. Unaware of the dark eyes watching him intently from the doorway.

This was wrong, wasn't it?

"Chosen," a deep voice said.

Daniel looked up in surprise to see Na'rya's first prime staring at him.

"I must speak with you."

Daniel nodded, slightly surprised to be spoken to by someone other than Na'rya, all of his attempts to communicate with the guards and villagers had been ignored.

"I must know about your life before you came here."

"Before?" Daniel asked, seeming confused that he had ever lived any other place.

Casen nodded, "Yes, before, with the traitor Teal'c and the one you call O'Neill, and the woman, Carter."

"Oh," Daniel said. "That time was meaningless, I was confused."

"Were you," Casen asked. "Or is it now that you have been made unsure."

"I am not unsure," Daniel said indignantly. "I am Na'rya's beloved, her chosen. All else is irrelevant."

Casen stared deeply into clouded blue eyes, "Can't you feel that she he has changed you? That this is not who you once were?"

"I am a slave," the soft voice protested. "I could never be more…"

"You are much more, young Daniel. You have made me doubt my queen, does that sound like something a slave could be capable of? You fought her before… if I'm to help you then you must continue to fight."

"But I don't want to fight! Not any more… I'm a slave, Na'rya's beloved. I am nothing, just as you are nothing. Replaceable."

"I don't believe that… not any more."

"Then you are a fool."

"It is no longer I that Na'rya has fooled," Casen said evenly. "I do not wish my people to be made like me. You must not let her turn them into Jaffa, you must fight her."

"You cannot fight a god," Daniel said brokenly.

"You can, I have seen you do so, and do it well. I do not ask this of you without planning to give you something in return. Help me to defeat Na'rya and I will give you your freedom, both physical and mental."

"I don't understand,"

"The nano-technology in your blood, it does indeed regulate your age but that is but a secondary purpose. Firstly it is a form of mind control."

"Mind control?"

"Yes, it is supposed to make its victim blindly loyal but it seems to be faltering within you. Either you are stronger than she believed or she did not give you the right amount."

Daniel pressed his eyes shut, what Casen was saying seemed right, it made sense. But at the same time it was wrong, inconceivable.

Part of Daniel screamed to call for Na'rya and tell her of this one's betrayal, but the other part, the part that believed what Casen was saying wouldn't allow him to.

"What did you have planned?"


Jack looked at the fallen bodies with a morbid satisfaction. The gate had indeed been guarded, and the Jaffa had sought cover as the wormhole formed but Teal'c god bless him had known all of their tricks and used some strategically placed staff blasts to draw them into the clearing.

From their Carter and O'Neill had followed Teal'c's lead and shot at anything that moved. It was a strategy that Daniel no doubt would disagree with, but with their conscience missing, the three soldiers were willing to go to any lengths to get him back.

"Off to the palace," O'Neill said as he started across the path, opting to forgo the stealthy route and take the more direct approach.

Sam and Teal'c followed close behind watching for signs of trouble. Sam was glad to see that there wasn't an abundant surge of new Jaffa. Maybe they weren't too late after all.


"You want me to what!" Daniel cried.

"It is the only option, I can not fight Na'rya alone."

Daniel shook his head, "They won't listen to me, they won't help… they're too frightened."

Casen sighed, he knew he was asking a lot of the young man but he needed to turn the villagers to his cause. "I have heard you speak, you do so with passion and conviction. You are very hard not to believe."

Daniel shook his head, "Who am I to tell them their god isn't really a god? I told you, they won't listen, I know because I'll be telling them something they don't want to hear."

"You have to *make* them hear you, I have faith in you, chosen… when you and your three comrades were brought forth I saw immediately that you were all warriors, but when you spoke I learned that your weapon of choice was words. You must convince my people to overthrow Na'rya, if you do not, we are all condemned. You most of all."

Daniel sighed, conflicting emotions raging within him, ignoring the treacherous voice telling him to report Casen as a traitor he nodded, "I'll do my best,"


As they approached the village, the three SG-1 members were surprised to hear a familiar voice carrying across the masses.

"Na'rya is not your god! She is a blasphemer who has made a mockery of your beliefs! She is starving you and your families and plans to take your men to make them into her army."

Jack looked at Daniel in disbelief, he was standing on a platform, pleading with the people below. Trying to push through the crowd, he and the others tried to reach him.

"I beg of you to take faith in what is right. Look beyond the blind religion she has bound in you and fight for your freedom!"

At first the crowd just stared at him dumbly, moments later a few began to shout that he was the blasphemer… but then one stood up and said that maybe he was right, and others followed the example.


Daniel looked down at the shout, surprised to see Jack climbing onto the platform in an attempt to reach him. His first thought was that he had been located by the enemy, but he soon remembered what Casen had told him, about how he had been changed and knew that Jack was a friend.

"Jack," he said his voice sounding unsure.

"You okay, kid," Jack asked as he reached him, taking hold of his arm in a firm grasp.

Daniel nodded, "Yes, Casen, a Jaffa helped me sneak out of the palace, he-- "

"You can tell me back at the base," Jack said as he started to pull Daniel towards Carter and Teal'c who were still weaving through the mob.

"We can't leave yet," Daniel said immediately and with absolute certainty. "I've started this, I've got an obligation to finish it," he said motioning to the crowd of increasingly angry villagers.

And their conscience was back and in working order.

Jack smiled patronizingly, "We most certainly can leave, you may have started this but it's *their* obligation to finish it, not yours."

"I made a promise, Jack,"

"And I made a promise to bring you home,"

"If you just trust in me, we can all get what we want,"

Jack rolled his eyes, resisting the urge to throw Daniel over his shoulder and carry him to the Stargate. "Just what did you promise to do?"

Daniel took a zat out form him waistband, with a quickness that surprised the Colonel, "To finish this," he said simply.


Casen stood stiffly in front of the Chosen's room, his hand gripped only slightly too tight around his staff weapon.

Na'rya appeared around the corner with a quiet grace, but her eyes were burning gray coals and he tensed… she was obviously upset by something.

"Where is my chosen?"

Casen swallowed, not sure how to answer, it sounded to him as though Na'rya already knew that Daniel was no longer in his room. "He is asleep."

Na'rya's eyes flashed and she stepped forward. "Really?"

Casen looked her in the eye, "I am your loyal servant my queen. To you, I would never lie."

"Of course, Casen my loyal servant," Na'rya's eyes took on a guarded look, a veil dropping over her steely grey eyes. "Of course you are not as loyal as you would have me believe, are you? You should have listened when I told you that if you turned against me that I would find out."

Casen adjusted his grip on his staff, pulling it into a horizontal position.

Na'rya smirked evilly and raised her ribbon device, "Do you believe I'll let you live long enough to use that on me?" she asked with a deceptive sweetness.

Casen glared at her, "It matters not what you do to me, I will not be the last to rise against you. Your rule is near it's end. There will be others."

"Then I will kill others."

"At first, but then there will be too many, you can only kill us to a point. And once you pass that point you have to stop or you will have no more people in which to rule."

"You are all weak, you will break long before I reach this *point*!"

"You won't live to break them, Na'rya."

Na'rya stiffened at the voice behind her. The voice of her beloved.

"I'll make sure of that." Daniel adjusted his grip on the zat, his team standing protectively at his side.

Casen smiled at the Tau'ri. "You stayed. I was unsure if you would."

Daniel smiled back, "Of course, now -Na'rya- why don't you just turn around."

Na'rya reluctantly did so, leaving Casen free behind her. He grabbed her right arm and pulled off the ribbon device.

Na'rya's eyes glowed angrily when she saw O'Neill, "You!" she spat. "You are a fool for returning, a fool for not listening to my advice."

"Your advice?" Jack echoed. "You didn't tell me anything I didn't already know."

"Then you listened not hard enough," she said coldly. "This is all your doing. My entire empire is crashing around me because of you!"

Jack smiled charmingly, "Enough with the flattery, my lady. Why don't you just tell me what the hell you did to Daniel?"

Na'rya set her jaw, the flaming eyes flaring up once more.

"I can tell you what she will not," Casen said as he placed steel shackles around Na'rya's delicate wrists. "The nano-technology in the chosen's blood is telling him things he wouldn't ordinarily believe, it is controlling him… or at least it should be," Casen said with admiration. "But he has fought it admirably."

"How can I get them out of me though," Daniel asked. "I can't keep fighting it."

"You cannot deny my control, Daniel," Na'rya said confidently. "You belong to me."

Casen shook his head, "She lies, there is a way. She has already told you all you need to know."

Jack looked at him disbelievingly, "You want to remind me?"

"The answer is within you, O'Neill, you too have faced the nano-technology have you not?"

Jack nodded, "Yes, they sped up my aging."

Casen nodded, "But they were deactivated within you, and they are the answer to deactivated the one's within the chosen."

Sam's eyes lit up with understanding, "That might work, sir. You still have some of the nanites in your blood, if we transplanted them into Daniel it might start a chain reaction that deactivates his. We already know that the nanites transmit to their fellows."

Jack nodded, "Are you sure that will work?" he asked Casen.

"There are no certainties, O'Neill but it is your best and I fear only hope."

"Right, you gonna be okay here, with her?" Jack queried eyeing the goddess dubiously.

Casen nodded, "I will be fine, for perhaps the first time in my life. I will make sure my people remain free."

Teal'c nodded his approval, "There will be Jaffa who will fight you. The villagers have rebelled and taken them prisoner. But they are not the true enemy…"

Casen nodded again, understanding only as a fellow Jaffa could, "I will not punish them for being true to the one they believe is their god. I will try to explain to them that she is not who she claims."

Teal'c smiled slightly, assured that this man was one of integrity and would watch over his people.

"You'll not rid yourselves of me," Na'rya promised with an eerie certainty. "Our paths will cross again. There is no doubt of this."

Jack took hold of Daniel's arm, "We'll be leaving now," Jack smiled sweetly at the Goa'uld. "It's been a pleasure," he said with false politeness.


Daniel eyed the IV in his arm grimly, his attempts to convince Janet of his wellness had been ignored and he was stuck in the infirmary for the night, according to Janet lucky not to be in restraints for returning to Na'rya's planet before she was done with him.

"Hey buddy," Jack said as he entered. "Can you leave yet?"

"No," he said petulantly as he crossed his arms.

Janet had extracted some of Jack's nanites and injected them into Daniel, rendering the one's affecting the linguist useless in only moments. Daniel thought that it was unfair he had to stay now that he was himself again.

Jack smirked at Daniel's response, glad to have him back. "Well, when are you going to be free?"

"Tomorrow," the young linguist brightened slightly at the prospect.

Dropping into the chair beside the bed Jack looked Daniel over for any injuries he might have missed.

"What?" Daniel asked shying away from the intense scrutiny.

Jack shook his head, "Nothing, just making sure you're really alright."

Daniel nodded, "I am, and I'm sorry about going back through the gate like that…"

O'Neill held up his hand, "Don't worry about it, you weren't yourself. Everyone understands that."

Daniel didn't respond and Jack had to fill the silence, "So, how are you doing?"

"Fine. I feel fine."

Jack nodded. Right. Fine. Who wouldn't be? He'd only been made a slave, then made to believe he wanted to be a slave, then ignited a rebellion against a god. Of course he was fine.


"The darkest prison," Daniel said quietly.


"Na'rya, she said that the darkest prison is the mind. A place we can punish ourselves for our crimes."

Jack nodded, "That's probably the only thing she's ever said that comes so close to the truth."

Daniel smiled slightly and continued talking, "Prisons lead to madness, if you isolate yourself long enough. They'll destroy you, little by little. I don't want that to happen to me, Jack."

Jack sat up straighter, "Why would you think it would?"

Daniel placed his head in his hands, "It was like being a host," he said quietly. "Or at least what I imagine it's like being a host… there was this evil little voice inside me telling me to do things I didn't agree with but couldn't stop. I didn't know I had something like that in me…"

"You don't," Jack said quickly. "Jesus, Daniel, you were under her control. It was the nano-technology, not you."

Daniel shook his head, "You don't know that, maybe the nanites just influence its victim's darker thoughts. We don't understand the technology. We can't know for sure."

"I know for sure," Jack said with certainty. "You wouldn't willingly hurt anyone Daniel. Hell, you didn't hurt anyone when you *were* infected with those nanites. You fought it. Fought her. There's nothing to feel guilty about."

Daniel sighed, "Why does this keep happening to me, Jack? What is it about me that makes such a perfect target?"

Jack looked at Daniel, unsure where the question came from. "What do you mean? We've all been in some scrapes since we started here."

"Yes, but none of you so much as me," Daniel sighed. "I'm not whining. If one of us is hurt I would rather it be me but I can't understand why I keep attracting trouble."

"You got me," Jack shrugged. "Look Daniel, it's not you. It's not. You're just having a bit of bad luck, you didn't do anything to deserve it and you didn't do anything to provoke it."

"I'm just unlucky," Daniel repeated dubiously.

"Yep," O'Neill said with an evil smirk. "Don't worry, we'll buy you a rabbit's foot."

Daniel rolled his eyes, "There's really no point in trying to hold a serious *adult* conversation with you, is there?"

"None whatsoever. But don't let that stop you from trying."

Daniel smiled, "Thanks Jack,"

"Anytime, I'm always here to listen,"

"Oh I'm not thanking you for listening to me,"

O'Neill frowned, "Then why,"

"For offering to buy me a rabbit's foot, really, you've gotten rid of all my worries. I'll be safe now."

"Smart ass," Jack muttered good naturedly.

The End.

Sorry it ends kind of stupid… I'm not very good at endings, but if I don't stop somewhere I'd never finish. Wow, isn't that profound? I never knew I was so deep. ;)