Why must I feel this way toward my sister! This just isn't right. I've loved her for so long and yet, I'm betraying her now. All over a boy! Well...not a boy, but a man. That man's name is Gaignun Kukai. I was always fascinated in him. He seemed to hold so much mystery and that's what drew me to him most. My sister and I were most loyal to him by following him and helping him get his tasks done. I slowly inched forward into love with him. I tried to hide that fact from Shelley but to no avail.

"Mary, you seem most willing to help master Gaignun."

"Well of course I am! I'm a loyal servant willing to do anything for him and little master." I threw Jr. into the conversation hoping that would cover my trail a little. Shelley just looked at me for a while before smiling a little.

"Oh Mary. After all these years your still a bad liar." I tried my best to maintain my composure.

"What ever do you mean sissy?"

"You know exactly what I mean. I have no problem with the way you feel for Gaignun but please, do keep his occupation in mind. He's very busy meaning he's probably too busy for you. I don't want you to get hurt."

"You think I lo-!" I had started but just left it at that. Shelley had propped herself into bed and was off to sleep. She knew me so well...she was the best sister a girl could ask for.

Oh right! I haven't told you a thing as to why I feel the way I do about my darling sister. Well yes, it deals with master Gaignun but let me explain what. They seem to have a thing...I know I shouldn't be jealous but, I liked him first! She was never interested in him and now I have no idea what happened to that thought! I don't see how he could have chosen my sister over me. I'm so full of life and spontaneous. I could never lower anybodies mood. My sister means well but she can be the complete opposite. Besides, isn't she the one who said my feelings could be jeopardized from him? So all in all, it feels like my sister stole what's most precious to me. I guess, we're not equals like I always thought we were. She even told me everyday as we were growing up that none of us was better then the other. I wonder if that was a hypocritical statement as well...