It was hot. Though no one could really imagine it being any other way in Hades. Still, it seemed hotter than usual in this particular section of the bowels of hell. The heat Lou felt, however, didn't even compare to the intensity of how his hate burned for that band.


A pathetic mortal band, plucking, pounding, and screeching out their primitive rock. Their name a testament to their own stupidity and bad taste. But he had put up with it so as to lure them down to the Inferno. Their souls among the thousand he'd drug down and stolen.

But he had underestimated them. Bound to happen when you've been doing the same thing for hundreds of years. Those damn guitarists. They had beaten him. Not because their skills were greater than his. That was impossible. It was only because they had caught him off guard.

Unfortunately, the fact it was a fluke didn't save him from being demoted. The band got to go free and he was forced down to his prison of sorts, relegated to drudgery unbefitting of one so powerful. The only good thing about his situation was that there was plenty of time in which to contemplate his revenge. Which was taking quite a bit of contemplation.

Due to the fine print of the contract they'd signed, if the signee managed to defeat him in whatever the challenge be, they'd go free and he was not to bother them again. He couldn't go near them.

Then, like a bolt from the blue, an idea. He couldn't go near them, but there were no guidelines about sending someone else to them.


A bit of a heads up… This story will star Izzy Sparks and Lars Umlaut. Just letting you know. The writing may be a little odd. Partly because I suck and partly because this is very much going to be a comedy. I hope you enjoy.

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