This is my first story and I hope it's not too lame.

I'm going with the Vampire Diaries TV show, but I have read the books too and they are great.

So the Salvatore brothers have been in town for a while, Caroline isn't a vampire and Tyler isn't a werewolf (well not yet). I'm taking things from the beginning.

Thanks for reading. =)

Chapter 1

I was standing in the backyard and watching the houses next to ours and the woods that stretched behind them.

It felt strange having a forest right next to our backyard. I mean, when we lived in Seattle we didn't live in the center of the city but we didn't have a freaking forest behind our house either.

I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. I'm gonna miss Seattle. Not the rain or the noise but my friends and our old house. But I'm going to make new friends here and I'll stay in contact with my old friends. I was popular in my old school, but I'm probably gonna get replaced real soon. It's just how it goes.

But I'm not some tramp who wears Gucci or Prada or whatever. I don't care about labels. I was popular in my old school because I have a certain level of sassiness, I'm confident and, as guys tell me, extremely good looking.

Well I guess I have to see what people in this town will think of me. Me and my parents moved to Mystic Falls yesterday and tomorrow's Monday and my first day of school here.

Funny how I feel nervous, and a little bit scared, I don't usually feel scared. Well It's not like I move to a new town every day. And my mom said she knew some people from this town which I find unusual because I've never met any of my mom's old friends. I mean she had friends in Seattle but my parents moved to Seattle when my mom was still pregnant. They didn't talk about where they lived before. I used to ask them about it all the time when I was a little girl, and when I stopped asking questions (that weren't answered) they thought I dropped the subject, but I haven't. I've tried to find out everything that I could about their background but it's hard to dig when you don't know where to dig. So I'm gonna find out everything that I can here, and with my advanced ability to stick my nose where it doesn't belong I think I'll work fast. But I'm gonna have to be careful about what I say to other people, after all, a family secret should stay in the family.

''Jenny!'' My mother called me. ''Jenny, come inside I could use a hand.''

''Coming.'' I said and went inside the house. I found my mom in the living room unpacking our stuff from the boxes. She took a photo of her me and my dad and put it on the shelf.

''What do you think? Should I leave it there, or put it on the second shelf?'' I looked at it for a moment before answering.

''You should leave it there, it looks good.''

''Great.'' She smiled. ''Come and help me with these books. They're really heavy.''

''No problem.'' I said and helped her unpack most of our books and put it on the bookcase. When we were done we sat on the couch and rested for a while.

''I know this is a big change, but I know you're gonna make a lot of friends here.'' My mother said to me.

''I know I will.'' I smiled. ''It's just that Mystic Falls is so much smaller than Seattle. And quieter.''

My mother laughed and put an arm around my shoulders. ''My dear, Mystic Falls is all things but quiet.''

''We'll see'', I laughed.

A few minutes later my father came through the front door with a couple of bags in his hands.

''Hello ladies. I bring food.'' My father smiled at us.

''Let me help you with that.'' My mom said and gave my dad a quick kiss and then helped him with carry the food in the kitchen. And I just rolled my eyes and followed them. We unpacked our food and started eating.

''So, first day of school in a new town tomorrow. Are you excited? '' My dad asked me.

''Thrilled.'' I responded.

''Oh leave her alone Michael. Can't you see she's nervous.'' My mom said.

''I'm not nervous'', I defended myself. ''It's just strange, moving here and all. It happened so fast.''

''This place will grow on you. You'll see.'' My dad said.

We continued eating and talked about more cheerful subject. When we were done I went up to my room to unpack the rest of my stuff. After 2 hours I was finished with my room and it looked great. I was proud of myself. Then I took a shower and went to bed.

So this is the first chapter, the next will be up soon. I hope you liked it and if you didn't please tell me.

Thanks for reading.