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Chapter 3 – The Bennetts

When I got home I found my parents watching TV.

''Jenny where were you?'' My dad asked me.

''I went to the Grill with some friends after school. I'm sorry I didn't call you. I forgot.''

He smiled. ''It's okay. I knew you would make friends quickly.''

''Well you were right.'' I smiled and went to my room.

I put my bag on my desk and threw myself on the bed. I took the book of my nightstand and continued reading where I left off.

I read for some time and when I heard my mom calling me. I put down the book and went downstairs for dinner.

After we finished eating I helped clean up the dishes and then went back to my room to turn into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt I usually slept in. As I changed I got a weird feeling. I quickly put on my T-shirt and looked out the window.

And found nothing unusual. What was I thinking? That somebody was watching me, I'm on the second floor for God's sake.

There was some movement in the trees but nothing more than that.

Great, I'm getting paranoid over some birds. I must be really tired.

I turned the lights off and crawled in my bed, and after a few minutes I was sound asleep.

When I arrived to school tomorrow morning I met the guys at the parking lot. We talked for a while and then we started walking towards the school. And somehow I ended up walking next to Stefan.

''My brother told me that he met you yesterday.'' He said to me.

''Oh yeah, I met Damon outside the Grill yesterday, he… welcomed me to town.'' I said.

He had a weird look on his face. ''Well I'll give you a friendly warning. You should stay away from him. He's not exactly boyfriend material.''

''Okay I'll keep that in mind.'' I was smiling but this was really awkward. What the hell's with the ''He's not boyfriend material''? I only met the guy, and okay he was really hot, but boyfriend? That would be a little too far.

Stefan smiled back and the tension seemed to wear off. We started talking about school and the Damon issue slipped off my mind. The guys told me a lot about the professors and which ones I should look out for. They were really helpful and I liked being a part of their group.

My first classes went OK and so did lunch. I had fun with the girls and Matt and Stefan didn't mind being surrounded with girls. And I finally met Elena's brother Jeremy. Everybody knew him and they treated him like he was their younger brother, he was OK by me.

The rest of the classes went well to. And when I got home my mom was already there but she was getting ready to leave again.

''Hey mom! Where are you going?''

''I'm going to visit a very old friend of mine. Her name is Sheila Bennett.''

''Bennett'', I said. ''As in Bonnie Bennett?''

''Yes, that's her granddaughter. Do you know her?''

''Yeah we're friends. Why are you asking?''

She smiled. ''Honey the Bennetts are a line of powerful witches. Their bloodline is strong as is ours.''

I was shocked. ''You mean Bonnie is a witch too? But I didn't feel anything about her.''

''That's because she's young and her grandmother only just started teaching her about her legacy.''

''She started teaching her now.'' I was surprised. ''Why did she wait that long, I mean, you started teaching me when I was like five years old.'' No wonder I haven't felt anything, she probably doesn't have much power yet.

''I don't know. But you know what, I want you to come with me. Do you have a lot to study for tomorrow?'' She asked me.

''No'', I said quickly. This is my chance to meet an old powerful witch and I'm not going to miss it. ''I'm free and I'm coming with you.'' I grabbed my bag and followed my mom in her car.

The drive was short and my mom parked her car in front of a small white house.

We got out of the car and went to the front door. I was really excited that I was finally going to meet another witch. My mom and I were both witches and my dad knew about it, of course, and he loved us both no matter what. But I have never met another witch before so I was both excited and nervous right now.

My mom knocked on the door and after a minute or so a woman with brown eyes and curly brown short hair opened the door.

She smiled when she saw my mother. ''Rachel, I heard you were coming back to town.''

''Sheila it's so good to see you again.'' The two witches hugged.

When the hug ended Sheila focused her attention on me. ''And this must be Jenny.'' She said.

I smiled. ''It's nice to meet you.''

''It's very nice to meet you too.'' She stretched out her hand and I shook it.

Sheila smiled to my mother. ''She's a strong one.'' She said and went inside the house.

My mom smiled to me and put an arm around me. We followed Sheila inside the house.

Her house was nicely decorated. It had a lot of pictures and there were books and bookshelves everywhere. I guess Sheila liked to read.

I must admit Sheila kind of surprised me. I expected a gray old woman dressed all in black with cauldrons everywhere and a black cat running around, but she was just a nice lady. And she didn't even look very old, I mean when my mother told me that she was Bonnie's grandmother I thought she was going to be a wrinkled old woman. Sheila wasn't what I imagined she would look like.

We went into the living room and my mom and I sat on the couch while Sheila was still standing.

''Do you want something to drink. Some tea perhaps?'' She asked us.

''Tea would be great.'' My mom smiled.

''Of course.'' I said.

Sheila smiled and went out of the room. My mom got up off the couch and went to a bookcase. She took a book and opened it. I went up to her to see what she was looking at.

It was a normal old looking book, nothing special.

''The Bennetts have lived in this town since it was founded.'' My mom started talking to me. ''Generation after generation of powerful witches. Our family moved here the same time they did and we've been working together ever since…'' My mom kept telling me how our families were connected through the years and how we've been working together on our spells and on our powers.

When Sheila came back with tea my mom put the book back on the bookcase and we sat back on the couch. Sheila and my mom started talking while I was sipping my tea and listening to them.

Sheila was telling me how my mom was so stubborn when she was younger and how she taught my mom almost everything she knows now about being a witch.

''I had a lot of trouble with your mother.'' Sheila smiled to me. ''I hope you won't be as much as trouble as she was.''

''What do you mean you hope I won't be as much trouble as she was?'' I asked.

''Well I may be old, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve and I would like to teach you and my granddaughter some of them.'' She smiled.

I grinned. ''That would be great.''

''Yes that would be great. You and Bonnie could come over some times and I'm sure Sheila has a lot of things she could teach you girls.'' My mom said.

''I believe I do.'' Sheila said. ''After all look at all the things I taught you.''

My mother smiled. ''Well Sheila it was a pleasure seeing you again but I'm afraid we should be going home.'' My mom said and then she got up and I followed as she and Sheila started walking towards the front door.

''Feel free to stop by anytime you want.'' Sheila said to my mother. ''Jenny it was nice meeting you and I hope I'll see you and Bonnie in my house again soon.''

''Of course, and it was nice meeting you too Miss Bennett.'' I smiled.

She laughed. '' ''Miss'', well I think we'll get along just fine.''

After that we said our goodbyes and me and my mom left.

''So did you like her?'' My mom asked me while we were driving home.

''Yeah, she's great.''

''Yes she is. And she is a great teacher and a powerful witch, and you'll learn a lot from her.'' She smiled.

''I hope I will.'' I said and turned my head to look through the window.

I finally got what my mom meant when she said that this town was all things but quiet.

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