*Something that I did on MOCpages last year. If you want to see the original version and learn a little more about Diaon and Earb, you can find them on MOCpages.*

Over 100,000 years ago, The Shattering...

Sphereus Magna...


A pair of green eyes opened, and gave an eerie. A Toa, clan in Blue and silver armor, rose from the rumble. He wore a silver, Kril-shaped Kanohi over his ash-grey skull. He looked at the room he was in, which surrounded him in ruin. To his left, a broken pipe was spilling... some sort of silver fluid on top of some crates. To his right were the remains of a machine of some sort. A robot perhaps?

He walked over to the crates and opened them (thought he got wet in the process, which was annoying him). He dug his hands in the crates, feeling something sharp cut his palm. He yelped back in pain, pulling his hand out. A small amount of blood leaked out of wound, which (surprisingly) disappeared as fast as it had appeared. He stared in wonder.

Uh... wow... He thought.

He reached into the box again and (without cutting his hand this time) pulled out a broad sword. He grinned.

Oh, people are gonna lose their heads when they see this... He spoke in his head.

Drawing it into his back, he walked up some stairs near by. When he reached the top, he felt some sharp slice into his. He let out a roar, and knocked back the coward. In front of him was a silver robotic, skeletal creature, wielding a blade attached to its wrist.

It lounged at him again. The Toa reacted by sending a blast of Elemental Energy at it, knocking the monster on the ground. He grabbed by the throat, and, to his own surpirse, was soon coated in rust. The android crumpled into, leaving only its aged head. The Toa looked at his hands, which were coated in an unknown energy.

WHOA! He thought. What just happened!

Then the ground started shaking voilently, knocking him off his feet. Not far from him, a piece of the ground was launched into the air. It began its return to the earth, thearting to crush the Toa. He fired without thinking, striking the blouder. Like last time, it had a surprising result.

It stayed afloat in the air, almost as if it were frozen. The next thing he knew, it exploded into energy. In its place was a Toa, clan in white and silver armor, an icy-blue aura surrounding him. He wore a Kanohi shaped like the Ignika, and carried a barbed sword.

Aw man... The first Toa thought. How come he gets the better sword!

A thought suddenly crossed his mind. "Erab?" He spoke. He didn't know why he said that, but something seemed... familiar about him.

Erab smiled. "Diaon, good to see you, brother." He yelled, slamming his fist against Diaon's. "S'up?" The Va-Toa replied they shook hands.

The world shock again, even more voilent then last time.

"WHAT THE KARZAHNI'S GOING ON!" Diaon yelled. Erab panicked and looked at Diaon. The earth began to rise once more, only more rapid and violent this. Energy leaked from the ground, slithering across it like serpents. Diaon was freaked out, and Erab didn't know what on earth was happening. Then an idea came to him.

"Grab my hand!" He screamed.

Diaon blinked at his brother. "What?" He yelled.

"Trust me!" Erab yelled back. A swirl of energy began shaping in his palm, glowing brighter by the second. "We Have to join our energies together!"

Diaon looked at him like was a lunatic. But with what's happening right now, he did what his brother said. Right when they did that, time began to slow around them. A sphere of energy swallowed them, then disappeared.

And thus... their adventures began...

I have been thinking about what universes they would visit, but I don't know which ones to use (if any). Do ya'll think I should countinue it, or just leave this be? What universes should they travel to? (The main story would be a MAJOR X-Over, so there's more than one universe they would encounter.)