Authors Note: Hey guys, I hope you like the story. I am actually British, but I'll be using the term 'mom' for the sake of Glee being American, but if anything doesn't sound legit, just remember we do things a little different at school here :) As for the story and characters, the songs mentioned won't all have been performed in Glee, and twists on the characters (though not dramatically so) will be included. The chapters will be split between Rachel and Finn's POV.


Chapter 1

My name is Rachel Berry. I may have reached the last year of high school with no friends, no boyfriend and two gay dads, but I'm not your ordinary outsider. I have talent. I generally have no time for people who don't appreciate me. That includes the cheerleaders who delude themselves that they are better than me. And the football players who throw slushy's in my face to hide the fact that they are secretly in to me. When I want something I usually get it. And not because I can make myself cry in a matter of seconds. But because I am Rachel Berry. And I am a star.


"Move it, Titch!" Guffawed a large, broad-shouldered, round boy as he shoved me back in to the lockers. I mean, what is 'Titch'? Some supposed derogatory word for a short person? Petite can still be sexy... Feeling the air squeeze out of my lungs with the impact, I closed my eyes and waited. Several seconds passed, I counted.

And then I gasped a sharp intake of breath. There it was, the ice-cold slushy thrown straight into my face, into my hair, soaking into my clothes, my top now see-through. Why hadn't I worn a plain t-shirt bra that morning? This was humiliating.

"Oh man. She's wearing white as well!" Was the unremorseful snicker of the one and only Noah Puckerman. Or, as his friends like to call him, Puck. "Nice bra Titch. A real turn on." I wouldn't call myself a violent girl by nature. But something about that voice had me reeling with frustration and irritance. My fists balled and I longed to put my online self-defense lessons to practice...

"Thats gotta sting." Muttered a female's voice as she stalked passed. My face turning only the slightest shade of rouge, I managed to squint my eyes open whilst wiping the cold, slushy ice off my face with my now-drenched sleeve. They will pay one day.

"Move along now, lessons started five minutes ago." I'd usually be panicking if I knew I was late to a lesson. But it was only Mr Schue. And hell knows I was in no rush to attend his lessons. Yes, I'll be the first to admit I had a minor crush on him last year. When I say minor, I mean like, learning to sing the whole of Kate Bush's song Wuthering Heights in Spanish because I knew that she was his favourite female singer, and as my Spanish teacher, I was pretty sure he'd be impressed. He hadn't been impressed at all. He'd left an official complaint at Mr Figgins, the Headteacher's office, only for me to learn that Mr Schue and his wife are expecting their first baby. That put a definite damper on my moods. However, I like to think that my singing influenced Mr Schue's decision to take over for Glee Club, which he promised he would do, this year.

"Four minutes actually." A soft, high-pitched voice corrected quietly as they passed. I was jolted back to reality from my daydreams of last year, by a small, skinny boy with a side-combed hairdo, and what I believed to be the new Marc Jacob's bag - though I can't be sure. I'm many things, but fashionable is not one of them. This was Kurt Hummel. I got to know him because we auditioned for the same part in the school's end of year play two years ago. Sadly, neither of us got the part as it went to someone who was apparently "far more experienced" than either of us. It was entirely unfair - Sally who got the part was typically pretty and would of course, attract all the wrong people. And Kurt... Well he was a guy therefore that part should have been forbidden to him. I should have been the star that year.

"You're late." I muttered back, realising the corridor had dispersed with people by now. Kurt turned his small, shiny face to look at me. After a moment or two, the corner of his mouth turned up and he smiled.

"As are you."

I grinned back. Whilst I may not have any actual friends, associates were still comforting. "Well, would you like to accompany me to Spanish, Mr Hummel?"

Kurt rolled his eyes dramatically and offered an arm to me. "Oh if you insist, Miss Berry. I'd suggest cleaning yourself up first though. You look like a cross between the genie from Aladdin, and a smurf." I took his arm lightly and we strolled together to the far east of the school, where we promptly stopped off at the school guidance councelor's office so that I could change my top with the spares she kept in a cupboad.

Kurt is a good guy. I've never been entirely convinced either way about his sexuality, but that isn't really my concern. I've seen the way he gazes after the guys from the football team during lunch times. I've never seen him stare so longingly after any of the Cheerleaders before. Aside from his sexuality, Kurt is different in other ways. I'd discovered during the school play rehearsal once, that his mother had passed away several years ago. I feel we have that in common as I have never known my mother. I was brought up by my two gay dads, and they love me equally. As I grew up, that was all that mattered. The fact that Kurt and I are both aspiring Broadway stars has me feeling a certain ambivalence towards him. Though we are competition in some respect, we also share similar dreams and so, I can't help but... like him.

We arrived for Mr Schue's class ten minutes late. Though as Kurt liked to correct me, eleven to be precise.

"Hurry up and sit down Rachel and Kurt. Class started ten minutes ago." My face burned as he scolded us softly. Memories of how attracted to him I'd felt last year, mixed with my hate of being scolded in any way left me momentarily flustered.

"I was just saying to the rest of the class that some of you may already be aware that I have decided to take over for Glee club this year. Now I know to many of you, this won't make the slightest bit of different to your- What Rachel?"

"So when do auditions take place?" I asked immediately, feeling my stomach fill with butterflies. But not of the nervous kind - the adrenaline kind. The huge ones that leave you feeling almost sick with excitement. Glee might just be a club, but it is my one chance to really make something of myself at this school. I may come across as obnoxious and ok, I admit, a little annoying and perhaps a little snobby to some. But all I've ever really wanted is a place where I can fit in. I have a big personality. One of my dads used to say it compensated for my big nose. But I need something like Glee to help me express myself. To most people, I'm basically a loser. In the world of arts, I have a voice that I can express myself with. It's a world where not being as pretty as I'd like, or as popular as I'd like doesn't matter. Because by acting, I can turn in to whoever I want to be, and no one can tell me I'm anything other.

"Right, as I was saying," Continued Mr Schue, looking annoyed, though I can't for the life of me see why. He was kind of cute when he wasn't being deliberately irritating... But no! I must force those feelings aside. No one wants a repeat of last year! "Whilst this won't make much difference to some of you, I'd just like to announce that this year will be different. We will be adding flavour to the club. More uptempo songs will be sung - Glee club members will have the opportunity to chose the numbers. We're branching out this year. If anyone is interested," He turned and nodded at me. "An audition board will be placed upon the door to the auditorium. Anyone can audition, just please, keep it appropriate."


Finn POV

I could see the way Rachel's hand had shot into the air immediately after Mr Schue announced that thing about Glee club or whatever. She was definitely interested. Now, I was not staring at her or anything because I'm in to her. Hell no. Although she does have kind of a hot body. But no. Ever since that house party at Puck's place last week, I've been trying to come up with ways I can seduce Rachel Berry. Now, let me get one thing straight - I'm not a dick. I don't go messing around with girls' hearts just to try and get in their pants. Well maybe a little. But seriously, it would be social suicide if I'd turned down a dare. Especially considering that dare was straight from Puck. He's my boy - we practically run the social order at this school. I could hardly back out...

Now a hot new plan had fully formed in my mind. Join Glee club. It's perfect! Rachel will finally notice me if she thinks I'm into all that theatre stuff she harps on about. And I can sing. Well sort of. My ex girlfriend Quinn, captain of the cheerleading squad had often said my voice was a turn on. Although, Quinn is also president of the Celibacy club. Everything must be a turn on when you're denying what your body really wants... Berry won't be able to resist.

As if thinking the same thing, Puck nudged me and grinned. He definitely didn't shave this morning... I wonder if I'd look more hardcore if I stopped shaving...

"You thinking of signing up? 'Cause it might be social suicide for a month, you'll be worshipped by the rest of the guys when you finally tap that... Bet she's still a virgin..." I suddenly felt the heat creep up my face.

I may look like your average quarterback football player/popular school jock. But behind all the bravado, I'm actually like, really shy. I make a big deal about making out with Quinn because, well, that's pretty much all we do. I've never slept with anyone before and this dare is as much to do with finally 'becoming a man', as it is with not letting Puck humiliate me for the rest of my high school life. I don't want to end up like the forty year old virgin.

"Yeah. Probably." I chuckled, though thankfully, the discomfort was well disguised. The fact of the matter is, sex is a big deal to me. Sure, I kind of cared about Quinn. She was my first girlfriend and I might try it on with other girls sometimes, but she was always the one I went back to before we officially broke up. And I definitely wasn't in love with her... Come to think of it, I don't even know what it feels like to be in love. Maybe I was in love... But if that's what love is like, it's not exactly what I expected considering all the chicks rave about it... And I always wanted to save sex until I found someone who really made me feel alive, like I was running off her energy... But no one's made me feel like that... And this is a dare we're talking about! Now, it doesn't make me oblivious to Rachel's feelings. I don't personally know the girl but we have a few lessons together. I've never thought much of her before the dare came along, but the more I think about it, the more guilty I feel. I'm basically using her...

Before I could continue with my regretful wonderings, the bell rang and Puck nudged me again.

"Dude, you better go sign up like now. Berry will be down there as soon as she's packed up her things, you want her to know you're auditioning too!" Aaah. So here it goes.

Puck abandonded me halfway to the auditorium. Something about how he couldn't afford to be seen near there, what with his reputation of being such a badass. So I trudged down there alone, to find Rachel already signing her name. Call me a typical guy and you'd be right but I could hardly fail to notice the tiny weird brown coloured skirt she had on. It was tight and when she tip-toed to reach the top line of the sheet, it rode up her thighs a few inches more...

"Finn!" I blinked and stepped back. She had turned to face me and stared in bewilderment.

"Uh... Hi!"

"Are you signing up?" She sounded disbelieving, almost patronising. Finding some of my inner-macho-confidence, I smirked.

"Yeah, sure. Why else would I be down here? Maybe you've got some competition this year." She looked taken aback and handed me the pen in silence. So there you have it. Our first ever conversation. Although, from the way she was looking at me, I would have sworn she's in to me already.

"Well. Good luck." She declared as I signed my name in an untidy scrawl. Ok, that was so patronising of her. I can sing...

"I should say the same." I replied, trying to pull the lid off the back of the pen before realising that it was a push up clicky thing. By the time I looked up again, she'd disappeared.

Next stop: Auditions tomorrow lunch time.


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