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Chapter 21


Everyone looked confused when Mike lead us towards a familiar street. We were all merry on alcohol, but thankfully, no one was wasted. Finn and I tried to speed walk with the rest, but with him behind me, his arms folded around my stomach, we had trouble keeping balance. It made for a very comical walk, until we reached the park. I really wanted to just go back to mine, finally. Thank goodness for Patricia keeping the dads out the house for the night. It was getting cold and I wanted it to just be 'us'.

"Finn." I whined. "Can't we just..."

"Leave and you are dead." Mike Chang replied before I could finish. His tone was serious. I glanced nervously at Finn who shrugged, before his face turned into a look of horror.

"Wait man, no way." He stopped, shaking his head.

"Finn! Come on, it'll be a laugh!" Mike whined. All the girls just looked at each other, confused. The guys were standing back, hesitating, looking horrified. Except for Mike of course.

"I'm intrigued now. I think we should follow Mike." Santana encouraged us.

"You really don't want to do that."

Rachel POV

Artie shook his head, looking horrified. He glanced at Finn warily. Mike practically ran the rest of the way, guiding us towards a turn off somewhat near the park opposite my house. It was one of the deserted streets, the one that all the street kids occupy, generally scaring everyone else away with their scowls and thug-like behaviour. Mike stopped at a wall. I could spot my house a little way off from here, and the street lights were dim. Not dim enough that we couldn't all see the graffiti across the wall that had been spray-painted on. There were several rude drawings, including some foul gangster phrases. But that's not what we were staring at.

Because suddenly, Mike pointed towards a weird smiley-face drawing. And underneath it, were a list of names.

Mercedes' voice broke the silence. "Er... 'Mercedes is hot stuff'? Chang... You wrote that...?" She sounded shocked.

"Yeah, baby." He replied confidently. The rest of the guys scowled to themselves, looking embarrassed.

Quinn was the next to speak up. Her voice was strange. "Wow. 'Quinn, you know you want me - love Puck'?" She turned to Finn, before letting out a deep breath. "Excuse me." She muttered, before turning and heading down the street. I bet she was going to find Puck.

They had all written one. Even Artie and Jesse. Kurt had even written one for Blaine!

"I really need to find myself a guy." Santana muttered from somewhere nearby.

I stared at Finn's a long time.

Mind games make the heart grow stronger, Rach.

His arms were wrapped completely around my waist and I felt his lips press on my neck, just under my jaw. I closed my eyes just savouring the moment.

"When did you guys write these?" Katie asked, voicing the question I was burning to hear the answer to.

"Well, Finn and Puck wrote the first two." Mike replied from inside the humungous hug Mercedes had engulfed him in. It was sweet, really. I guess.

"It was just after Puck told me about... you know..." Finn paused deliberately and I realised. He'd written it after Puck had told him about my stupid plan to make Finn fall in love with me. It feels like a lifetime ago now.

"That long ago...?" I whispered slightly breathlessly. I'd thought he was mad, hurt even, about that. What could have possessed him to...

"'Course." Finn replied, his mouth right by my ear. I shivered a little and his arms tightened. He was pressed flush against me now. What wouldn't I have given for us to be alone. And indoors.

"And Puck...?" I didn't want to ask, because every mention of Puck brings something no less than disaster for Finn and I. Finn sighed.

"The same night. He told me about you and I was pretty pissed about it... But then we kind of, you know... Talked about Quinn and everything..."

"You mean, you had a heart to heart?" I interrupted. He practically snorted at that.

"Seriously Rach, dudes don't do 'heart to hearts'."

"Oh yes, how could I forget? You're far too macho for that." I humoured him. I don't know whether it's all just talk, or whether Finn's just a unique sort of guy, but he hasn't had much of a problem having 'heart to hearts' with me...

"Well anyway, I told Puck that if he wanted to be with Quinn then he should. You were right, you know... I never loved Quinn and I was more hurt because of the ego thing than because I loved her." I turned around in his arms and wrapped my own around his neck.

"Quinn would be good for him, I think." I definitely believed what I was saying. How many times had Quinn told me?

"Don't let Puck fool you, ok? He'll only mess you around. He can be really sweet when he wants to be, but even a blind person can see you and him would just be a disaster waiting to happen."

But Quinn and Puck? Quinn, the beautiful, blonde cheerleader who can get any guy she wants; Quinn, the one who got pregnant in highschool and aborted her baby. She would be a better partner for Puck, because both of them have... issues. And she understands him. In a way I never would be able to. I don't have time for 'issues', only ambitions. And Finn might not have the same inner brooding that Puck has, but that's good for me. Because there's only so much a person can handle.

"He's had it tough at times, you know. He practically fends for himself. He doesn't have his parents around and he's not had anyone keeping an eye on him. He's lonely, Rachel. But he's also experienced and far more rebellious than you realise. If you let him mess you around you might think you're helping him but you're not. What he needs is stability. If you get in between him and Finn, you'll only be hurting them both."

Outside my thought hemesphere, I heard Mike mutter, "I'm starving, wanna head off somewhere?"

We were suddenly all on our way down my street, clearly heading to my house.

"What's on your mind, Rach?" Finn whispered. We were lagging behind everyone, my mind still consumed with my little epiphany. Finn squeezed my hand gently.

"I just... I'm really glad I met you." I replied slowly, turning and smiling at him. He grinned back.

"Still struggling with the 'L' word, eh?" He winked though, so I knew he wasn't upset. I squeezed his hand back.


Finn POV

As soon as we got into Rachel's, Mike sprinted into the kitchen area and raided the cupboards. Seriously. Does he ever stop eating?

Everyone had thrown themselves onto a couch in the living room by this time.

"So, has anyone come up with any ideas for Regionals yet?" Rachel asked. Typical Rach, never taking a minute off to just relax. Everyone groaned seeming to think the same thing. It's kind of adorable most the time. At the moment her stubborn keenness for work and stuff was just damn right frustrating, especially as she was sat on my lap at that moment.

"I have actually." I replied, considering none of the others looked like they really gave a shit considering the time and everything. Knowing Rachel, if she thought people didn't care, it would only make her more determined to start working on it, like, immediately.

"Ooh, let's hear it then!" She sounded happy and stupidly eager. I grinned to myself and rested my chin on her shoulder, her hair all in my face. It smells really Rachel-y.

"Well, Puck was on about doing a medley for a band but he kind of wanted to do Journey which is a major mistake-" Rachel turned her head to te side to face me. I took the opportunity to press my lips to the corner of her mouth a moment, before continuing. "Because the Warblers did that last year. So I was thinking the Hooters instead. They're fucking awesome and would be great to do. Sleep on it and give them a try during the week, yeah?" Everyone nodded and muttered in approval. Awesome. I'm not half bad at this leading crap.

"Impressive..." Rachel said in a quiet smug voice in my ear.

Eventually, Mike wandered back in the room. He didn't come out with food though. He came out with a weird, multi-coloured ball thing, frowning, confused.

"Hey, Berry - what's this?" He asked. Rachel, who was on my lap at the time groaned.

"It's a waterbomb, Mike."

Not the right thing to say. Mike's eyes widened.

"Really? What do you do with it?"

"Soak it and throw it at someone."

No, Rach. Don't tell him shit like that. I nudged Rachel off me and stood up, grabbing her hand and pulling her upstairs.

"You really shouldn't of told Chang that, Rach." I snorted as we got to the landing. Her jaw dropped.

"If he does anything to destroy my house, I'm going to kill him." She warned. I love it when she goes all fiesty on me. Sure enough, a few seconds after we heard a high pitched squeal. It seems the waterbomb fight had begun!

"Come on, quick." Rachel muttered, realising there's no way she'd be able to do anything about it now. She pulled me into her room and bolted the door. Why the hell aren't we alone already?

"So... How exactly do you plan on getting him back?" I asked, walking towards her slowly. Her dress is pretty but it doesn't exactly look comfortable. She stepped back, as I stepped closer to her, and raised an eyebrow. She looks... so hot when she looks like that.

"I have many tricks up my sleeve, Mr Hudson." She replied, grinning mischievously. She was backed up against the wall now and her breathing was heavier - I could see her chest rising and falling as I placed both hands on the wall behind her.

I let my hands drop to her hips eventually and Rachel closed her eyes. I could feel her breath on my neck and had to grip her hips more tightly to stop me literally pouncing on her.


Rachel POV

Finn pulled me away from the wall and stumbled backwards to the bed, pulling me down on top of him. I felt him laughing silently as I let out a little gasp and somehow, his hands found their way to my butt. He'd squeeze it slightly, causing me to gasp, and press further in to him. He didn't stop me though, and as soon as my lips were parted, he started playing with my lower lip with his teeth. I felt my cheeks flare with heat and his skin was almost burning on mine. Maybe he should join in with the waterfight downstairs... Cool him down a bit...

They'd be wondering where we were and what we were doing up here, alone... I couldn't find the resistance to pull away though. When it got to the stage where I really needed to breathe, I pulled away but only slightly, and nuzzled my face into his neck, sucking lightly in between trying to control my harsh breathing. I felt his fingers tracing up and down the zip to my dress and I sighed, helping him out of his blazer. He didn't try and stop me do this either, and it fell from the bed to the floor. Neither of us bothered picking it up. Against his shoulder, I managed to whisper,

"We should go back down there... We-" His mouth caught me mid sentence, as his tongue tried to find my own. I moaned slightly feeling my temperature head up a few notches. I wished he hadn't teased all night because I was paying for it now. At least he seemed as eager as me. He pushed me slightly, and I let him roll us over, him leaning over me. My chest was rising and falling rapidly, and his cheeks were burning, his pupils slightly dilated.

"I really missed you this weekend, you know..." He murmured, letting his elbows relax. I had to close my eyes when I felt him sinking in to me, his warm fingers holding on to my now-exposed thigh. I nodded, my mouth feeling dry and my body feeling like fire. I wished I was wearing trousers. I feel too exposed in a dress. A dress that was now riding up my waist, with nothing saving my modesty. I had a hard time thinking of anything but his fingers touching the sensitive skin of my thigh. Thankfully, Finn seemed more preoccupied with my face at the moment.

"Mmmhmm..." Was all I could manage. He laughed silently.

"Something wrong, Rach?" He teased lightly at my momentary speechless condition. Maybe this is how he felt, whenever I accidently went a bit far and he knew he didn't want to go the whole way just yet... Except, I wasn't the one who ever wanted to wait...

"Murghh.. N-No..." I replied, breathing heavily. He just chuckled quietly.

"You should take the dress off..."


Finn POV

"Finn!" She yelped as I leaned in, grinning.

"And change into something less revealing or you're seriously gonna kill me." I finished. She'd done a very good job at doing nearly that all night, damn it.

"You're just looking for an excuse to watch me change, Mr Hudson. Nice try." She smirked slyly, before shoving me off her and getting up, unbolting the door. She led me, by hand, onto the landing, before letting go and all but sprinting back into her room.

I was about to bang the door down, when something cold and wet him me square in the back. Not exactly the 'cold shower' I was looking for, to be honest.

"Artie you little-" I ran down the stairs three at a time - man does he have a good aim!

I grabbed one of the many waterbombs Mike had found under the sink in the kitchen, and shot it straight at Artie's head. It missed, and hit Katie in the stomach. She sent me a warning look, before her, Jesse and Artie all threw ones back at me.

Brittany aimed one at Santana but it flew straight passed her into the window, splattering some of the ornaments. Rachel would have a fit if she saw.

I was literally drenched by this point, but not enough to take my mind of Rachel completely. In fact, it was starting to make me uncomfortable really.

As Jesse shot one into Katie's face, I gave in. Sneaking back up the stairs, I banged on the door to Rachel's room.

"Come on, Rach, how long does it take you to change?" I complained, hoping to at least change my top. And possibly see her in something less sexy to help me take my mind off how crazy she was driving me. "Come on, I'm soaking here! I need to grab a shirt!" I called through the door again. Just as I was about to bust through the door (well, not literally - I doubt I'd actually be strong enough to do that to be honest), the door swung open.

"Are you kidding me, Rach? You're not even changed yet!" She was kind of red in the face as she bolted the door closed behind me and just stared. There was a high pitched yell from someone downstairs.

"I knew you wanted to see me topless." I grinned, which made her even more red as she turned away from openly staring at me.

"Just, help me out the dress, please Finn. I've been trying for the past ten minutes to undo the zip and it just won't budge!" She whined, kind of flustered, sweeping her hair to the side and grabbing it, turning around.

"Totally." I grinned. She would be bright red now, I knew. She cleared her throat.

"As soon as you've undone the zip, you can get out again!" She warned. I just laughed and yanked the zipper down on her dress. It was really stiff actually, no wonder she couldn't do it herself. Finally, I got it to ease further down her back and couldn't help but feel the heat rush down my stomach as I saw her almost-bare back. Damn it. She wasn't wearing a bra either...

She cleared her throat again and it was my turn to go red now.

"Er... Right well..." She was about to turn around when I grabbed her shoulders instantly. She sighed and I couldn't help but lean down and suck gently on the side of her neck. She has a really distinct scent, it literally drives me mad.

She was still holding on to her dress to stop it falling down completely, when I turned her back around and pulled her as close as I could in to me. Her back's really smooth. I felt her kind of shiver a bit when I drew little circles on it and I could tell she was really struggling to keep her dress up now.

"Finn..." She gasped into my mouth as I cupped her ass in my hands. We could still hear the others downstairs. They weren't being any quieter so it looks like the waterbomb fight was still going strong. Damnit.


Rachel POV

Why the hell had I allowed him to come in? He was soaking wet, I could see little water droplets dripping antagonisingly slowly down his chest. I felt a crazy urge to follow them with my mouth. Feeling reckless, I leaned down and pressed my lips to his chest. I felt his breathing hitch a little and his fingers press onto my back a little more firmly. It wasn't just my cheeks burning now, but my whole body. He'd have to leave the room for a few minutes or who knows what he'll provoke me into doing...

But wait a second...

He is my boyfriend... Surely we're entitled to do what we want with each other without feeling guilty or guarded...?

Crap. Gawd, I was not composed at all.

"Finn..." I tried again, as he'd ignored my last attempt. "Finn... You-you should go, I-" He pressed his slightly sweat-slicked forehead against mine and groaned.

"I don't want to..." It made my heart jump a little at how... Almost innocently desperate he sounded then. I giggled a little as he caught my lower lip between his teeth and slightly pulled it a little before sucking it gently. Once again, we ended back on the bed. He did that on purpose. My breath hitched as he began leaning in. I leaned back, provoking him almost. If he decided enough was enough this time, I might have to kill him.

I subconsciously lifted a hand and ran it backwards through his hair, making it stick up due the dampness. It sort of gives me a thrill to see his hair messy like that. He had his hand at the back of my head, and gently lifted it up from the pillows to meet his face. I managed to pull the dress up my thigh a little further and wrapped a leg almost hesitantly around Finn, pushing him as close as I could to me. He groaned! He was feeling uncomfortable, I could tell... He slowed down and rested his forehead back on mine, his breathing as erratic as mine.

"You guys? What are you doing in there? We're ready to party!" Someone that sounded an awful lot like Santana called through the door. I groaned loudly and irritably. How many parties do these people need?

"Piss off!" Finn and I yelled at the same time. How many times can we be interrupted in one night? We heard her laugh loudly before a huge thump on the stairs resounded. Who knows what she was telling the others right about now... And who cares?

"Thank God you bolted the door." He chuckled thickly in my ear. I wriggled around a little underneath him, and he did actually let out of long, deep moan then.

"Murghh." I managed, my voice equally as thick as his own. The little sneak had managed to creep his hands onto my chest. Albeit the dress was still covering me, but still... It felt good feeling his bare back with my hands, caressing the contours of his muscles without the usual barrior of a shirt. I closed my eyes just savouring it. I barely even noticed when he began playing with the top of the dress, exposing more and more of my bare chest to him. He shifted a little on top of me and groaned helplessly.

"It's ok... It's-" I breathed several times as he pulled the dress away from my chest altogether. It wasn't like last time, because I wasn't nearly as shy this time. If his current state was anything to go by, he didn't see a problem with me at all right now... His mouth was travelling down over my collarbone, towards my chest and I had to grip him firmly, feeling a slight sheen of perspiration break out across the back of my neck and forehead. He grinded a little against my lower stomach and I felt my whole body shudder in response. This wasn't just teasing and playing now. I knew he wasn't going to voluntarily back out this time... And I didn't want him to.


I was laying with my head in the grass, my eyes closed, my face catching the last few rays of sunshine. Santana was humming something beside me, Tina telling Mercedes about some guy who apparently came back from the future, only to be killed in our time, his past, completely destroying his own present, our future. I didn't even attempt to get my head around that one.

We'd only had a half day at school, and had headed straight to the park for the afternoon, all still exhausted from last night. We should really keep the parties and celebrations to the weekends. The boys had rebelliously decided to bunk the whole day, apparently finding 'football' far more important than studies.

"So, Berry, are you going to spill the goss on what went down with you and Finn last night or are we going to have to force it out of you?" Santana's humming stopped as she fired the first of what I knew would be many intrigued questions. I hadn't even gotten around to telling Kurt yet! I opened my eyes and couldn't help the grin across my face, remembering how gentle Finn had been during my most vulnerable moments...

"First and foremost, did you and my soon-to-be brother really do it last night, or is that Miss Betty-Boop here's overactive imagination?" Kurt joined in, nodding his head at Santana. There were several shouts from the centre of the field as the rest of the guys celebrated a score or whatever it is they do in football. I caught Finn's eye and could have sworn he winked... I felt my cheeks tinge red and bit my lip, turning away.

"Er..." I began, not really knowing how to phrase it, considering Quinn, Brittany, Santana, Kurt, Mercedes, Katie and Tina were all staring at me expectantly.

"You did! I knew it!" Santana yelled, throwing her hands up into the air. Katie looked almost disgusted and rolled her eyes.

"How was it?" Kurt asked instantly. I felt my cheeks literally burning now. This is so not the type of conversation to have with such a huge group of people!

"It was... Amazing." I replied, lamely. They all looked disappointed, as if they expected a full-on account of every minor detail That, they would not be getting.

"Maybe for you." Katie snorted, mockingly. We all turned to look at her and I felt the sudden urge to smack her. Hard.

"And what is that supposed to mean, exactly?" I raised a brow at her, almost begging for a reason to punch her. I spotted Finn sprinting across the field fast and couldn't rid the redness now.

"Well, you were clearly a virgin. Doesn't make for a guy's most pleasurable night, when the girl doesn't even know what she's doing." Katie explained snarkily. Santana snorted but I couldn't tell whether it was a good thing for me, or whether she was genuinely mocking me with Katie.

"Finn clearly didn't have a problem with it." Kurt piped up before I had the chance. I glanced at him in gratitude, not wishing to ever have to actually speak the words aloud to him, and he nodded, winking.

"I wouldn't expect you to know." Katie snorted, resulting in Kurt's cheeks to rise in colour just a tiny bit.

"Well Katie, being so experienced at your age is not actually a good thing, when did you come of age again...?" I retorted. How dare she pick on Kurt! That's my job, and my job only!

"Yeah? Well at least I've had some." She hissed, her eyes narrowing now. She shifted so she was kneeling before us all now, her chest stuck out defensively. Kurt muttered "slut" under his breath and I snorted.

"You know what? At least people are in to me! I don't know what Finn sees in you, Berry, you've got a huge ass and no boobs, your hair looks like shit and your personality's about as dry as a parched desert." Ignore her, ignore her...

"Now you listen here you slutty little plastic barbie doll, Rachel might be an annoying, obnoxious little brat sometimes, but at least she's got decorum! If anyone's allowed to insult her, it's me!" Kurt stood up now, seething. I felt something pleasant in the pit of my stomach as I watched him glare at Katie, who merely looked amused.

"Us, you mean." Santana interrupted, pointing at the rest of them, bar Katie. They all nodded.

"Rachel's one of us. You got a problem with that?" Mercedes added. "If anyone's allowed to insult her, it's us. Because she knows we're still gonna love her." I caught Mercedes' eye, my jaw hanging open by this time as the rest of them nodded in agreement. My mouth suddenly felt dry and I felt a stupid urge to just... hug them all!

"Now if I were you, I'd apologise, or get out of here." Quinn finished. They were all glaring at Katie, who had stood up and was glaring back at Kurt, her hair sticking up as perfectly wild as always. I might hate her, but she has got quite amazing hair.

She huffed a little, before storming off. As she marched the field, Jesse swung his arm about, trying to catch her attention but she ignored him and disappeared.

"Woah. And I was beginning to think she was alright." Quinn murmured, breaking the sudden awkward silence.

"Excuse me..." I muttered, getting up. The boys were still playing football, laughing loudly, even Puck, who seemed to have cheered up a little since last night. He was still keeping his distance from Finn but he seemed to be getting along fine with the other guys.

"Oooh, watch out Finn, it's your saucy little girlfriend come to see you!" Mike yelled, so that everyone on the field turned to look at me. I hesitated, feeling stupid now. I know - Rachel Berry does not feel stupid. For anyone. What is the world coming to?

He turned around and grinned, sprinting to meet me, and I felt the rest of the girls join us, having sprinted into the middle of the field too.

Finn didn't even wait for me to say 'hi', before grabbing my arm and pulling it around his back, which was indeed drenched in his sweat by now, and lifting my chin up with his fingertips to kiss me. I would have complained about him being all sweaty, or at least, that everyone was watching us, Mike even yelling "Get in there boy!" - but my mind seemed to go completely blank as he squeezed my hip gently, sucking on my lower lip with an urgency that wasn't that much more controlled than last night...

"Finn and Rachel porn. I think I'd rather just make my own." Santana's voice sounded somewhere out of the haze that was just me and Finn. He grinned against my mouth but didn't pull away. "Looks like he enjoyed himself last night after all." She added, as everyone seemed to snigger. It vaguely occured to me that we were right in the middle of the park, all of Glee, bar one watching us like we were a movie or something. Eventually I pulled apart, much to Finn's apparent displeasure, and hid my face in the dip connecting his shoulder to his neck, wishing the rest of them would disappear. He was holding me firmly against his body.

Thankfully, most of the others seemed preoccupied with their own partners - Puck and Quinn standing off to the side somewhat, just looking at each other, smiling slightly. That's more than can be said for Mercedes and Mike... It made my stomach feel weak just hearing them - seriously, what are they? Exhibitionists?

"Let's get out of here." Finn whispered in my ear before capturing the lobe between his teeth.

"Lets." I grabbed his hand but he squeezed it and let go, preferring to wrap his arm around my lower back, his hand once or twice drifting to my butt as we walked. Cheeky goof. Once or twice he stopped us in the street, a playful look across his face as he tried it on, but I shoved him away every time. Almost every time. Well, once anyway.

"Finn! I'm not making out with you. You need to shower. Seriously, it's just gross." At seeing him raise a brow, I added, "Ew." For good measure.

"Well, that's not a bad idea. Maybe you should join me." He replied, grinning. I ignored the jelly feeling that he provoked in me and rolled my eyes. At least last night hadn't made anything awkward between us. In fact, it kind of made the jelly feeling... Greater.

"Nice try. You go have a shower, I'm going to change. It's way too hot to be wearing this-" I pointed at the long sleeved shirt I wore with my skirt, before pulling him by the arm up the steps leading to my house.

"Don't be silly. I'll help you."

"Finn!" I couldn't help laughing now. He just groaned before closing the door behind him.

"You're just mean, Rach." He whined. I just smirked and stepped close to him.

"The quicker you shower, the sooner we'll be able to-"

I didn't get to finish, because he flew straight passed me, up the stairs. leaving me to roll my eyes - typical boy.

Whilst he was showering, I took to cleaning my room. I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I rooted beneath the bed, and pulled out the old photo album. Sitting on the bed with my legs crossed, I sighed. I don't know how long I was gazing at the pictures, but Finn suddenly knocked gently on the door. He didn't wait for a reply, but came in regardless. Wearing only a towel. I pretended not to notice and silently closed the book, dropping it to the floor.

"You took your time." I teased lightly.

"Maybe it just seemed like longer because you couldn't stop thinking about me." He replied, heaving himself down on the bed. I was in two minds to tell him to get dressed, but he was just gazing at me, a blank expression on his face.

"You alright?" He asked eventually. I nodded, but suddenly didn't know if that was right.

"Finn... I've had the best time with you recently... And I do... really care about you." I began awkwardly.

"But...?" He sat up, staring at me. It wasn't hard to notice the way his muscles tauted on his stomach when he sat upright.

"No 'buts' really just... I always swore to myself that my career would be my sole focus in life... And this is the last year of school. We'll all be leaving, going off to do our own thing and... Moving or..." Finn leaned close to me and brushed a few stray hairs out of my face before kissing my cheek slowly.

"I don't really see that as a problem." He began. I closed my eyes. He didn't understand and for the first time, I, Rachel Berry, can actually admit, I felt a huge, bitter disappointment. Because I can't deny that my last conversation with Puck didn't effect me. More than I'd wished.

"Finn, it's not just that. It's... I never thought I would be here, you know, like this, with you or even anyone right now... I've spent my whole life thinking only of what I want to achieve in my career, not thinking of... this..." I shrugged defeatedly and he sighed now.

"Are you regretting last night...?" He asked, unable to hide the hurt in his voice. My eyes shot to his face, my jaw dropping.

"No! Not at all, that's not what this is about!" I protested, throwing my arms around him and pulling him closer, my hands in his hair. As if I could regret what had been the most amazing night of my life... Regret the way he'd made every part of my boody feeling alive and special and wanted... Who would have thought Finn would be able to make me feel like that? But he had, and he'd been... Amazing. Every possible definition of the word. "Please don't think that, Finn..." My voice felt thick. "I can't even begin to explain how I feel about you right now, you crazy idiot." I chuckled, feeling his wet hair on my neck.

"What's up then?" He would probably be pouting if he wasn't too busy trying to nibble at my neck every few seconds. I resisted the urge to make a sound at that, and continued, feeling an insane need to just get it off my chest.

"I met Puck's mom last week..." Finn froze but didn't let go of me, which I was more than grateful for. "She seems amazing, doesn't she?" I explained softly.

"She's not that nice a person, actually Rach." I felt him sigh against my earlobe now.

"I know... I don't want to end up like her, Finn... Choosing love over my career and ending up regretting it for the rest of my life." I felt horrible when I said that, but Puck was right - high school relationships can't be considered alongside the rest of your life. It just isn't logical, or realistic.

"Your drive for success is something I find really sexy about you Rach, but sometimes you take it to the point of absolute craziness." Finn suddenly snorted and I frowned, feeling my mood lighten for reasons I have no idea of. "Seriously, you wanna know how I feel right now?" I nodded, excouraging him to continue. "I feel like, I'm eighteen and just started going out with this really great girl, who drives me insane sometimes-" I elbowed him and he just grinned. "But that's why I love her. I'm having the best time of my life, just enjoying the fact that this year is pretty much a doss for me, knowing that I have years and years left to worry about things getting too serious or heavy. Right now, I'm just happy to live in the moment, and fall more and more in love with you."

His eyes were serious, but still slightly amused, and he brushed his cheek against mine gently. "I'm not stupid, Rach and I'm not gonna insult you by making out you are either - this is high school. Sure, most relationships don't last. Some people make themselves really unhappy, and other people go against the odds and stay together forever." He shrugged and my mouth felt dry. "If we decide we're not working one day, then we'll call it a day, and I'll remember you as the most frustrating, gorgeous, sweet, crazy girl I've ever met." He chuckled.

"Finn, I-"

"You don't need to say anything... Just... Being with you makes me happy right now and I'm kinda hoping it does with you too... That's all that matters at the moment, right?" It's weird how his simple logic suddenly made my infuriatingly complex questions and issues rest. We are after all, only in high school... The big things can wait, right?

"Quite the romantic you are, aren't you?" I teased in a quiet voice after a couple of moments digesting what he said.

"Only for you, beautiful."

I giggled like a typical girl. "Sure..."

"I think you'll make it big one day, you know." Finn murmured, playing with a few strands of hair absentmindedly, and I rhythmically brushed my own fingers across his forehead.

"I know you'd be great... At what you do one day, you know..." I replied as Finn merely laughed.

"Sure..." He mimicked me.

After a moment contemplating, I cleared my throat.

"So... How will we know if we're not happy with each other anymore...? He laughed again at this, and rolled his eyes.

"Seriously, trust you to want to plan that far ahead." He scoffed fondly. Tapping my nose with a finger, he grinned. "I'm sure you'll come up with some crazy plan to let me know."

With that, he lifted his head completely, pushing me back so that I was resting with my head in the pillows.

"You're grinning like a creepy person." I whispered, his face hovering inches from mine.

"That's funny... So are you." He smirked, leaning closer.

"Finn... You need to get dressed." I breathed, feeling my face flare with heat as I subconciously fingered the top of the towel, which was knotted at his hip.

"Why...?" He challenged, amusement thick in his voice.

"Because... You have no idea what you do to me..." I provoked, voicing words I'd heard him use so many times over.

"Well then..." His mouth was by my ear and I felt my body heat head up a couple of notches, my whole body burning as I felt his breath tingle on my neck. He'd probably given me another hickey by this time. He seems to have a fascination with the ugly marks...

"Why don't you show me..." He suggested in a deep, husky voice.


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