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I wake up in the morning
Remember that you're gone
I wondered where the sun went
The rain is falling now

And I'm awake on this
Rainy day and I'm
Watching as my tears fall down the window pane
Yeah Yeah
Didn't I baby
Treat you right?
And I watch the rain it makes us pure again
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

I tried to come and see you
But you won't let me in
I know we've had our moments
But can we start again?

'Cause I'm awake on this
Rainy day and I'm
Watching as my tears fall down the window pane
Yeah yeah
Didn't I baby
Treat you right?
And I watch the rain it makes us pure again
Yeah yeah yeah

Tell me how I'm gonna live without you
I feel like my world is falling apart
I watch the rain
Falling again
Wash away
Wash away

Hey, yeah
Let me wash away
Away, hey

I'm awake on this
Rainy day and I'm
Watching as my tears fall down the window pane
Yeah yeah
Didn't I baby
Treat you right?
And I watch the rain it makes us pure again
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah oh

Rainy Day ~ Janel Parrish


I messed up big time last night.

I let the most perfect man walk out of my life after I walked out on him, and it's all my fault.

Edward and I always had an unconventional relationship, all starting backwards somehow. We were similar in so may ways, but were totally the same in the fact that we wanted to keep tradition with things, including being together, but it never worked for us.

I didn't believe in having sex before you love someone, which also means not sleeping with a man on the first date, or even when you meet each other at a club while out with your friends.

So did Edward. He's modern and old-school all at the same time. He prefers to "court" when he starts a new relationship, though he hasn't had many. After falling in love is when we would make love with our significant other, so neither of us were virgins. They never worked out, since here we are, grinding against each other to the fast beat of the music, practically having sex on the dancefloor. All our rules worked against us that night, and flew out the window the second we laid eyes on each other.

We ended up attacking each other in the doorway of his apartment, tearing each other's clothes off, and fucking each other on the floor of his living room before taking it into the bedroom for a second, third and fourth round before we were spent.

After waking up the next morning in his bed, realizing that I broke my number one rule when dating a man, I decided that I didn't care. I knew that I did something I was totally against, but I wanted Edward as more than a one night stand. And so did he.

Our relationship, like I said, is unconventional. We met and had sex in the same night, before we even gone on a date and said 'I love yous' after a couple of months, but jumped right in, and we couldn't stop. Of course, Edward did his courting, took me on dates, or just did whatever with me, but we always ended up back in either his or my bed, going at it all night.

And it was only two weeks later that we admitted we were in love with the other.

And like every couple, we fought. We hated fighting, but sometimes I would do something to aggravate him, or he would do something to piss me off. Always stupid things. They would get heated, with us screaming at each other at the top of our lungs and either one of his or my neighbors banged on the door or through the floor. That's how loud we got. Never physical. Edward knew to never hit a woman. Well, maybe I'd slap him across the face to prove he was being a total asshole and deserved it, but I would never do anything else violently, and neither would he. And after about an hour, we were having make up sex on the kitchen counter. We would realize we were fighting over nonsense.

I worked as a teacher, finished for the year in June, and Edward had graduated med school and was in the midst of his residency. It was the end of July. We have been dating for almost six months now. Edward always remembered our little monthly anniversaries. He would buy me flowers and take me out to a nice dinner and we'd make love all night. We were so in love, and I knew one day he was gonna ask me to marry him, and I wouldn't deny him. And I had a feeling it was gonna be really soon.

Three days ago was our six month anniversary, and I had the biggest surprise to give him. I found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks before, and I was saving the moment I would tell him on our anniversary when we returned home from dinner.

Oh yeah! He was surprised alright. His mouth was practically on the floor and his eyes bugging out. I told him he was gonna be a daddy and he wasn't jumping for joy, or yelling from the balcony that he was gonna be a father, that he made a baby with the love of his life.


He didn't do any of that.

I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat when I told him the news and after one look at his face, the smile melted away.

He wasn't happy. He didn't want this baby. This child we created because we loved each other. And he didn't want it. Yeah, I know it was early, but since we were already breaking all our rules because we loved each other, hell! Why not throw in a baby before we were married? I knew we were gonna be together. He wouldn't leave me.

Would he?

"I... I... I gotta go," he whispered, before lifting himself off my couch and headed for the door, without as much as an 'I love you' and a 'goodbye'. Or even an explanation of his behavior. I sat there stunned. Then it hit me.

He left me!

He didn't want me. He didn't want our child. If he did he wouldn't have left me. And even if at first he didn't want the baby, we could have at least talked about it, hoping that maybe the idea of one would make him want one.

I wasn't telling him that we were having a baby just so he would propose and marry me. In a way, us conceiving our baby was irresponsible, since we had forgone a condom one time because we were caught up in the heat of the moment, and I just wanted him inside me.

I wanted this baby for the sake of actually having a baby with the man I loved, not to speed up to getting us to the chapel. In fact could care less if I married Edward as long as he and I were together forever with our children. No piece of paper legally binding Edward and I didn't more me more his. I was his completely. And I'm not a gold digging bitch who wants money or so he would have to pay child support after I dump him. I'm not like that. I would never be like that. I want a real relationship with him, including having his babies and being his wife, or just being his unconditionally. I want that happily ever after that most couples don't get.

I waited two days before I went over to his apartment, cool and calm. I was pregnant and didn't want to be stressed out. I know right now it's like a blob in my womb, but I think being stressed out will make me lose my baby before it even began to grow. I needed to speak to Edward and get a feel of what was going on in his head. I've given him his space. Two days. And now it was time.

I arrived in time for me to get through the apartment building door while a woman was leaving, without having to buzz his apartment. I needed to make sure I got up to his apartment and speak to him. I didn't want to be shut down.

I took the elevator up to his floor and knocked lightly, not pounding, on his door.

"Coming!" I heard him say through the door. When he opened the door, he was counting out some bills. He was expecting take out.

"How much is it?" he asked. He hadn't looked up yet, but I guess getting no response made him.

"Oh, sorry love, I thought you were Chinese takeout," he mumbled, turning back into the apartment. No kiss, no hug, no 'I'm sorry I walked out on you on our six month anniversary after finding out I was gonna be a father'. Nothing.He turned away. He didn't really invite me in, so I just walked in after him anyway. I had a key, so technically I'm welcome, but I didn't want to use it at a time like at this, which was why I knocked first.

He sat down on his sofa, continuing to watch the show he was watching before I interrupted. He focused on it as if I wasn't there. After a minute of being ignored, I stomped over to the TV shut the damn thing off, hoping it would get his attention to be on me so we could talk.

"Bella, hey did you do that? I was watching that!" Edward yelled out.

"I don't give a fuck about the fucking TV show, Edward. I want to talk." I continued standing in front of the TV and we had a staring contest. I then spoke up because I couldn't take the silence anymore. "You just left. Why did you just leave? I tell you that we're having a baby, and you leave without giving me a reason to why you had a shocked look on your face."

"What did you expect, Bella? That I'd be fucking ecstatic about being a father?" he replied. "I'm 26. I just graduated med school. I'm doing my residency, working 36 hour shifts most of the time. I'm not gonna be around as much, so I can't take care of a screaming baby at night if I'm not around or I'm only working on two hours of sleep. And how do I know that it's mine? All the times I'm gone, you could be fucking someone else and he knocked you up."

I was taken aback. My mouth dropped open in shock.


How could he be so cruel?

I believed he was different, not a guy who would up and leave the minute he finds out he was gonna be a dad. There were a lot of guys like that in this world and I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. But his statement just then proved to me he's like every other fucking jerk.

When I composed myself, closing my mouth and giving him a withering stare, pointing out to him that I was now a totally pissed off pregnant woman, I walked up to him and slapped him across the face, doing it two more times, a bright red hand print on his left cheek. I narrowed my eyes at him and then forced myself to speak with venom in my voice. At this moment I hated him. I still loved him, but I hated him now.

"I can't believe you! You're being so insensitive! How could you say that? Of course it's yours! I've been nothing but faithful to you! Only you! How dare you accuse me of cheating on you!" Then the traitor tears came spilling down. "I know that we're young and that we both have careers important to us. I know you working your residency is very time consuming, that you wouldn't be around all the time. But I just can't believe you're being so selfish and arrogant, thinking only about yourself.

"What about me? I'm the one who has to carry this child for nine months, who has to go through the body changes, the mood swings, the morning sickness, the cravings, the labor pain. I'm gonna be taking time off in a while, giving up my career to take care of ourbaby until I'm able to go back, while you don't change at all and you get to keep your job. I'm the one being selfless.

"I would think that you would be happy! We love each other and we made something because we loved each other, and you're gonna say you don't want it. Do you even want me? Do you even love me? Or have you been living a lie for six months? If you loved me and wanted me, you would love and want our baby, and you would actually put me and our child first before yourself, to make sure I was alright and that our baby was alright.

"I believed you to be so much different, Edward Cullen. I thought you were not like all the other guys out there who are total assholes. But I guess I'm wrong! I'm always wrong! You just proved to me you're just like them. If you don't want me, if you don't want this baby, then it's over, Edward. I can take care of me and our baby on my own. I don't need you. I don't want anything from you. Goodbye, Edward. I'm done playing this game."

I then walked out on him, all the while hearing him apologize to me as he followed me down the other end of hallway, toward the staircase 'cause I didn't want to wait for the fucking elevator. He was saying he didn't mean anything he said, that he was just angry, upset and confused about me springing this on him. He was saying he wanted me and he wanted the baby, that he loved me so much and would do anything to get me back. I turned once more to him, to stop him from making a bigger fool of himself and said once more that we were done. I walked away and I knew he just stood there, broken.

It was only when I got back to my apartment that I realized what I'd done. I broke up with the man I loved and the father of my child all because we had a fight. After having this epiphany, I called him. He didn't answer the twenty times I did. I left messages, screaming into the phone, saying I was so sorry. That I didn't mean what I said to him. That I loved him and wanted him back.

Finally he answered, but he wouldn't let me speak.

"Just leave me alone, Bella." Then he hung up.

"Hello? Hello? Edward? Answer me! I'm sorry! I love you! Please answer me!"


After me breaking Edward, I was now the broken one. And I wasn't just broken.

I was shattered.

I woke up the next morning all depressed. Everything that happened the last couple of night wasn't a dream as I had hoped it would be.

I was a mess. And I broke Edward after leaving him, then realizing I made the biggest mistake ever. I wanted him back, but because I broke him, he doesn't want me back. I needed Edward. I needed him to take care of me and our baby, and I'll take care of him back.

Oh God, please help me. I don't deserve Edward, but I need him in my life, or I don't think I could live. He was my world, he was my love, he was my life. Without him I'm nothing, I prayed.

I continued to try calling him, never getting an answer, and I even made a point of going to his apartment, but he wouldn't let me in. He even changed the locks so I couldn't let myself in with my key.

What have I done? I lost the one man who was everything to me. He really didn't want me now if he won't answer my calls or let me into his home. I messed up big time.

Some weeks had passed. I would go to bed crying, and waking up screaming in the middle of the night, waking up from a horrible dream of me losing Edward and the baby all at once. He would break up with me so cruelly and in my panic I would miscarriage. I knew it was just a dream, but it just meant that Edward was really gone, and I was afraid I'd lose the one last bit of connection I had with him through our child, who's half Edward. And I didn't want that.

Edward still wouldn't answer my calls. I gave up trying to go to his place, but I still attempted the phone, but even that wasn't working out. I'm surprised that he hasn't changed his number, but I'm just hoping that he will take me back after I've broken his heart into a million tiny pieces.

I haven't even gone to a doctor appointment since the day I found out about our baby. I didn't want to go without Edward. So I'm hoping that he'll come around and let me beg him to take me back.

Today it was raining heavily. I just stood there by my window watching as the rain pattered against it, making it very hard to see out. I walked away since it was too depressing.

I walked over to the kitchen to pour myself some cereal, and when I went to the refrigerator, I realized I didn't have any milk. I ran out yesterday, but I forgot to go to the store. Of course I'm out of milk on the day when I shouldn't even step outside. But I needed it. So I grabbed my car keys and I left to get the milk.

Big mistake.

The closest store, even a corner store, is ten minutes away from my apartment. So was the supermarket. Ten minutes into the car drive and I stop at a red light. When the light changed and I crossed the intersection, another car ran the light and crashed into the passenger side of my car. I didn't see it coming till I was spinning in the intersection.

I don't know what happened next, for I passed out. I would catch bits and pieces, but I always blacked out. I swear I even heard Edward yell out "Bella! Baby wake up! I'm here! I'm sorry! I love you!", but I thought I was just imagining things.

I woke up finally, thanks to some bright lights.

I knew I was in the hospital. What happened to make me end up in the hospital? But then I remembered the heavy rain and me running out of milk, and the car accident. I remembered all that happened before I woke up here.

I looked to my left where Edward was outside my room and was talking to another doctor. My doctor, I assumed. Maybe I wasn't imagining those voices. Maybe he did yell out to me

When the doctor turned to leave and Edward was alone, he looked to his right, I guess to just check on me, and saw that I was awake. He gasped and ran back into the room, immediately cradling my head in his soft hands and kissing my face all over. I could feel the tears streaming down his face.

"Oh, Bella! I'm so so so sorry! I'm sorry, love. I love you, baby. So so much, baby! Please forgive me!" Edward kept going on, still kissing my face, finally my lips, which I gladly reciprocated.

"Edward, I'm sorry. I take it all back. I don't want it to be over. I want you! Only you. I love you, so much. I'm so sorry!" I cried out, tears falling. I gripped my arms around his neck, not letting him go. I didn't want him to ever leave me again, even if it's just to leave my arms. It hurt too much to not have him near me.

"It's OK, love. I forgive you, only if you forgive me for my behavior and for all the awful things I said to you and our baby. I didn't mean any of it. I want to be a daddy. I want to be your husband. I want everything with you. Please forgive me. And take me back."

"I forgive you. I forgave you a long time ago, but you wouldn't take my calls, and I thought you gave up on us. Please don't give up on us. I need you! I love you! Please forgive me!" I whimpered out, still not loosening my grip on his neck.

"I forgive you. Just don't ever do something so stupid again, like drive in the heavy rain. It's not safe. A lot of people get in car accidents because of the rain. You got real lucky. Others weren't."

"But someone ran a light and crashed into me. I didn't do anything."

"I know. He ran a light because the rain make him skid and crash into you. He wasn't so lucky. He died upon impact."

"Oh my God! That could have been me!" I exclaimed. It really could have been me.

"Thank God! I'm glad you're fine. Just some cuts and bruises. You should be released tomorrow," Edward replied, kissing my forehead.

"What about the baby? Is it fine?" I asked, now concerned that I could have lost the baby in the crash.

"They're fine," he said with a huge smile.

"Come again? 'They'?" I wondered, my eyes bugging out big time.

"Yes. 'They'. We're having twins, Bella," he replied, still grinning widely. He then leaned in to give me a passionate kiss, which I reciprocated, just as passionate.

I guess he wanted these babies now. And he wanted everything with me. He wanted to marry me and he wanted babies with me. Edward slid in beside me and held me to him. I laid my head on my chest, being careful not to pull my arm roughly that the IV hurts me, or hurt my body even more since it was still in pain. The nurse came in and gave me more pain killers through the IV and I felt high, and tired again, so I fell asleep on Edward's chest.

A week after I was released, Edward and I got married down at city hall, just so we were married when our babies are born. And we took advantage of our small honeymoon in his apartment, enjoying being together in that intimate way, now as husband and wife.

We will one day renew our vows with a bigger wedding with our family with us and our babies as flower girls or ring bearers or maybe one of both. We still won't know the sex of the babies until five months into the pregnancy.

I'm only two months in, and the morning sickness is the worst of it all, and Edward doesn't care. He wants to experience it all by my side, even if it means he has to hold my hair back while I heave into the toilet.

More blissful months passed as husband and wife, with me bloating up like a whale with two babies growing inside of me. We decided to find out the sex until I gave birth, but we did find out they were fraternal twins, so there's a chance they would both be girls, both be boys or one of each. As much as I wanted to wait, the suspense was killing me.

On April 20, we gave birth to a boy and a girl, named Abigail Marie and Nicholas Anthony. And they were the most beautiful babies. Of course Edward and I were biased, but who cares? They were ours and we loved them with all our hearts.

After my accident, I felt clean.


That rainy day washed away all the pain and brought me back to Edward, and Edward back to me. We were gonna be together, be married and have babies. Everything would be alright.

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