March 17, 2011

My dear grandsons,

On the occasion of the sesquicentennial of your union I want to drop you a line to make you feel how I am close to you, despite of my disappearance.

I left you all alone to your fate, and you were too young and devoid of the necessary strenght to defend your individuality and soon you became object of attentions of greater and more powerful Countries than you.

My beloved grandsons, the successors of the magnificent Roman Empire, you lived for the most of your childhood and adolescence separated one from another, constrained to be the servants of those who were bended to my will once. How many humiliations, how many privations you two had to suffer, my dears! You were only two kids put into a game bigger than you, despite yourself, you couldn't count neither on my protection nor on anyone else's one. Neverthless you never lost your individualities, your passions and the hope that a better tomorrow will await you just round the corner.

You have grown and, although you were far from each other, you have kept that cultural identity that I inculcate myself to you when you were still chidren that can hardly walk on their legs: that has been your strenght! That's exactly this mutual sentiment that made you willing to do everything in order to be together again, when you grew up.

Your struggle for unification has been long and bristling with difficulties, but so many men and women of every age fought for this big dream and they sacrificed everything,
How you made me proud of you, that day in March of one hundred and fifty years ago, when you succeeded in setting yourself free from the control of the Nations that have been throwing on their yoke on you, so that you became an unique geographical and political reality at least! I finally saw in your glance the Roman legionaries'stern expression: you regained possession of the place that the fate reserved to you in the course of the World History!

Well, the centuries you have spent living kept apart cannot be erased so easily: between you two there are some differences born during the time you spent with the Nations which treated you two in two so different ways. So, for example, Veneziano, you tell your elder brother is lazy and wants you to pay for everything, while you, Romano, you blame your brother of centralizing all the economic power in his hands and not sharing technological progress with you... These differences should not divide you, making vain the sacrifices of thousands young lives who gave their years of youth in order to bequeath to their sons an unique great Country: the ITALY! You shouldn't focus your attention on the things that divide you, you should rather think intensely to what join you: the arts, the breathtaking landscapes, Italians' big heart and high mind, of every inhabitant of your beautiful peninsula, from the Alps to the Mount Etna.

One hundred and fifty years of union are such a little time, compared to the Nations' vital lenght: my dearest grandsons, you have still so many years in front of you! I hope with all my heart that days that will come will be good for making your union stronger and stronger so that one day you will become the great Country that Italians deserve, the august Roman Empire worthy successor.

With uncharged love,

Granpa Roma