Bleach: Naruto's Second Chance

Naruto was in the final battle of what was known as the 4th Great Shinobi War. Madara Uchiha declared this war with his Akatsuki wanting to obtain the final 2 bijuu. All of the Shinobi Nations joined forces against Madara while hiding Naruto and Killer Bee. Naruto learned how to use the Nine-Tails chakra and he was ready to fight. Both of them entered the war and they turned the tides for a while until Madara and Sasuke entered the war. Killer Bee went after Madara while Naruto fought against Sasuke in what would be their final battle and end to their rivalry.

Naruto defeated Sasuke but it came with a heavy price. Sakura, the girl that he loved with all of his heart, was killed by Sasuke. At that moment Naruto wanted something that he thought that he would never pursue and that was revenge. Naruto appeared in front of Sasuke and he used the Rasengan on him. The wind infused Rasengan went straight through Sasuke's heart and it killed him. Sasuke said that he was sorry for everything and that he wanted Naruto to purge this world from its darkness. Then Sasuke gave Naruto his remaining power and then Sasuke Uchiha died.

Naruto got back up to his feet and he ran straight towards where Madara and Bee were fighting. Naruto looked at Madara seeing that he defeated and extracted the 8-tailed ox from Killer Bee. Naruto fought against Madara but it was a losing battle. Naruto was defeated and the Kyuubi was being extracted from him. Naruto couldn't believe he failed but he refused to let it end. The Jyuubi formed once again but Madara saw that he couldn't control it. The Jyuubi roared at him and it fused with Naruto. Naruto rose back up to his feet and he looked at Madara planning to end this once and for all.

All of the bijuu chose Naruto as their container seeing that he deserved their strength and that he gained their respect. Naruto used all of the power from the bijuu with the power he got from Sasuke and Itachi to destroy Madara. Naruto grabbed Madara in a bear hug and then he self-destructed taking Madara with him ending the war. Nothing remained of Naruto's body except his Shinobi Alliance headband and it would now be a relic of time.

Naruto's soul looked at the battlefield thinking about all of the lives that were lost because of a man's greed for power. Then a man appeared before Naruto and he had a white robe on him. He said, "Naruto you have saved this world from eternal darkness and for that I thank you. You have suffered so much but you never gave into the darkness and you defeated it. For that I am giving you a 2nd chance at life but in a different world where you will gain new powers and new friends. You can start all over again but this time you can truly be yourself. So what do you say?"

Naruto looks at the Shinigami and says, "I accept your offer and I will truly be able to drop this mask." Then the Shinigami transports Naruto into a different world to begin anew. When Naruto woke up he saw that he was in what looked like to be the slums of some village. Naruto asked a man where he was and the man said, "Welcome to Soul Society and you are in the 80th district of Rukongai. In the middle is the Soul Society where the Soul Reapers reside. If you have enough spiritual energy then you will become a Shinigami. They help people in the world of the living pass on to this world and they slay the evil souls known as hollows."

Naruto thought about that as he sees a man in a black robe approach him. The man says, "You have been chosen to become a Shinigami because of your high spiritual pressure. My name is Kaien Shiba and I will escort you to the academy." Naruto looked at the man and said, " I will go to the academy to become the strongest Soul Reaper of all time and that is the promise of a lifetime." Kaien looked at this kid before him knowing that he would be a force to be reckoned with and never knowing that he would not be there to see Naruto grow.