A/N A little story about Randall Boggs being adopted by humans, mistaking him for a dog/lizard hybrid. I know it's a stupid idea, and sounds a lot like "Lilo and Stitch", but don't flame me; I have a weird imagination. Monsters Inc characters belong to Disney and Pixar; Angela and her friends and family belong to me.

Randall Boggs slowly opened his emerald-green eyes. He scowled at what he saw: chain link fence. He was still in the human world.

Randall was a 12-foot long chameleon-like monster. He was purple, with blue along his back from his head to his tail. He had four arms and four legs, each with three round fingers/toes, a long tail, three red-tipped fronds between his round, green eyes, and a wide mouth full of small, sharp teeth.

Randall used to be the second top Scarer in Monstropolis, a city populated by monsters. Monsters scared children and used the Scream as fuel for cars, electricity, basically for power for the whole city. All the employees, including Randall, strived to beat the legendary Scare Record. Whoever broke the record would be a legendary Scarer. Randall wanted to be that legendary Scarer, and the number one Scarer. Unfortunately, Sullivan was the latter.

Randall scowled at the memory of his rival and nemesis. Sullivan, or James P. Sullivan, which was his full name, was the number one Scarer in Monsters Inc. He was big and had blue fur with purple spots, spikes along his back down to his tail, horns and claws. His best friend and co-worker was a round green monster with one eye named Mike Wazowski. Randall hated both monsters with all his dark and twisted heart.

Randall will never forget when Sullivan befriended a human kid he named "Boo". That was the cause of Randall's banishment; he tried to kidnap Boo and extract her scream with a Scream Extractor, so his numbers would rise, and he would be the legendary and number one Scarer. However, he and his boss, Mr. Waternoose, were thwarted by Sullivan and Wazowski. Just as Randall was about to push Sullivan to his death, the human kid distracted him by hitting him on the head with a baseball bat. Sullivan grabbed him, and threw him through a door into the human world, where a human beat him up with a shovel. After a couple hours, he managed to escape…

Randall ran as fast as he could, away from the trailer with the humans and their shovel. He had a few cuts and bruises, but they would heal eventually.

Finally, Randall slowed down and looked over his shoulder. They weren't following him. Randall sat down and sighed with relief; then he scowled. He was in the human world; he was trapped; banished! Randall growled deep in his throat. "Sullivan." He hissed. "When I come back and get a hold of you, you'll get what's coming to you." Randall spun around in a circle, laid down, and went to sleep.

One week later…

Randall walked along a road; his stomach was growling loudly. He was tired, hungry, and thirsty. He didn't dare touch any human food though, as it could be poisonous. But now he was starving.

He looked onto the road; cars similar to cars in Monstropolis ran up and down the road. A small, furry creature with long ears bounded onto the road; a car smacked into it.

Randall smirked at the dead creature; he looked back onto the road. He had long lost hope that he would get back to Monstropolis. He had thought about killing himself, since he wasn't able to get home. He decided to go with that plan. Making sure there were no cars, he walked onto the road.

Soon, there was a large truck coming up. Randall shut his eyes, preparing for the truck to hit him; that moment never came though. The truck slowed down until the fender barely touched Randall's nose.

"What the-" Randall growled.

A human stepped out of the truck. "What on Earth is that!" He gasped.

Another human came out from the right side. "Is it a dog?" She asked.

Dog? Randall scowled silently.

"No, it looks like a lizard." The male shook his head. "A large, long, eight-legged lizard."

"He looks malnourished and dehydrated." The female said. "Think we should take him back to the shelter?"

"Probably a good idea." The male nodded; he turned and reached into the truck. He pulled out a gun.

This is it. Randall thought to himself. They'll shoot me. Good-bye cold, cruel human world. Ironically, it was in the middle of a warm spring.

"Don't worry, fella," The female smiled. "We're not gonna hurt you. We're gonna take you to a shelter and get you fixed up."

The male aimed the gun at Randall and pulled the trigger. A dart with a feathered end flew out and into Randall's side.

"Grrr!" Randall growled in pain. After a few minutes, his vision grew hazy. Soon, he collapsed onto the road, knocked out cold.

Later, Randall shook himself awake. Once his vision cleared, he looked around. He was strapped onto a cold, metal table, with needles embedded in him. He felt a little woozy and sore.

"He's awake." A voice cried.

Randall flinched at the noise. He looked up; there were three humans surrounding the table.

"Yep, you guys were right." One nodded. He had white hair on his head and face. He was wearing a green laboratory coat. "This fella was malnourished and dehydrated. I'd estimate he hasn't had anything to eat or drink for about a week. Also, he seemed exhausted."

"Doctor, do you know what he is?" A female asked.

The Doctor removed his glasses and shrugged. "Honestly, I'm not sure. He looks like a lizard, but is also warm-blooded. I'd say he's a new species."

"Julia thought he was a dog."

"Hmmm…perhaps he's a cross between a dog and a lizard." The Doctor said. "Until we find out, keep him in the kennels."

The humans nodded. They pushed the table out of the room and into another room; this one had kennels made of chain link fence. When the door shut closed, there was a loud barking.

"Shut up!" The male yelled. "Hey! Shut up!"

When the barking started, Randall struggled to escape. He didn't like the loud barking; he was used to little kids screaming, but not barking dogs. He never liked small, hyperactive animals.

One human opened an empty kennel, while the other pushed the table into the kennel. The humans released Randall, who immediately ran into the kennel and up onto the wall. He looked back at the gate; to his horror, the humans shut the gate. Randall ran to escape, but crashed into the chain link fence.

Randall slid down the fence onto the floor. He refocused his eyes and groaned. He was trapped in the human world, and now a prison called a "shelter". Could this get worse?

On his left was a small, bouncy, cream-colored animal barking at a high-pitched tone. On his right was a large black and brown animal growling at Randall.

Randall groaned. "Just got worse." He sighed.

Here was Randall, two weeks later. Still in the kennel. Young humans had come and picked up the furry creatures they called "dogs". No one took him though; they said he was freaky and ugly. Some even pointed him out as a monster, which wasn't far off.

Randall didn't care. He never wanted to be a pet; he never even wanted one. When a kid came near the first couple of days, he'd growl and hiss until the little creatures ran screaming for their mothers. Randall chuckled at the sight of it, but after a while, he got bored.

Today, he decided to ignore the kids and just take a nap. It was soon interrupted when another family came in. "So, you're looking for another pet, huh?" A voice asked.

"Yep. A dog this time." A female said. "Angelina wants her own pet."

"First of all, Mom, don't call me Angelina. Just plain Angela." A younger-sounding female sounded. "Second of all, yeah, I want my own pet, but don't make it sound like I'm six."

"All right, Angela. All right."

At that moment, a family of five entered the room. There was a tall female, a tall male, a slightly shorter male, a still slightly shorter female, and a female a little older than Boo.

Another male, who Randall recognized as the male who shot him, entered. "All right, we got a Chihuahua here,"

"Too hyper." The younger male shook his head, "Besides, he won't get along with Fluffy."

"You and your cat." The middle female sighed.

"All right, how about a Rottweiler?"

The younger male shook his head.

"Whose pet will this be? Mine or yours, Josh?" The middle female asked, growing angry.

The male, Josh, raised his hands in a surrender manner. The girl sighed and walked past the kennels.

Randall saw she was about five feet; maybe add or subtract a couple inches. She had long blonde hair tied in a ponytail, large green eyes, and pink lips. She wore a green T-Shirt, blue pants, and red sandals.

The girl paused at Randall's kennel and looked in. unlike the other kids, who glared or sneered at him, she looked at him almost…kindly. She had a small smile. "What's the story with this one?" She asked.

"What?" Josh came up next to the girl; he was a foot taller than the girl. He had scruffy dirty blonde hair, forest green eyes, and wore a black T-Shirt, long blue pants, and black sneakers.

"What the hell is that!" He exclaimed.

The little girl ran up. She had short brown hair and blue eyes. She wore a pink dress and pink shoes. "AHHH! A MONSTER!" She screamed; she ran to her mother.

Randall grinned to himself; he didn't have to lift a finger to scare kids anymore.

The mother came up, holding the little girl. She had short brown hair, brown eyes, and black glasses. She wore a gray blouse, a black skirt, and black shoes. "Oh my God! What is that thing!" She cried.

The employee walked up, scratching his head. "We aren't too sure. We found him on the road couple weeks ago; poor fella was malnourished and dehydrated."

If I hear those two words again, I will scream. Randall thought to himself.

"We think he's a lizard, but he's warm-blooded. We think he might be a cross between a lizard and dog." The employee continued. "We…we're not sure what he is though."

The middle girl crouched by the gate, gazing at Randall with her grass-green eyes; the lizard Monster stared back with his emerald-green eyes.

The girl pushed her hand through the bars; a bone-shaped object was in her fingers. "C'mon, boy." She said quietly and coaxingly; she clicked her tongue. "C'mon."

Randall scowled; he was trying to be coaxed towards this human like he was what they thought he was: a dog. He felt extremely stupid.

However, he got a whiff of whatever was in the girl's fingers. It smelled like food; it smelled pretty good, and Randall was still hungry.

Hesitantly, Randall stood on all eight limbs. He slowly crept towards the girl.

"Yeah. C'mon, boy." The girl smiled. "I won't hurt you."

Randall slowly walked towards the gate until his nose was nearly touching the gate. He sniffed the treat; it smelled so good! Randall remembered the number one rule: never touch a human, or its possessions. But Randall was so hungry; he didn't listen to his conscience. He gently took the treat in his teeth and pulled it out of the girl's fingers. He tossed his head up and chomped on the biscuit.

"Yeah." The girl smiled. "You must be hungry."

Randall chomped the biscuit until it was grounded in his mouth; finally, he swallowed it. Then, he waited; he was perfectly fine. Perhaps, everyone was wrong; perhaps, humans and their possessions weren't poisonous. Rather than that, the treat was delicious.

As Randall licked his lips, he became aware of something on his head. He looked up with his eyes; the girl was stroking his head by his fronds!

Randall tensed up; then he realized he was all right. He wasn't poisoned. Humans weren't toxic. So he relaxed.

The girl continued to stroke his smooth scales. She proceeded to scratch behind his fronds. Randall closed his eyes and purred contently; that felt good! He slapped his tail on the floor, smiling happily. Perhaps…humans weren't as bad as he thought.

A/N Just so you know, the people who picked up Randall are part of an animal shelter, again, like Lilo and Stitch.

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