A/N A little story about Randall Boggs being adopted by humans, mistaking him for a dog/lizard hybrid. I know it's a stupid idea, and sounds a lot like "Lilo and Stitch", but don't flame me; I have a weird imagination. Monsters Inc characters belong to Disney and Pixar; Angela and her friends and family belong to me.

In the human world…

Randall ran out of the closet and into Angela's familiar room. He didn't stop and bask in memories though. He tossed his bag on Angela's bed, but kept the still-beeping tracking device, pushed the windowpane up and slithered out; he didn't want to go downstairs and out through the door at the risk of getting caught. All Angela's parents and siblings knew that he was gone.

Once he was out, Randall turned invisible and headed for the address on the tracking device. He only hoped he wasn't too late…

Angela ran as fast as she could down the sidewalks with Mandy and the boys right behind her. She ran past people and buildings. Finally, she turned to the left, trying to shake them off. Unfortunately, she turned into an alleyway. "Why do people running for their lives run into an alleyway?" Angela grumbled.

"There she is!" Angela turned back; Mandy was stalking towards her with the boys behind.

"Mandy! Can't we just let this slide?" Angela asked.

"Sorry, Lizard Girl." Mandy smirked. "I challenged you."

"But I refused!"

"Too bad. You better hope I'm feeling merciful."

Angela backed up until her back hit a dumpster; Mandy advanced towards her. "Be prepared." She sneered, raising her arm up to do a karate move. Angela shut her eyes tight, bracing for the impact. But it never came…Angela cracked her eye open.

To her and Mandy's surprise, Mandy's fist appeared to be floating. "Ok, something, or someone, has my fist." Mandy said nervously. "Seriously, I can't move it."

What ever had Mandy's fist shoved her so she moved backwards. She moved forward and punched and kicked, but they were invisibly blocked. "Ok, what's going on!" Mandy snapped. "Who's blocking me!"

Suddenly, a tall purple and blue lizard appeared. Mandy and Angela gasped out loud. "You…but…you were gone!" Mandy gasped.

"Randall!" Angela cried.

Randall turned to Angela and smiled; when he turned back to Mandy, he narrowed his emerald eyes and growled.

Mandy scowled and ran towards him, with her fists out. Randall braced himself, and held out his bottom hands; he grabbed Mandy's fists with his bottom hands, and grabbed her upper arms with his top hands. Mandy's eyes widened nervously; Randall cocked one eyebrow and smirked. He shoved Mandy back as hard as he could; the red-haired girl moved backwards and was caught by the boys.

Randall backed up until he was in front of Angela and growled. The boys dropped Mandy and ran, screaming. "Cowards!" Mandy yelled, picking herself up; she turned back to Angela and Randall. "This isn't over." She scowled, pointing at the two of them. "You hear me! It's not over!" She ran after the boys.

Randall snorted. "When you come back, I'll be waiting." He scowled; when he turned back to Angela, his face softened.

Angela couldn't believe her eyes. Randall was here! In front of her! And he had just saved her from Mandy…again! "Randall!" She cried; she wrapped her arms around Randall tightly. "I missed you so much!"

Randall hugged her back tightly; tears streamed down his cheeks. "I missed you too." He whispered. "A whole lot."

Angela sniffled, sobbing. She thought she'd never see her Lizog again. "I thought I'd never see you again."

"Don't cry so much; you'll get hiccups." Randall chuckled, running his fingers through Angela's ponytail.

"Why are you here? How'd you find me?"

"Remember the ponytail holder I gave you? It's an old tracking device I built." Randall explained. "It's connected to a little doohickey that beeps when you're in trouble. It also has GPS, so I knew where you were."

"I thought," Angela sniffed. "I thought you were in Monstropolis."

"I was. When I saw you were in trouble, well…I decided to come home."

"Home…wait, won't you get arrested?"

"Nah." Randall shook his head. "The head of police, or as we call them the CDA, knows where I am, and accepted the fact I belong in the human world."

Angela smiled. "I guess you're my pet again." She whispered, stroking Randall's scales. "And that's the way I like it."

"I know. I like it too." Randall kissed the top of Angela's head and continued to comb Angela's hair with his fingers. He never thought human hair could be so soft. All that mattered was he was home; this time, for good.

Angela winked at Randall before opening the door and leading him inside the house. "Mom! Guess who I found!" She yelled; without waiting, she answered, "Randall's home!"

"What!" Mrs. Gibbs came running up.

"I found Randall!" Angela exclaimed.

"Randall!" Mrs. Gibbs stroked Randall's back. "Where've you been, fella? you find him?"

"In the park. I guess he went for a walk and got lost." Angela shrugged. "All that matters is he's home."

"C'mon, let's get you in and get you something to eat." Mrs. Gibbs said. "You must be starving!"

As if on cue, Randall's stomach rumbled. Angela chuckled. "Ok, I'm taking him into the living room so he can rest a bit." She said, leading Randall.

"By the way, we have a visitor." Mrs. Gibbs said. "Amelia and Jack dropped off Mary so she could play."

Randall's eyes widened; Boo was sitting in the middle of the living room, drawing with Crayons.

"Hey, Mary." Angela smiled, sitting next to her. "Or maybe I should call you 'Boo'."

"Boo!" Boo giggled, raising her arms.

"Yeah." Angela said, patting Boo's head.

"Kitty says hi, kid." Randall said, sitting in front of Boo.


"Yup." Randall nodded; then he sighed. "Boo, you know all I've done to you: scared you, nearly killed you and Sullivan, and for all that, I'm sorry. Being banished, I deserved it. But I'm just so sorry. Can you forgive me?"

Boo stood up and walked up to Randall. She smiled and hugged him.

"Awww, that's so cute!" Angela exclaimed.

"Uh, yeah." Randall nodded nervously. "Didn't expect it though." Randall picked Boo up with his upper arms and supported her with his bottom ones. "Does that mean you forgive me?"

Boo nodded. "Randy!" She exclaimed.

Randall smirked. "I guess I can get used to that nickname."

Angela smiled; Boo had forgiven Randall, and even gave him a better nickname. Everything was back to normal, and just perfect! She crawled up to Randall and kissed his cheek.

Randall's eyes widened; he set Boo down as his shoulders slouched. His pupils dilated, his eyes crossed, and he smiled goofily; he turned pink with red hearts.

Angela and Boo giggled at the sight. Yep, everything was back to normal.

Back in Monstropolis…

Sulley looked through the newspaper while drinking his coffee. Suddenly, he gasped. "Mike! Did you read the paper?" He called.

"Who reads the paper these days?" Mike asked, walking from the bathroom.


Henry J. Waternoose, who escaped from prison six months ago, has been rearrested. However, upon inspecting another cell, the CDA has regretfully informed that former Scarer Sylvia Schneider has escaped."

"What!" Mike exclaimed.

"If you should see her, contact the CDA immediately. She is described as six-feet and 150 lbs. She is a silver and white wolf with white-feathered wings, blue eyes, two round gold earrings on each of her ears, and retractable upper limbs. Ms. Schneider may attempt to seduce any and all male monsters, so use extreme caution. However, against females and unwilling males, she won't hesitate to fight with sharp teeth, claws, and fire breath. She can also camouflage herself and disappear much like former Scarer, Randall Boggs. If Sylvia Schneider is found, there will be a reward of 100,000 dollars."

"Geeze, 100,000 dollars!" Mike exclaimed. "They really want her."

"Of course! She's a criminal! You know she was once in cahoots with Waternoose!"

"Well, you think she helped Waternoose kidnap Angela?"

"It's possible." Sulley nodded, folding the paper. "I just wish I found this out before Randall left."

"Well, it's not like we'll never see him again. We can visit." Mike reminded.

"Yeah." Sulley nodded.

Unknown to the two monsters, there was someone listening through the window of Sulley's apartment. A slender Alien-Winged Wolf walked out. She was silver, except her lower jaw, throat, belly, lower half of her tail, and wings, which were white. She had blue eyes, long eyelashes, bluish-purple eye shadow, black claws, two golden earrings on each of her ears, and, most strange of all, six legs. She had the regular hind and front legs; above her front legs were retractable front legs.

"So, Randall did indeed leave?" She said. "Well, this is just delicious! All I have to do is find out where he lives, and I can have my revenge! Randall wasn't able to resist my beauty before, so there is no reason he can't now!" The female chuckled evilly. "Look out, Randall Boggs! Sylvia Schneider is hunting, and she is hungry like the wolf…for you!"

A/N HAPPY CHAPTER! All right, I admit it, I based Randall saving Mandy on The Karate Kid Remake. But, since I don't know karate, I didn't name the moves. I'll bet you guys are happy! I didn't plan on separating them forever!

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