Hi, ok fair warning…this is my first fic…so it might not be good. Or maybe I'm just being to critical towards myself…I'd love to know so please review after this. This is a teen titans/Danny phantom crossover fic. ALSO! Vlad is now Danny and Dani's legal guardian and no longer tries to hurt Danny, in fact, he helps them if they need something. AND Danielle (before Vlad sent her off with Danny) was aged (accelerated/grown even faster) by Vlad to look 15, Danny's current age, so they pass off as each others twins.

KEY: 1)voice over the phone


3)"normal speech"

4)" 'emphasis within speech' "

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Here is the summary… (I know this idea has been used a lot…I apologize, but it is the only way this really works for me to write)

Clockwork didn't help Danny out, and now

Danny didn't know what to do, his family, his friends… Mr. lancer,

they were all gone. Sure, he has his clone/sister, Danielle (Dani for short) , which Vlad was secretly making

(no she is not D-stabilizing in this fic) that he could completely relate to, but it's creepy, eerie almost,

finding out Vlad made a clone of him. Well, off to jump city,

to make some unexpected friends that they met in a 'wrong place, wrong time' situation,

with their half-ghost identity a secret of course…what will happen…

ENJOY (hopefully)

[outskirts of jump city]

"DANNY!" Danielle yelled as they came to the outskirts heading into jump city.

"Jeez Danielle, what is it?" Danny asked, slightly irritated that she screamed in his ear. Danielle pouted slightly.

"I said call me Dani, 'with an I'!" she yelled again, yet slightly quieter.

"No way," Danny said with irritation in his voice. "MY name is Danny… 'with a y', do you know how confusing that will get?"

"But it's girly!" she whined.

"You are a girl." He pointed out nonchalantly.

"With TEENAGE BOY D.N.A!" she exclaimed.

"Still, no. Now, what did you want?" he asked, getting back on track.

Danielle thought for a moment. "Oh yeah!" she said. "I wanna go to school here." She said, suddenly.

Danny was taken slightly aback by her statement. He then recomposed himself and bluntly stated "You can't. According to records, I died with my family in the explosion, and you don't exist."

Dani thought for a moment. "Call Vlad! Have him give me and you new records, with different names and stuff!"

Now it was Danny's turn to think. "all right." He said after a while. "But what are our new names?"

"Randy and Randi 'with an I'!" she said


"Danny?" she asked after the silence.

"Why do our names have to be the same?" he asked.

"Because!" she yelled, as if it was obvious. "I like it, and you asked ME for the names!" she said, crossing her arms over her chest. She then smirked. "And,you can't call me something stupid, like 'Randielle' " she said, a hiss in her voice at such a name.

*sigh* "fine…" he brought out his phone and dialed his and Danielle's newly appointed guardian…

"Why Daniel, it's so nice to hear from you." Vlad's voice came from the other line.

"Yeah, hi Vlad. Listen, could you do us a favor?" Danny asked.

"Of course, what do you need?"

Danny sighed "New records, we already have the names…" he sighed for what seemed to be the billionth time today "… it's, Randy, and Randi 'with an I.'"

There were slight chuckles from the other end of the phone. "You let Danielle chose the names, didn't you?"

"Yessss." Danny stated through gritted teeth.

As Danny was speaking with Vlad , he didn't even realize that they had entered jump city.

"Alright," Vlad said. "get an apartment, send me the address, and I will send you new records right away."

"Thanks Vlad." Danny said over the phone, before hanging up. He could hear a quiet "of course Daniel." Before he pocketed his phone.

[Jump City]

After getting the apartment, and telling Vlad, Danny, and Dani,(Now Randy, and Randi.) went out to get something to eat. (they are given money through Vlad, who set up a new bank account under their new names.)

On their way, however, they were stopped, by a sudden hit, with a large object. They were sent sailing through the air. Danny was fighting consciousness, after Randi (Dani) landed on him, already passed out, with a bleeding head. (AN: since Randy [Danny] and Randi [Dani] are half ghost, they bleed green and red [ectoplasm and human blood] just so you know) As Randy (have you gotten that that's Danny yet?) used the rest of his energy to wipe away his sisters blood, he heard a faint battle cry of "TITANS GO!" right before he blacked out.

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