Disclaimer: I own nothing at all except the idea

A/N: This story is inspired by the episode "Lightspeed" when Jinx tells Kid Flash he was wasting his time trying to help her and he responds "When you're as fast as me time is something you've got plenty of" which made me think that he must have tons of free time which inspired this.

Kid Flash was bored, He woke up at 9am and had already saved the city 3 times, Did his laundry, ate breakfast, read the newspaper, took a shower and answered fan mail and it was only now 11am.

"I'm so bored, what else is there for me to do?" Kid Flash thought to himself for a second "I know! I'll go see if anyone else needs me to do anything!"

Kid flash then made it to Titans Tower within 5 seconds and somehow managed to get into the tower. He looked around and couldn't find them in the common room so he checked every room, No Raven, Cyborg, Beastboy or Starfire so he finally made his way to Robin's room where he found him sitting there typing on his computer.

"Hey Robin" Kid Flash raced right next to him scaring the crap out of him "Whatcha doin?"

"Working on criminal profile updates" Robin told him "You shouldn't be sneaking up on people like that, how the hell did you get in here anyway?"

Kid Flash ignored his question and starting talking to him

"Need any help?" Kid Flash asked "I'd be happy to help you"

"I'm fine" Robin told him

"You sure?" Kid Flash asked him "I can get it done in a matter of 2 minutes and that's slow for me!"

"Yes, I know you can" Robin smirked "But if you did it then I wouldn't have to do it and I would be as bored as you are"

"Sometimes being a Titan is boring!" Kid flash sighed

"Only for you" Robin laughed "Not everyone can do everything in seconds in fact most of our work takes up all day and if we all left you help us with everything then we would all be bored like you"

"You're a party pooper" Kid flash sat on Robin's bed while Robin continued to type away at the computer.

"So I've been told" Robin laughed and Kid Flash sighed in boredom

"Speaking of party poopers where's Raven? In fact where is the rest of your team?" Kid Flash asked

"Out doing missions" Robin told him "Cyborg is taking Cinderblock to Jail, Beastboy and Raven went to do the grocery shopping for the tower and Starfire went to check on Titans east"

"Ya don't say?" Kid flash smirked "I guess I'm helping Raven and Beastboy shop!"

"You better hurry before you miss them" Robin told him the realized who he was talking to

"Forgetting who I am?" Kid Flash asked "I'm the fastest boy alive! I'll be there in 3 seconds"

"Have fun" Robin said trying to get back to his work

"I plan on it" Kid Flash told him "Oh and one more thing….."

Kid Flash pushed Robin off the chair and quickly typed up everything Robin was doing and finished it in 10 seconds flat leaving Robin annoyed and Speechless

"See ya!" Kid Flash yelled and quickly darted out the door

"That guy has too much time on his hands" Robin sighed figuring out what he would do next hoping to god Kid Flash would find someone else to "Hang out" with.