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Random Fact 1: Children grow faster in the springtime.

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"What d'ya mean Impel Down is still not responding? No. No, I don't care if they are on a protest; I got two of the high profile pirate crews in my prison. They don't care? Well, you go up to Magellan, and you kick him square in the balls, all right? No, I don't care if you get killed. DO IT!" Warden Oscar slammed the den den mushi receiver down with so much force the shell burst into small bits, causing the poor creature to jump in surprise and fall of the desk.

Oscar cursed and slammed his fist into the wall. Oscar's Warden of Alcatraz Prison rank was only part of the respect he received. His sizable frame, multiple tattoos', and scar across his left eye gave him an aura of fear. Oscar clenched his fist in annoyance.

"It's been a month since I got Dragon Claw, and I have to keep them in my prison?" Oscar muttered to himself. "Scum like that oughta be thrown into Impel Down straight outta the womb."

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Yeah, yeah, come in." Oscar said, not looking at whoever it was and digging in his drawers for a cigarette.

"Warden Oscar."

"What d'ya want?" Oscar questioned, still not looking as he rummaged through the drawers.

"Can I ask a question?"

"Sure. Who are you?" Oscar looked up, and almost had a heart attack. He went to shout out when a sharp crack filled the air, and a bullet shot straight through the Warden's shoulder. The Warden collapsed on his chair in shock, staring at the figure in front of him. "T-T-Tal-"

"You are wrong." The man kept his fedora over his face, but he could be seen frowning. "I am Victor."

"Y-You've come to take back y-your crew..." Oscar stumbled over his words. "Y-You've come to take back D-Dragon Claw..."

"Them? My crew? You definitely got the wrong person." The man spun the pistol in his hands, before leaning back in his chair. "Besides, my reason here is for some information. Trust me; I will kill you if you don't tell me what I want."

Oscar shivered slightly. 'Come on, Oscar, M'man. Take the advantage when he least expects it.'

"Mind you, before I get to my question, I have to say, what is with that crew's bounties?" Victor asked, pointing at a pile of bounty poster's on the desk.

Oscar glanced down to the pile, and saw that it was Dragon Claw's posters, the man on top being to current captain, Red. "I-I knew it... interested in your crew."

Another shot rang out, and Oscar's hand suddenly exploded in blood, as he was slowly going for a den den mushi under the table. The bullet had gone straight through the wood and into flesh. Oscar let out a gargled scream, before he found the barrel of a pistol against his forehead, and the horrifying face in front of him.

"Answer my question."

"F-F-Fine... they say that their bounties are so-so high b-because of their relation to T-Talon of the Reptile Legends."

"Bull shit." Victor pressed the barrel harder against Oscar's forehead. "Tell me the truth."

'But that is... oh, whatever... whatever floats his boat.' Oscar coughed slightly. "Well... b-because of a certain c-connection, th-there bounties r-rose because of the th-threat of that connection... an-anyone connected to that p-person automatically has there bo-bounties risen. B-But why do you want to know?"

Victor shrugged, and tilted his fedora further down his head. "Just something which popped into my head in a spur of the moment thing. Anyway, now for my real question. You talk, otherwise you die."

'Just play along, m'man, just say the info, and then get him from behind' Oscar reassured himself, before nodding. "O-Okay."

"The Shichibukai Corral visited this prison less than two days ago. Where is he heading?"

This question caught Oscar off guard. "C-Corral? What do y-you want with h-him?"

"ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION!" Victor yelled, and Oscar was surprised to see sweat down the scarred man's face.

"O-Okay, Okay. H-He said he h-had an eternal p-post to the Archipelago, wh-where he was wa-waiting for a cer-certain man. He only... only answered b-because I a-asked."

"Thank you. That's all I need to know." Victor stood up, and made his way to the door, grasping the handle.

'Now, Oscar!' Oscar shouted in his mind, and stood up, drew his pistol, and pulled the trigger. But by the time his finger pulled the trigger, Victor's bullet already had entered the barrel. In a small explosion which disabled Oscar's other hand, the warden screamed in pain, before a sudden pain hit his neck, followed by a slam of a door.

Using his mutilated limbs, Oscar felt his neck, and realised he had been shot in the neck. 'No... come on Oscar M'man, you gotta get help... you're the warden damn it..."

Pulling himself through his own blood, which sloshed around him. "Shit..." Oscar muttered, before stopping and collapsing properly, his face directed at the door. "Shit..." the warden repeated, when the door opened.

Watching with fading eyes, Oscar saw a pair of feet approach, before the figure crouched. Oscar was unable to see the face though.

"Too frickin' bad." The figure said, followed by what almost sounded like a cackle. "Guess the sheep got into the slaughterhouse before the owner came... Tzahaha..."

"Wh-wh-wh-what..." Oscar managed to say, blood pumping from his neck at every heartbeat.

"I was going to inform you, that I'm managing a jail break. Sorry 'bout that." The figure laughed once again, before Oscar felt a finger against his forehead. "How d'ya like your eggs? Fried or scrambled?"

Before Oscar could even comprehend the situation, a large black mark appeared on his forehead at the same time as a light hiss and a flash. Oscar, the Warden of Alcatraz Prison, was dead before his head hit the floor.

The figure stood up, and blew on his finger. "Guess fried." He then sauntered to the open doorway, singing in a joyful tune: "Jail break, Jail break, J-J-Jail Breeeak! Tzahaha!"

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Random Fact 2: Cats can hear ultrasound.

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