I've been thinking about this for a while – really, since I first went on the large break – and after going through it in my mind, I think I've made my decision.

I'm going to end the OPNN series.

Ultimately, the fact of the matter is that I don't want to spend so much time on a fan fiction. If I was to complete the planned series, that would be perhaps two and a half years. I just can't devote that time to a fan fiction, especially considering I'm going to be moving on to original stories very soon.

I'm very happy with how the first story and what there is of the simultaneous two have turned out. (Well, apart from the regrettable Talon nude scenes and Gouki time travel. Not sure WHAT I was thinking XD)

One Piece New Nakama was always my best achievement and will always be my best achievement. I learned so much writing what I've written. My writing has only improved and my ideas getting bigger and better.

As I said, though, this is just a fan fiction. The One Piece world has turned from a crutch for my writing to an anchor. Which isn't a bad thing. It means I'm ready to move on to bigger things.

I realise that I've probably disappointed those who you who read my series. But I want to thank all of you who submitted characters. I had many big plans, it's true. I also want to personally thank Dthehalfdragon for remaining to review every chapter which I couldn't be more happy about.

I hope you all understand my reasons for ending this series. The simple truth is: I don't have the time and I want to break out to original stories. I can't break out if I'm working on fanfictions.

Thank you for all the support over the last two years I've been working on this series. Perhaps you'll continue to support my endeavours in original stories.