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Long Road To Forever

Chapter 2: "Photographs"


I was sitting at the table with my laptop, looking for some things to do for the next few days to keep us occupied. We need distractions and we need to get out of this house as much as possible so we are forced to keep our hands off each other. She will be here for the next six days, since Charlie will be out of town helping on a case up in Seattle. Naturally, Bella had suggested that we spend a few nights at her house, since we would be all alone. I have tried very hard to avoid that topic when it comes up and I am running out of excuses.

I would love to be able to stay there and have her all to myself, but after what happened yesterday in Port Angeles, I'm too nervous. Alice saw that Bella would regret what happened and insisted that our wedding night wouldn't be the same and we would argue about sex on our wedding night. I don't want that for us, I never want to hurt her, in any way. I have to have more composure and will power. I have to restrain myself from doing anything that would ruin our first night as husband and wife. And I know that if we stay there alone, all of our boundaries will be obliterated and we will end up going too far and ruining it.

I put aside my previous thoughts, watching as Bella moved around the kitchen, preparing everything she needed to make lunch. I love watching her, she captivates me with every move. It was quiet in the house so we were just relaxing and making the most of our time alone. Alice, Esme and Rosalie were out shopping again. Jasper went with Carlisle to hunt and Emmett was on his way home from whatever it was that he was doing. I could hear him running through the woods, darting passed the obstacles, then I heard his thoughts… he was in a playful mood.

Emmett ploughed through the back door, almost giving Bella a heart attack in the process. He ran up to her, picked her up, flung her in the air and caught her like a rag doll. The growl that escaped my lips was a warning; He could've hurt her.

"Emmett, I swear to God, if you keep doing that I will rip your arms off and bury them in the woods." I growled at my big bear of a brother, as he was throwing my fiancé around the kitchen.

"Don't worry bro, I would never hurt my little sister." He sang as he put her down and twirled her around, ruffling her hair. Bella giggled and I suddenly found my frown being replaced by a smile to match hers. I loved hearing her laugh, it was a glorious sound.

She gave him a pointed look and tried not to laugh but the corners of her mouth pulled up ever so slightly. "Emmett, I'm dangerous enough on my own two feet, I don't need any help falling down." She said it with a joking voice but I knew it was sincere, she was unfortunate when it came to balance. The booming laughter that came from my brother shook the walls. I rolled my eyes and went back to my laptop.

Emmett made some comment about how boring we are and went upstairs to listen to his music and play video games. Bella sat across from me and ate her lunch, looking at me every now and then with a smile on her face. I looked up to find her beautiful eyes looking back at me.

"What? " I smirked at her, closing my laptop and pushing it aside giving her my undivided attention.

"Nothing, you just looked so focused and serious, it was cute." She said with a shrug of her shoulders and smiled up at me again.

"Cute? What am I, a puppy?" I chuckled and threw a crumpled up napkin at her. I gave her a fake pout to feign being wounded. She pushed her chair back, giving herself room to stand up. She walked around the counter to stand in front of me and I slid my chair back, making space for her to sit on my lap. My hand rested on her knee, drawing circles over the fabric of her jeans, and her arms wrapped loosely around my neck, absent-mindedly twirling her fingers through the hair at the nape of my neck.

"What's the matter baby, is cute not a good word? How about sexy?" She grinned down at me and then kissed my cheek.

"Well, I guess that's a little better." I grumbled as she shifted in her position on top of me, sitting herself so that her legs wrapped around my waist.

"Hmmmm.… how about… devastatingly handsome?" She said it quietly and breathlessly as she leaned down to give me soft kisses along my neck, up to my ear. Her touch sent me flying into a blissful paradise. I loved holding her close to me, it was pure joy.

I moaned and grabbed a fistful of her hair, tilting her head back. "Mmmm… much better." I leaned down and kissed her lips so softly that I was barely touching her. I trailed kisses from her lips to her jaw, down her neck to the base of her throat. She blushed beautifully for me and I just wanted to be close to her and feel her warmth. I lay my head on her chest and she held me to her, and ran her fingers lovingly through my hair. She wrapped her arms around me and leaned her cheek on top of my head. We just sat there for a while, enjoying the embrace of each other.

"Do you want to go upstairs to lie down for a while or did you want to go out right away?" She asked me softly, and I knew she would rather go upstairs. In all honesty, I would too, but we really need to steer clear of the bedroom as much as possible if I am going to succeed in keeping my hands off of her.

"Let's go out for a while, I want to take you somewhere." I kissed her again and stood up, leading her out of the kitchen. We both grabbed a sweatshirt and headed out to the car.

"Where are we going?" She asked me with a smile. I reached down between us so I could hold her hand.

"We … are going on a date." I kissed her hand and smirked at her. She giggled and looked out the window. We sat in a comfortable silence until we got to Port Angeles. First we went to the park in the middle of town, they were having some live music, poetry readings and plenty of food vendors. Bella stopped for some hot chocolate and we continued to walk around looking at all the different things going on.

We came across a table that had some beautiful handmade jewelry that I knew she would like, so I steered her in that direction. Bella is so difficult to give gifts to, but I managed to find something that I knew she would love. It was a black cord bracelet with a silver E dangling off of it, near the clasp. I told her it would look beautiful on her and that maybe I had an ulterior motive. Aside from her engagement ring, this would let everyone know she was mine.

I picked up the bracelet, put it on her wrist and smiled when she blushed. I paid the woman behind the table and wrapped an arm around my fiancé. I was walking proud, knowing the most beautiful woman in the world, was under my arm.

"Edward, I love it… It's perfect, thank you." She said excitedly as she admired her new bracelet.

"You don't have to thank me, Bella. I love being able to give you things, I wish you were this accepting all the time." I laughed out a breathy sigh as she rolled her eyes and smirked up at me, drawing my attention back to her mouth. I suddenly forgot what we were talking about as I stared at her full, rosy lips. I may have licked my own as I stared at her mouth, I could feel my body being pulled to hers as I came closer to her face. I reached out a hand to trace her bottom lip with my thumb before I captured her lips for a quick kiss.

"You know, it would be nice if you let me give you things too." She exclaimed as she cocked an eyebrow at me, daring me to deflect the comment. She emphasized her comment by rubbing her hand up my leg and stopping right at the inseam of my pants, brushing against my now straining erection. I grabbed her hand before she could feel my response to her and spun her around, curling her back under my arm.

"You give me you, that's all I ever need." I said softly as I kissed the top of her head. At first she sighed in contentment, then realized I was trying to sway her. I was laughed at as my failure at deflection was denied, causing her to point her finger at me and say I was trying to distract her from the topic. I chuckled and grabbed her around the waist as I pulled her to walk with me. I breathed a sigh of relief when she dropped the conversation. All I needed was to start thinking about the things that Bella wanted to "give" me. I would be utterly useless in conversation for the rest of the day. I had to redirect my thoughts.

We walked over towards the games and rides area and Bella noticed a photo booth.

"Edward! Oh, we have to … come on." She said excitedly as she tugged on my arm and tried to lead me towards the booth.

I laughed and let her lead me to it. I sat down inside, pulled her into my lap and closed the curtain. I inserted the money, and Bella snuggled close to me and posed for the first picture.

"Okay, you ready? It goes pretty fast." She said as she positioned herself as close to me as possible. We both smiled as the camera took the first picture, then very excitedly, she said we should make a funny face. I watched as she stuck out her tongue and crossed her eyes and all I could do was laugh.

"Bella, you are absolutely ridiculous sometimes, and I love you even more for it." I said to her as I laughed, watching her every move. The camera got her funny face, and I was just staring down at her, laughing, with a huge smile on my face. I grabbed her face and told her to look at me, I reached down to kiss her just as the camera took the third picture. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her up closer to me as I kissed her deeply. She wound her fingers into my hair as she kissed me back and apparently, there was another picture.

"Wow…" She breathed out as I released my grip on her hips. "Kiss me again." She groaned out in an exasperated breath and I pulled her close once more.

"I love you, Bella. So much that it hurts." I leaned down to kiss her again, harder this time, my fingers tangling in her hair. We moaned together as we kissed until we heard a bell chime, signaling that our picture had printed. With a deep breath to regain some composure, I let her out of my grasp and we climbed out of the booth.

"Oh, Edward … look at us." Bella smiled a gorgeous and genuinely happy smile as she looked over the photo strip. She handed it to me and I looked over it with a goofy smile of my own, so excited to see how happy and perfect we are together. The fourth picture was absolutely amazing. We were captured, frozen forever in a still image as we kissed passionately.

"I love it, we have to make a copy so we can both have one." I said to her as I reached down to kiss her cheek quickly. She told me to put it in my wallet so we wouldn't lose it. Once it was safely secured in my back pocket, we walked together towards another music tent. We stood by and listened to a street band play music on anything but instruments. Instead of drums, there were cans, pots and buckets. There were no real instruments, they used anything they could find and used their feet to stomp out a bass sound. It was incredible and I enjoyed it very much.

We spent some time walking and talking, laughing and joking. Talking about things that didn't matter to anyone but us and we had so much fun. It was starting to get darker but Bella said she was having so much fun that she didn't want to leave yet. We walked over towards a small restaurant, probably family owned. We went inside and were seated in a small corner booth near a fireplace. This place was perfect for Bella, I knew she would feel comfortable here. We both ordered a meal and snuggled close together as we waited for the waiter to bring out our food.

I had to endure the annoying thoughts of the staff as we sat, but I didn't mind so much. The waiter was infatuated with Bella. He kept wondering what it would be like to kiss her pouty lips. He was right in thinking they were the most beautiful, full lips, and after being repeatedly bombarded with images of her perfect lips, I had to feel them for myself. I reached down, pulling her chin up so she was looking straight at me before I captured her mouth with my own, tasting her. She parted her lips and released a breathy moan and I used that opportunity to take her bottom lip into my mouth. Kissing Bella was like nothing else, the feeling was exceptional.

"Mmmmm … what was that for?" She asked in a trance as I moved casually in my seat, to adjust the situation in my pants.

"That… was because I love you… well, that and the waiter wouldn't stop picturing kissing you, and I just couldn't take it anymore, I had to feel for myself." I grinned at her and gave her a little wink as I unfolded a napkin to place in her lap.

"Well, remind me to thank him." She laughed quietly as she picked up her glass, trying to avoid meeting the waiters, staring eyes.

I laughed to myself as he cursed me in his mind and turned to face the kitchen. I usually wouldn't act out of jealousy or spite, but the images he was projecting, just made me dizzy with my own infatuation for my beautiful girl. I had to kiss her, I had to feel her lips against mine, in that moment I needed her to know that the waiter wasn't the only who was thinking about how beautiful she was.

Bella looked up at me and smiled as she leaned closer to me, entwining our legs together under the table. When the food was brought out, I watched as she enjoyed her pasta primavera and listened as she talked about how her grandmother used to make the same dish when she was a little girl. I was entranced with her. She could bring so much enthusiasm to a conversation, but in her own subtle way. To anyone else, Bella was a shy, closed off girl who liked to hide from others. But I know Bella. She is so much more than anyone ever gave her credit for. She is absolutely mesmerizing.

Once we left the restaurant, we took a walk along the edge of the park, near the water. I held her hand as we walked, admiring the lights from the festival, reflecting on the water. Bella stopped and leaned against the short brick wall, separating us from the water. She had a contemplative look on her face. I couldn't help but stare at my beautiful girl as the moon light shined down on her, casting a beautiful pale and shimmering glow. She looked like she made of porcelain. I stared at her full, pink lips and licked my own in response. She is the most beautiful creature to ever walk the Earth. I noticed a frown forming on her beautiful face.

"What's wrong, Love?" I turned her to face me and grabbed her chin to pull her attention to my eyes.

"Nothing, really. I just ….. it seems so unfair that you never had any of these kinds of moments in your human life. I wish I could've been there for you back then. I would love to have given you all of the experiences that you give me." She said it with such a sadness in her eyes that made my dead heart break for her.

"Hey… look at me," I whispered to her as I caressed her delicate face in my hands. "I don't regret my life anymore, Bella. I know now, that I was waiting for you. It makes it all worth it and I would do it all over again a hundred times if I knew that you were waiting for me." I said it without hesitation and with confidence, so she would know I was true to my words.

"I know you feel that way now, but I can't even begin to imagine how lonely you must have been. It kills me to know that you were so unhappy. I would give anything to be able to go back and be with you the whole time." She closed her eyes and leaned her head into my chest as I wrapped my arms around her.

"I know, Baby… but it doesn't matter now, we're both here, nowtogether and that's all that matters. I love you and I will always love you, neither of us will ever have to be alone again." I sealed my promise with a kiss and held her close to me for a few minutes before she sighed and looked up at me.

"I love you so much, Edward. I can't even tell you how grateful I am that you waited for me. I don't know what I would have been like in your time, but I do know, that I would fall in love with you in any era." She reached up on her toes to kiss me, quickly on the lips. I looked down at her with admiration and moved a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

"I love you too, always." I kissed her once more before tucking her under my arm and started walking back towards the other end of the park. We reached the car and I opened her door so she could get in, then raced to my side and we drove home, holding hands the entire way.

We pulled up to the house and Bella reached for her door to get out, but I was out of the car and at her door before she could even blink.

"Allow me." I said with a slight bow of my head, causing her to giggle and step into my waiting arms.

"You want to watch a movie or something?" I asked her, as we made our way to the front door.

"Yeah that sounds great, I just want to jump in the shower first. Are we going to stay downstairs or go up? She questioned as she made her way to the stairs. I watched her hips sway as she started to climb the stairs, licking my lips as I almost missed her question.

"Ummm…. We can stay upstairs if you want to put your pajamas on…" I trailed off as I watched her tempting body reach the top of the stairs, her hips taunting me with every stride. When we reached our bedroom, I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back against my chest, closing the door with my foot. I buried my nose in her hair, breathing in her delicious scent.

"Mmmmm … you smell so good… maybe your shower can wait just a few more minutes." I whispered to her as I moved her hair to one side so I could place soft kisses along her neck. "I just want … I have to feel you…" I said as I ran my hands along the curve of her hips down to her thighs, bringing them back up to wrap around her firmly. She tilted her head back so I could kiss her lips.

"Edward…." She breathed out in a sultry voice that had my head spinning. I spun her in my arms so we were face to face.

"You are so beautiful. You leave me breathless and dazed." I told her as I moved my lips against hers slowly. I walked us over towards the bed and pushed her down onto it slowly as I hovered above her. Her legs opened for me and my body rested in between them. We kissed wildly for a minute before her tiny fingers tried to unbutton my shirt. I let go of her, only long enough to rip my shirt from my body and took her in my arms once again, pressing myself against her. She moaned in response to my movements, and ran her hands up and down my chest. My stomach contracted at every brush of her fingers against me.

"Bella…" I groaned as I sucked on her neck and the base of her throat hungrily, my hands roaming her body. "Oh God, I want you so bad… Baby, I -" My words were cut off by her as she crashed her lips to mine. Our kissing was becoming heated, heavy and uncontrolled. My left hand found its way to the button of her jeans, where I popped it open and tugged on the zipper. I slid her jeans off her hips, down her thighs and she kicked them the rest of the way off. I ran my hands over the smooth skin of her calves, up to the inside of her thighs, then reaching out to grab both her hips in my hands.

"You have no idea what you do to me." I growled out in a huff as I covered her body with mine, our lips moving fiercely against each others. "The things I want to do to you…" I whispered in her ear, causing her to moan and grind her hips against me. "I want you so fucking bad." I said to her as I grabbed both of her hands and stretched her arms above her head, pinning them down to the bed.

"Unnnnghhh … Edward, please…" She begged as I licked my way from her throat to her jaw, where I sucked lightly. "I want you too, so bad… I need you." The words came from her mouth and all I could think of was how amazing it would feel to finally be inside her. Fire swept through my whole body, causing my hips to jerk against her pelvic bone and I groaned out a lust filled sound that filled the room. Her moans and delicious whimpers sent shivers through my body; I could feel every change in her body temperature. She was feverish, smoldering with wanton passion. Her body was begging for release, a release that only I could give her.

"Bella… you're burning up… I can feel how much you want me…" I whispered in awe of her body's natural reaction to my own. I kissed her pouty lips, first the top one and then the bottom, taking it into my mouth and sucking slowly. She whimpered again, so I opened my eyes to look at her as I licked her lips and kissed every part of her mouth, slowly, teasingly. She was a vision. Her hair fanned out on the pillows, her eyes closed, mouth open, beads of sweat forming above her brows and above her lip. In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to be inside her and make her scream my name.

"Fuck… Bella… uhhhhhh… shit." I hissed as I rubbed my swollen erection against her, the pressure was too much, I couldn't take it. I released her hands from above her head as I reached down to rub along my length on the outside of my jeans. I gripped my shaft in my hand, just applying pressure, but it wasn't enough. I ripped the button and zipper right off my jeans, as I forcefully slid my hand in so I could clutch my dick in my hand. Bella moaned at my actions and her hands clawed at my neck and back.

"Edward, let me do it… let me help you… I can make you feel so good." She begged in a sultry whisper. I watched as her hand slid down in between us and she moved my hand out of the way. I was hovering above her, both my arms trapping her loosely underneath me. I watched as she grabbed my cock in her hand and squeezed tightly from the base up to my sensitive tip, where there was now a drop of moisture seeping out. I had to look away, it was too overwhelming. It was a Bella sensory overload. I could feel my muscles ripple under my stone skin. I was tensing at her every touch. Astronomical pleasure is not a strong enough phase.

"Gahhhh… Bella…fuck." I groaned out a string of profanities as she stroked me up and down in a slow but firm, torturous pace. I ripped her panties off her body with a quick flick of my fingers, and dropped them to the floor. I pushed her shirt up to expose her pink lace covered breasts. I took one into my hand and kneaded the flesh in a hungry manner. I bit down very gently on her other nipple and I felt it pebble against my tongue, through her lace. She moaned as I massaged her perfect breasts in my hands. Her body was getting even hotter than it was before, blazing. She warmed my entire body as she writhed underneath me.

I was throbbing for her as she moved along my length, spreading around my own wetness. Her hand, wrapped around me, was leaving fiery trails along my steel length. I could feel how hot my cock started to feel from the friction of her hand. I groaned and pulled away from her. It was too much.

"Come here..." I said to her in a deep, luring voice as I pulled her to her feet. "I think you're getting too hot, you need to cool off." I smirked at her and pulled her into my arms as I kissed her lips, eyes open to watch her reaction. I pushed her backwards towards the bathroom and walked us inside, kicking the door closed behind me.

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