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Chapter 1

The Story Continues

Witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts. Those are all something that we expect to see on Halloween right? Well little do we know that there is a world beyond ours where all those Creatures of the Night live. For years they had lived in peace without a worry. That was until the Fiends of Hell escaped from their prison in which they had been trapped in for many years. It would seem that the Creatures of the Night would becomes the fiends' slaves, until four outcast Creatures of the Night saved the day. A witch boy whose powers surpass any normal witch, a vampire that can transform into a small, white, and fluffy bat as well as only able to drink the blood of the witch boy, a werewolf smarter than any other werewolf possible, and a ghost that is as solid as a rock. Together, they were able to destroy the leader of the Fiends of Hell and bring peace to the world once again. However, the Fiends of Hell still wander around; creating havoc in the world. The four outcasts led by the witch boy began to travel to wherever they are needed to destroy the Fiends of Hell and free the Creatures of the Night of their enemy once and for all.

Five years had passed since then and the Fiends of Hell still have not been eliminated from the world of the Creatures of the Night. Many of them still roam the land; making mischief all over the place. Our story begins with Shuichi Shindo, the young witch boy, finishing off his amount of Fiends of Hell for the day. As he eliminated them, a thought weighed heavy on him. Why was he born the way he was? Why was he a witch boy and not something normal? Would his life be the same way it was right now or would his life be completely different? He knew he should be happy that he had all this recognition and popularity but it wasn't that way before. If he was more normal, could he be given more or less popularity? Those thoughts wouldn't stop going through his head. After defeating them, he sat down on a low branch and relaxed. Then, a voice called to him from beside him. It was a talking tree; the same tree whose branch he was sitting on.

"What's wrong Shuichi?" asked the tree, Everyone in the world of the Creatures of the Night knew Shuichi's name. After all, he was the famous witch boy. Shuichi sighed.

"I just have a lot weighing on my mind." said Shuichi.

"About what?"

Shuichi began to twiddle his thumbs. "Well I've been thinking about my life. For some strange reason, I feel like there's something important missing in my life."

"Something important?"

"Yes. I don't know what it could be. I have a loving mother, an annoying sister who I wouldn't trade for the world, friends who'll stick by me, and a lover who loves me for who I am. But I can't help but think that there is something missing in that picture."

"Well I'm sure you'll figure it out."

Shuichi smiled. "Thank you," He got off the branch and began to walk off. "Goodbye."

Meanwhile at a dark castle, a vampire stood in front of the mirror. His skin was a white as moonlight while his messy hair and sharp eyes were as gold as sunlight. This same vampire was Eiri Uesugi, also known as Yuki; the man Shuichi fell in love with and he in return. He appeared to be practicing speaking to Shuichi.

"Shuichi," he began, "I have something I really want to tell you. We've been together for five years and... well... five years is a really long time. This is the longest I've ever been with anyone else. No that's not right. I've never heard of another couple whose stayed in a relationship for that long and not be... Dammit!" He was at the point of smacking his head against the mirror. Then, a black bat came in and perched on top of the mirror.

"What's up bro?" it asked.

Yuki looked up at the bat and glared. "Go away Tatsuha!" he growled, "Can't you see I'm busy?"

Tatsuha raised an eyebrow. "Busy of what? All you're doing is talking to yourself in front of the mirror."

"That's not what I'm doing. I'm practicing what I'm going to say to Shuichi. I have to make it perfect or it will be a complete disaster, causing havoc around the world, worse than the Fiends of Hell are doing right now."

"Bro. It's not that big of a deal. You're just asking Shuichi to marry you."

"And it shows how little you know. Shuichi is no ordinary witch. He's the first witch boy in existance, the most powerful of them all, and the first to fall in love with someone who loves him in return. Asking him to marry me would make him the first witch to fall in love with someone who loves him in return and get married to that someone. If I just pop the question without anything leading up to it, it wouldn't be all that romantic. Not that I really care. I just don't want to make a fool of myself in front of everyone for not making something people will remember for a long time to be romantic. Anyways, shouldn't you continue your flying practice?"

"I'm done for the day and I have nothing to do."

"I see. Then leave! I have to finish this quickly. I'm going to stay over at Shuichi's and that will be when I ask him to marry me with my speech."

Tatsuha laughed. "I think you may start to bore him and put him to sleep before he realizes it's supposed to be romantic before you even start."

Now that got Yuki furious. He tried to grab Tatsuha and smash his little brother's head on the wall but he flew off the mirror and up in the air high enough so he couldn't catch him. "HA HA!" Tatsuha continued laughing, "There's no way you can catch me up here."

And that's when Tatsuha made a big mistake because he forgot that Yuki could also turn into a vampire bat. Yuki tranformed into a fluffy white vampire bat and flew after Tatsuha. The two brothers continued their chase until they were both grabbed by someone. It was a woman with long brown hair and grey eyes. She looked like an older woman version of the two brothers.

"Enough is enough," she yelled at them, "Everyday you both end up in some kind of conflict and I want it to stop even if it's just for today. Tohma is in his study working and he doesn't want anyone disturbing him."

"Then why are you yelling Mika?" asked Yuki as he smirked, "Doesn't that mean you're disturbing him too?"

Mika glared at Yuki. "Don't be smart with me!" she hissed, "Don't you have somewhere to go soon?"

"I do," said Yuki, "But first I want to speak to Tohma. He may give me the advice I need." Before Mika could say another word, Yuki broke free from her grasp and flew to the door to the study of his brother-in-law, Tohma Seguchi. He transformed back into his vampire form and knocked on the door.

"Tohma?" Yuki called out, "It's Eiri. I need to talk to you."

"Please come in Eiri." Tohma called out from inside.

Yuki opened the door. The walls in the study were completely covered with bookshelves except for the area around the door and around the fireplace. The fire in the fireplace glowed red like the the colour of blood. There was a sitting area with four black couches surrounding a tiny rectangular coffee table. He saw Tohma sitting at him desk, writing with a old quill made from a raven's feather. As soon as Yuki closed the door, Tohma looked up at him and smiled.

"Well, it's not everyday you come to see me," he spoke, "What do I owe you the pleasure?"

"I don't have long Tohma so I'm just gonna go right out and say it," he announced, "What was it like when you asked Mika to marry you?"

Tohma got up and walked over to Yuki. "Why do you wish to know this?"

"Well, I've been thinking of marriage myself. It doesn't sound like a bad idea so I thought..."

"Are you thinking of asking Shuichi Shindo to marry you?" Yuki knew that the bat was out of the bag and nodded. Tohma's smile widened. "It's about time you both settle down. You've been together for five years now. This is great news!"

"Tohma," Yuki interupted, "You didn't answer my question. What was it like when you asked Mika to marry you?"

"Well like any other Creature of the Night in my position, I too was nervous," Tohma explained, "I kept wondering to myself 'Was she going to say yes or laugh at me?' But then I thought, 'What's the worst that could happen?' So I asked her to marry me."

"And she said yes?"

"No, she laughed. For that moment I thought that I might've chose the wrong answer until she told me that she was laughing because she was so happy to be proposed. And now here we are; married and happy."

"I see," Yuki walked to the door. "Thanks Tohma. It was helpful."

Tohma pouted. "You sure you don't want me to tell you more stuff?" he asked, "It's not everyday you come to talk to me."

"No thanks," said Yuki, "I have to get going. Thanks again." And so, Yuki left and closed the door behind him; leaving a dumbfounded Tohma.

Now back with Shuichi. He had just made it back home after that exhausting night. He walked in to see his mother at her cauldron. He knew it wasn't best to disturb her and went upstairs. He eventually got to his room and opened the door to be welcomed by a mysterious rectangular box. From the smell coming from the box he guessed it was pizza, but what was it doing in his room? He walked over to the box and opened it.

"BOO!" a voice came from the box; causing Shuichi to jump and fell back. He looked to see it was a familiar fluffy white vampire bat. "Did someone order a pepperoni and cheese monster pizza with vampire bat on the side?"

Shuichi began to laugh. "Yuki!" he laughed, "I would kill you if one, I didn't love you so much, and two, if your feet didn't sink into the pizza and is currently held by the cheese."

Yuki looked down. Indeed, his feet had sunk into the pizza and held by the cheese. He looked up and glared at Shuichi who was still laughing. "Are you just gonna be standing there laughing your ass off or are you going to help me?" Shuichi was still laughing but he walked over to the box and helped pull Yuki out of the pizza. As soon as Shuichi pulled him out, Yuki transformed back into his vampire form and pushed Shuichi onto the floor with him following. They both laid there with Yuki on top and Shuichi looking up at him.

"Are you gonna get off me now?" asked Shuichi, "You're heavy."

Yuki smirked at him. "Nope." he replied before leaning forward and giving Shuichi a kiss. Shuichi melted into the kiss and pulled Yuki closer to him. Their tongues wrestled as Shuichi began rubbing Yuki's back and Yuki began stroking Shuichi's hair. Their kiss kept going until they heard a familiar voice call to them.

"You both better not start what I think you're both gonna start." Kyoko Shindo's voice called.

Shuichi glared at the door. "Mother!" he yelled, "Are you spying on us using the cauldron again?"

"I just don't want my little Shuichi to get too ahead of himself. I know you've both made Love's Bond before, but I don't want to wake up in the middle of the morning from one of you moaning your head off and we know how sensitive your body is to everything."

Shuichi blushed. "Mother! Will you stop that? You're embarassing me in front of Yuki."

"I'm sorry dear. I'm just making a point. I'll leave you both alone."

Shuichi groaned and looked over at Yuki. "I'm so sorry," he apologized, "You know how mothers get."

Yuki just looked at him. "Actually I don't," he replied, "My mother was crucified while I was still little."

Shuichi gasped. "I'm so sorry!" he cried, "I didn't know. Well I did know both your parents were crucified but I didn't know..." Before Shuichi could continue, Yuki shut him up by giving him another kiss. "Anyways, why are you here?" Shuichi continued after the kiss, "Not that I'm not happy to see you but..."

Yuki smirked. "Am I not supposed to see you a day before your birthday?" he asked.

Shuichi's eyes widened. "Crap! I totally forget tomorrow is my birthday. I've been so busy with taking care of the Fiends of Hell that I've forgotten."

"Lucky I'm here right?"

Shuichi gave him a light punch on the arm. "Don't be so full of yourself," He looked up at the ceiling. "I never thought I'd ever get this far in life. I always thought that because I was a witch boy and different from all the other witches that I wouldn't last for so long. But then I met you and everyone else. You all gave me the confidence to continue my life and never give up no matter what. I'm glad to have met you."

Yuki pulled Shuichi close to him and held him tight. He moved closer to Shuichi until his lips reached the witch boy's neck. He nipped it at first; making a little red mark, then he increased the length of his fangs and bit into the skin. Shuichi gasped at the sudden act but then he relaxed his body and let Yuki feast on him. It wasn't like he was gonna die.

Shuichi had the Blood Ring on his finger, a ring that gives the wearer an endless supply of blood. He needed it because he was the only one who Yuki could feed on. Yuki is a vampire that can only drink rare blood and the only one he knew with rare blood was Shuichi. He didn't have to worry about Shuichi losing the Blood Ring because it was permanently attached to his finger. After Yuki was done drinking a fair amount of blood, he looked over at Shuichi and kissed him once more.

"We better eat or the pizza's gonna get cold." he spoke up after the kiss. Shuichi nodded and they ate the pizza. As they ate, they talked about many things such as what happened to them that day and with the Fiends of Hell they have defeated. When they were done, Yuki and Shuichi moved closer to each other and just rested in each other's arms for a while. Eventually, Yuki had to leave and he walked over to the window.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow." said Yuki.

Shuichi nodded. "Of course. It is my birthday tomorrow. It wouldn't be a wonderful birthday without you there."

Yuki and Shuichi stood in front of each other with deep affection in their eyes. They wished their moments together didn't have to end but there was nothing they could do. They pulled each other close and gave each other one last kiss for the night. When they broke apart, they both said goodbye and Yuki jumped out of the window; transforming into his bat form before reaching the ground and flew away. He was sure that he was going to propose to Shuichi tomorrow. It was the perfect time. It had to be.

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