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Chapter 12

Is this the End?

All the Creatures of the Night couldn't believe their eyes when they saw a giant fortress descend from the dark skies. This caused Kyoko to head over to the location of the gigantic building. She recognized it to be the castle where Reiji was put into. If it had become like this then...!

Suddenly, the fortress began changing again so the place where the capsule laid was brought out for all to see. Standing there was Reiji, holding her staff out, making herself look like she ruled them all. When Kyoko looked inside to see what was in the capsule, she shook in fear, not only that there was someone in the capsule where Reiji was gaining all her power, but that it was Shuichi in the capsule. Kyoko, being the protective mother she always was, cried at the sight of her son looking helpless.

"Attention Creatures of the Night!" Reiji called out to all, "It is I, Reiji, the one you threw away in this castle for almost 19 years. But I have returned with the castle you trapped me in and with this capsule and the warlock within it, I shall create the world you so desperately fear; a world combining the world of the Creatures of the Night and the world of the Daywalkers."

All the Creatures of the Night cried in fear. Sure, they had been in the world with the Daywalkers before, but they never stayed for more than a day there. Kyoko walked forward and faced Reiji.

"You are a fool," Kyoko called out to her, "Do you not realize the catastrophe that would be formed by combining the worlds? Daywalkers and Creatures of the Night were never to live in the same world because of their different lifestyles. They walk in the day and sometimes the night but we never walk during the day and we wander through the night. They are of light and we are of dark. Combining worlds of light and dark would create a world where nothing exists; a world of emptiness. If you use the power to combine the worlds, you will also be destroying yourself along with everything here."

"My life was destroyed a long time ago," Reiji snapped, "If I'm not allowed to live like everyone else should, then neither shall you." She raised her staff and began chanting. It was the spell that would combine the worlds. A green cloud began swirling up in the sky and the changes began.

Slowly, things began looking different. Little by little, buildings from both worlds began crashing into each other. Daywalkers were popping up one by one and ran in fear at the sight of the Creatures of the Night. Even the wizards were popping up, Ichiro being one of them. Seeing where he was, he ran to where he saw the source of the power coming from and saw Shuichi trapped in the capsule.

"Shuichi!" he cried out, getting Kyoko's attention.

"Ichiro?" she questioned, "You're here?"

"All the humans are," he replied, "This is bad. This is the capsule made by a Fiend of Hell 50 years ago, isn't it?"

Kyoko couldn't believe her ears. "How do you know this?"

"All the wizards know it. The capsule was made by a Fiend of Hell that tried to use it to combine the worlds and he was stopped by witches. In fear that someone could use it, one of the two capsules used to run it was destroyed. Unless there was someone who possessed both wizard and witch magic, the pod is pretty much useless."

"If you know that, then that means that you are a wizard. But then that mean…! Oh no!"

Ichiro nodded. "Shuichi is a being with both magic."

Kyoko looked over at him. "We need to stop her and save Shuichi. We must save our son!"

It was Ichiro's turn to be shocked. "Our son?"

"Yes Ichiro. I never made Love's Bond with anyone else other than you. Shuichi is your son and you have a daughter named Maiko who is a full witch. We must this madness if we want to keep the worlds perfect for our children."

Ichiro agreed. They called out for all of the witches and wizards and began the attack. Reiji saw what was happening and used her magic to create more gargoyles, all of them led by Bill. They were ordered to attack in order to prevent them from stopping her plans.

Witches and wizards fought against the gargoyles, but apparently they were immune to magic. It seemed like they would fall until all the other Creatures of the Night came to the rescue. A full out war began; bloodshed spilt in every corner. Reiji was confident that her plan would go uninterrupted.

But then something she never expected to happen happened. Something red flew in front of her and called out to her. "Reiji, please stop!" it cried.

Reiji looked closely to see that the flying object in front of her was Yoshiki. His face looked worried and frightened. "You must stop Reiji. You must forget about this revenge and live on with your life. I know how you feel, how hard it is to be trapped for what feels like eternity. But the best way to overcome it is to forget about it and move on."

"Forget?" she snapped at him, "How can I forget? I didn't do anything to them and they lock me up in this place. Besides, it's not like I can stop this now."

"Reiji, please listen to me! You can't keep going on like this. You can still stop it before it goes any farther. I know. I was the one that created this machine. I know that it can be stopped."

Reiji and Yoshiki didn't realize that the entire time, Yuki, who had sneaked out of Shuichi's pocket, was listening to their conversation. He saw Reiji become absolutely furious at Yoshiki and knocked the mirror away, causing it to fall and almost hit the ground and break. It was a good thing that Yuki flew as fast as he could to catch Yoshiki. As soon as he caught him, he slowly lowered him to the ground, being careful not to break the glass. When he put the mirror down, Yoshiki looked up at him.

"Eiri Uesugi?" he gasped, "Why did you save me?"

"For two reasons," Yuki replied within his screeches, "One, you helped me escape from Reiji's grasp and helped me get to Shuichi even though I couldn't get the chance to tell him to watch out. And I thank you for that. Two, you said to Reiji just now that you were the one that created this machine. Does that mean…!"

Yoshiki's face dropped. "It is true," he replied, "I am the Fiend of Hell that tried to destroy the world with the same machine Reiji is using. The witches managed to stop me before I could though, and they trapped me into this mirror where I had seen the error of my ways. Finding out that Reiji wanted to use that machine for revenge, I tried to stop her from using it, but she wouldn't listen to me. And I tried to keep telling myself not to help her with this plan, but I kept succumbing to her no matter what."

"How can we stop the machine?"

"There are only two ways I know of. The first is that Reiji must reverse the process before the green cloud covers the entire sky and there is nothing left of the world of the Daywalkers."

"Well obviously that tactic didn't work. What's the second one?"

"You break the capsule holding Shuichi Shindo before the green cloud covers the entire sky."

"I'll try the second one. Thanks Yoshiki."

Yuki began flying back up to the capsule holding Shuichi. It tore at his heart to see Shuichi in pain because of Reiji using all his powers but that made him more determined to break him free. He flew close to the capsule and began pulling on the mechanical arms holding him. His attempt didn't work. The arms were too strong for Yuki, especially since he was in his bat form. If he was still in his vampire form, he would be able to break the arms and save Shuichi. Shuichi looked up at him; salty tears were falling down his face.

"Yuki…" he cried weakly," It's not use. Nothing I tried could break these arms. I can't even use my magic. It's all over. I was so stupid. Why didn't I listen to my mother?"

Yuki flew close to Shuichi and landed on the warlock's shoulder, wiping away the tears from the one eye with his wing. However, that didn't help.

"I know that you're trying to cheer me up," Shuichi continued, "But it's no use. Both worlds are doomed as long as Reiji has control over my pow… Wait a minute! That's it!" He looked over at Yuki with brightened eyes. "Yuki, I need you to pull off the crystal around my neck. As long as the crystal is around my neck, Reiji will have control of my powers because the crystal is to keep my powers in check. But if we remove it, it might save us. It might make more damage then what's going on right now and maybe not, but we don't really have a chance. Hurry Yuki!"

The vampire bat didn't hesitate. He hurried to Shuichi's front and found the necklace. He pulled with all his strength that he had as a bat and tried as hard as he could to pull the necklace off. Eventually, it did. The moment the crystal left his neck, Shuichi felt stronger pain from the capsule. Was his plan really a good idea?

Little did Shuichi realize that while he felt all the pain, the magic that Reiji was using to combine the worlds had stopped working. She didn't understand why it did. She looked at the staff and while she was too focused on that, the staff began shooting magic all on its own. It hit everything. It hit some buildings, it almost got some Daywalkers and Creatures of the Night, it got some of the gargoyles, and one beam hit Yoshiki. After shooting off a bit of magic, the staff began to violently shake as it began to crack. Reiji quickly threw it away before it exploded.

All the magic made by the staff before its craziness had been erased. All of the gargoyles, including Bill, returned to their original states before they became animated by Reiji's magic. All the buildings from the world of the Daywalkers were brought back to their original world and the buildings of the world of the Creatures of the Night were restored to their former state. Lastly, all of the Daywalkers, excluding the wizards, were brought back to the world of the Daywalkers and had lost all memory of what happened. Inside the capsule, Shuichi's arms and legs were released and he fell to the ground to rest. It wasn't until he felt rumbling that he knew that he wasn't out of danger yet.

The entire castle was tumbling into pieces.

Shuichi tried to escape but the capsule began falling down a tremendous height. He tried to cast some magic to save him but he was too tired with having too much of his magic drained. He felt like he was a goner until he felt himself pulled out of the capsule and into someone's arms. The pink haired warlock felt himself being held bridal style and held by the most familiar cold hands. He looked up to see that it was Yuki in his vampire form holding him. He was about to cry for joy until he realized that they were still falling. Yuki wasn't afraid though, for with every brick from the castle he saw falling with them, he kept jumping from one to the other until they reached the ground. As soon as they reached the ground, Shuichi looked up at him with happy tear filled eyes. The latter looked back at him, breathing heavily. It seemed like it would last forever until suddenly, Yuki purposely dropped Shuichi to the ground. The warlock got up and glared at him.

"Hey, what the hell was that for?" Shuichi yelled. Yuki just stared at him with cold emotionless eyes, the same that Yuki looked at him like when they first met. They were silent for a bit and had a bit of a staring contest before they both began to laugh. They pulled themselves into an embrace, relieved that the other was safe. When they pulled away Yuki held up something that sparkled as it dangled under the moonlight. It was Shuichi's crystal.

"I believe this is yours," he said as he put it back around the warlock's neck.

Shuichi looked down at the necklace and smiled. He then looked back up at Yuki and hugged him. The vampire returned the hug, making Shuichi feel content. He then felt something poke at his neck and felt something wet rubbing against it. He then realized that it was only Yuki trying to drink some of his blood. Shuichi giggled, catching Yuki's attention. "What? I'm starving."

"I know," Shuichi giggled, "I just really missed it." They held each other for a bit before they heard voices. Curious, they walked in the direction of the voices to see that the witches were going to make judgement on Reiji.

"It has come to my attention," Kyoko began, "That this witch, Reiji, is too much of a threat for our world and the world of the Daywalkers. It is agreed that because of her actions, Reiji shall be executed."

Yuki felt good that Reiji was going to get what she deserved for trying to destroy the worlds, and more importantly, try to hurt Shuichi. Shuichi however didn't like the idea of the execution. No matter what she did, she didn't deserve to have her life taken away. He ran out of Yuki's arms and towards his mother, tugging at her arm.

"Mother please!" he cried, "Even though Reiji tried to destroy the worlds she doesn't deserve this punishment. The entire reason why she acted the way she did was because of what you did to her. Besides, the castle and the machine are destroyed. Can't you just let her go?"

Kyoko looked at him with worry. "Shuichi, it's not just because of her actions and her attempt to use the machine. Don't forget the three tests that a witch must do in order to become a full witch. She could no doubt fly if she did it the same way you did and she would obviously pass for the beauty test, but it's the matter of the magic test. She doesn't have any magic of her own; therefore, she cannot be a full witch."

"I know that but still-"

"I'm sorry Shuichi but she must be executed."



Everyone faced the direction of the voice and broke into fear. Standing there was a female Fiend of Hell. The Fiend of Hell had shoulder length light brown hair that clashed with her blood red skin. She had a perfect feminine figure that was revealed with a black tube top and black jeans. She was obviously a Fiend of Hell with her horns, claws, fangs, bat wings and her devil like tail. She walked over to everyone and stood in front of Reiji.

"I will not allow you to harm her," she continued, "I will hurt anyone that lays a single finger on her."

Reiji looked up at the Fiend of Hell in front of her. The Fiend of Hell looked back at her before falling to her knees in front of Reiji and holding her close. Reiji just sat there, confused as to why a Fiend of Hell was holding her.

"Oh Reiji," the Fiend of Hell cried, "I've always wanted to hold you like this. I always dreamed that I could hold you like this."

Reiji didn't understand why this Fiend of Hell was saying all these things. "Who are you?" she demanded.

The Fiend of Hell looked hurt. "Reiji, don't you recognize me? It's me, Yoshiki."

Reiji, Shuichi, and Yuki were frozen in shock. That was Yoshiki? They couldn't believe it. "There's no way you could be Yoshiki!" Reiji yelled, "One, because he's a mirror, and two, because he's a guy!"

"I understand why you would be surprised about this," Yoshiki replied, "The truth is that I was a Fiend of Hell that had ruled in the same castle you were put into. Not only that but I was the one that created that machine you tried to use. You pretty much know that the witches stopped me from using it, but what you didn't know was that as punishment, they trapped me in that mirror, making me see visions of things that could and would happen.

"As for my gender, I'm still a guy… well, sort of. I was a male Fiend of Hell when I was made and I was male when I was put into the mirror, but when your magic got out of control and hit me, it released me from the mirror, but turned half of me from the waist up to look more… feminine. It sounds impossible to believe but it's true. I would never lie to you. I love you Reiji."

Reiji looked up at Yoshiki. "You… love me? Even after everything I've done?"

"I always have no matter what you did," Yoshiki stood up and faced the witches. "I ask that you spare Reiji from her crimes."

"Do you think we'll obey to a Fiend of Hell, a villain of the Creatures of the Night?" Kyoko snapped, "What if we don't?"

"You had a lot of Fiends of Hell terrorize you after they were released by the Fiend of Hell that tried to rule the world right? If you let Reiji go, I'll bring the Fiends of Hell back to Hell with me."

That was no doubt a good deal. So many had been released in the world of the Creatures of the Night and it would've been impossible for Shuichi to destroy them all, especially since he was weakened by Reiji's plot. In the end, Kyoko ended up making the deal with Yoshiki. Once the deal is done, Yoshiki faced Reiji once again.

"Reiji, I know you probably wouldn't want anything to do with me with me like this but… well… I… want you to… be my queen. If you accept that is. I won't force you into it but-"

Before Yoshiki could continue, Reiji shushed him. "Yoshiki, I've always cared for you. And you confessed that you loved me. That was all I ever wanted; I wanted to be loved. So yes, I will be your queen. I will," Reiji looked over at Shuichi and Yuki and walked towards them. "I'm really sorry about what I did Shuichi. Do you think you could forgive me?"

"Hey, you were upset and lonely. I understand." Shuichi replied.

Reiji faced Yuki. "And I'm sorry for cursing you and trying to almost kill you. Could you forgive me… Yuki?"

Yuki smirked. "At least you called me Yuki."

Reiji smiled and ran back into Yoshiki's arms. With the sorceress in his arms, the Fiend of Hell flew away and back into Hell. Everyone cheered that all their troubles were over until Ichiro walked over to Shuichi.

"Shuichi," he began, "All this time you were a warlock, a being that possesses both wizard and witch magic. I have something you may want; a choice. You can come to live with me in the world of the Daywalkers to learn to use your wizard powers to your full potential or you can stay here in the world of the Creatures of the Night."

Shuichi didn't know what to choose. Everything in the world of the Daywalkers was so amazing; however he didn't want to leave his friends behind. He felt Yuki's hand on his shoulder. He looked up at him.

"I don't care which one you choose Shuichi," he told him, "I'll follow you with whatever you choose."

Shuichi lowered his head to think before he looked up at Ichiro. "I would be lying if I said I didn't love everything the world of the Daywalkers had to offer. It had really great food, it's warmer with the light of the sun, and I actually get to dress like a guy. However, I grew up here in the world of the Creatures of the Night as a witch boy. I wouldn't be the same if I lived in the world of the Daywalkers. So I'm going to stay here. After all, I finally got to see what the world of the Daywalkers looked like, and that's enough for me."

Ichiro smiled. "Well, I wish you happiness, my son." He began to walk away with the wizards following him but before he could go any farther, Shuichi stopped him.

"Wait!" he cried out to him, "I can still visit, right Father?"

"Of course," Ichiro called back "And I told you not to call me Father. Call me Dad, alright?"

Shuichi grinned and nodded before Ichiro and the other wizards disappeared. Yuki walked up to Shuichi and took his hand into his.

"You didn't have to stay," said Yuki, "I wouldn't have minded if you decided to stay with your father."

"I know," Shuichi replied as he looked up at him, "But I just feel more at home here with my friends, my mother and my sister, but most of all with you, being the amazing vampire I love so much."

Yuki gave a small smile. "Well, this amazing vampire has something to say. Shuichi…" Before he continued, he looked around for anything that could interrupt. He sighed. "You know what? Screw being romantic and all that other stuff I kept trying to say; I keep being interrupted," Still holding Shuichi's hand, he went down to his knees. "Shuichi, will you marry me?"

Tears began running down Shuichi's cheeks with a smile and before anyone could look, he glomped his beloved vampire. "I thought you'd never ask." Shuichi cried.

So from that day on, witches and wizards lived in harmony and Shuichi and Yuki finally got married. Happiness returned to both worlds once again and they all lived happily, even Yoshiki and Reiji in Hell.

The End