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She has no idea what she does to me, moving around like that. The way her hips sway when she walks and her soft wavy hair falls down her back is enough to bring me to my knees. Seeing her bite down on that soft, swollen bottom lip makes me weak. When she looks up at me through those beautiful and innocent chocolate eyes and long lashes, I can almost feel my dead heart skip a beat. She leaves me breathless without even trying and if she ever tries to intentionally seduce me, it will be the death of me.

Bella walked passed me, moving up the stairs, dodging the creaking floorboards, and entering the bathroom with the door banging shut behind her. I followed her quickly and quietly up the stairs, collecting her things from her bedroom and depositing them on the floor outside the bathroom.

"Bella, I left your clothes by the door, I'll wait for you downstairs."

"Thank you, I should be out in a couple minutes and then we can go. Can you just leave a note for Charlie?" Her voice yelled out to me from the next room as if I wouldn't hear her. I chuckled and rolled my eyes.

"Sure, Love. I can hear you perfectly well, you know. You don't need to shout."

I laughed to myself while hearing her snort and mutter something that sounded like stupid vampires.

It took all of my self control to not give in to the lust filled thoughts clouding my mind as I listened to Bella prepare to take her shower. I stood outside the bathroom for a moment, wishing I could see through the door. I moved into her room and sat on her bed, just breathing in her sweet scent that lingered in the air. I could hear her moving around in there and my mind started to go wild. First I heard the water turn on, then the sound of Bella removing her clothes ever so slowly; almost as if she knew it would drive me mad. I could hear the water beading off of her and the soap suds moving all over her skin. I imagined it were my hands soaping her up, touching her softly and slowly, cleaning her wet, glorious body. I was seconds away from bursting into the bathroom and throwing her against the shower wall just so I could feel her naked body pressed against me while I ravish her mouth and neck with kisses.

To rid myself of the dangerous thoughts, I picked myself up off her bed and headed downstairs to write a note for Chief Swan.


We are going to Port Angeles to do some shopping, then for dinner. Billy called to say he would be over by six and that he is bringing pizza. We won't be gone too long, see you tonight.

Bella & Edward

As I turned around, Bella was just coming around the corner into the kitchen and all thoughts left my mind. She was breathtaking in the deepest shade of blue I have ever seen. Her sweater had come up to her neck and the extra material was bunched up with her hair falling over the front and I just wanted to bury my face there for the rest of the night. Her jeans and sneakers were classic Bella, and she had never looked more beautiful.

I walked purposefully over to her and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close to me. Keeping one hand firmly around her waist, I brought my other hand up and ran it through her soft waves, fisting a handful to tilt her head back. I crushed my lips to hers in a moment of passion, kissing her like my life depended on it, sucking on her bottom lip and running my tongue over her mouth so I could taste her.

Every time I inhaled, I could smell the enticing scent that tempted all of my desires. I could taste her, every time my lips touched hers. It was a vampire sensory overload. It was pure Bella and it hit me hard. It was too much, it was beyond delicious. I wanted more. I poured every ounce of love I had into our kissing. My breathing was uneven and erratic. I was trembling from the energy and passion I was holding back. In the back of my mind, I heard myself moaning and purring into her mouth, but on the surface I heard Bella. I knew what would happen if we kept this up, I had to find the will to stop.

After a few moments of kissing, biting and soft moans, her knees began to shake, then her heartbeat faltered so I knew I had to slow down. I kissed her softly and she whimpered deliciously into my mouth, which sent me into another wave of lust. I grabbed her by her hips, lifted her up and wrapped her legs around my waist, backing her into the wall. Our kissing was now urgent and the only thought that went through my mind was the combination of her scent washing over me and the fact that I could feel just how aroused she was, even through her panties and jeans. Moments like these make me feel grateful for being a Vampire. I tried to slow things down and pull away but then Bella grabbed onto my hair with force, knotting her fingers in the strands and refusing to part from my lips.

Bella must have sensed I was about to pull away from her because she arched her back, pushing her chest closer to me and pulled even harder on my hair, proving that she wanted me as much in that moment as I wanted her. She sighed into my mouth, dazzling me with her warm breath.

"Edward. Please… don't stop, I need more." She breathed into my mouth, holding me closer.

"Bella, we have to stop. I'm trying to do the right thing but you're making it so hard, do you have any idea what you do to me?" I held her gaze, begging her to understand that I wanted her just as much, but had to maintain my self control.

"I know, it's okay." She gave me a sad smile and pushed a piece of hair away from her face. Taking a deep breath, she focused on my eyes, then my mouth and smirked. She bit down on her bottom lip that was now glistening and swollen from our kissing. Mmmm that mouth. I licked my lips slowly, staring at her mouth. God, it's getting harder and harder to resist her. I want to make her mine in the worst way, but we've made it this far and our wedding is so close.

Just a few more weeks, I kept repeating to myself over and over like a mantra, trying to get a grip back on reality.

She leaned away from me slightly, tilting her head and looking me right in the eye.

"You know, once I'm a Vampire, you won't be able to get away so easily."

A mischievous grin spread across her beautiful face and my heart clenched. I was both excited and sad about that change, but now isn't the time to dwell on that subject.

I flashed her favorite crooked smile, running my finger slowly up her stomach and across her ribs. Then I grabbed her forcefully and pulled her close once again just long enough to whisper into her ear…..

"I'm looking forward to it, my love." I backed her slowly towards the wall again and let out a groan, grazing my lips across her mouth and cheek to the other ear. I whispered again to tease her a little. "To actually hold you, kiss you and touch you the way I want to," I breathed, "Oh, you have no idea, Miss Swan."

She blushed a beautiful pink, letting out a soft moan and the sound went straight to my cock, which was now straining against my trousers. She looked up at me through her soft, long lashes while biting her lip and I just had to taste her once more. I leaned down to kiss her softly before I released her so she could fix her sweater and hair, which was now messier than it had been a few minutes ago.

We went out to the Volvo and headed to Port Angeles. We just wanted a day to relax and be with each other. We walked around talking, laughing and holding hands and I loved every single moment of the day.

We did some shopping, buying new books and music, and Bella decided to have a pair of sweatpants made for her that spelled "CULLEN" across the ass. She was going for funny, knowing Alice would be pretty mad that she bought more sweatpants, but funny is not the result she got. Unfortunately my animal instincts returned, swarming my mind.

Bella ran into the bathroom to change into them emerging soon after, stopping to stand in front of me before she span around with her arms out and a bright smile on her face. She stood still with her ass towards me and then, as if I wasn't on edge already, she shook her ass and threw me a look over her shoulder. I was instantly rock hard for her and thinking of all the ways I could fuck her without anyone knowing.

The growl that came out of me was deep and primal. My instinct to take her was overwhelming. My name was across her ass, marking her as mine. Everyone would know who she belongs to. These were my new favorite pants. I stared down at her delectable curves, taking in every aspect of her gorgeous body. The animal inside me was taking over. Nothing around us mattered, my whole world zeroed in on the fact that all I could see was my name branded on her perfect ass, just waiting for me to grab it and pull her against me.


My voice was deep and raspy when I spoke, which must have surprised her because she tensed a little and blinked.

"Bella." Her name came out breathless and almost as a purr.

My eyes burned into hers as I walked over to her. I dropped the bags I was holding and wrapped my arms around her, probably a little rougher than I should have. I claimed her mouth with mine, kissing her with everything I had while taking care not to hurt her. My hands roamed over her hips and waist, holding her to me securely. Then my hands, as if they had a mind of their own, reached down and grabbed onto her ass, pulling her up higher to my body. My movement faltered, wondering if I was crossing a line, but when she groaned a little herself, I knew I was safe.

"Edward." My name coming from her lips was divine, especially when it was moaned in a lust filled haze.

"You feel so good. I love when you touch me like this." She moaned breathlessly into my ear, and then trailed kisses down my neck. My face was buried in her hair and then, as I pulled back so I could look at her again, her kisses moved around to my jaw and down my throat, then retracing their path back to my mouth. I pulled on her hair gently and jerked my hips forward into her, needing some friction. I knew she could feel my erection pressed against her and the sweet scent of her arousal, which now filled the air as I sucked in ragged breaths, told me that her body was having a similar reaction.

"Bella, I want you. " The words were out of my mouth before I could even process the thought. It was true, I had never wanted her more than in this moment. All logic flew out the window and lust took over. Morals and noble views be damned, I was going to be inside her.

She moaned louder and fisted my hair, trying to pull me impossibly closer to her. I picked her up and pushed her back into the bathroom, locking the door behind us. Her breathing was heavy and her heart was dancing in her chest. She smelled incredible, her scent mixed with the aroma of adrenaline pumping made her blood smell even sweeter than before. The desire for her bloodthirsty monster was nothing compared to the lust fuelled animal that threatened to consume me.

My hand slipped under her sweater and found her lace covered breasts. She whimpered when my thumb grazed over her nipple before sucking in a breath, her eyes shooting open as she stared up at me with a shocked expression on her face.

"Edward, are you sure? I mean, you know I'm ready but you wanted to wait, we don't have to do this, I don't want to push you." It came out in a nervous plea, but I knew she was worried I would regret this. I was struggling to remember exactly why I had told her we should wait. I knew this went against everything I had ever known, but being with Bella could never be wrong. We belong together.

"Bella, I wanted our first time to be perfect and romantic." I paused, rethinking that this was a horrible place to do this, but my need for her was too much, too strong. "I promise I will make sweet, passionate love to you next time, but right now, I need…." I trailed off, nervous for what I was about to say to her. I had never spoken to her like this before, I always kept my Bella induced fantasies in my head.

"What do you need Edward?" She looked me in the eye with determination pouring off her in waves. She looked so sure of herself, so sexy and powerful, yet so pure and innocent.

I grabbed her harder and ran my hands up her inner thighs, spreading her legs then reaching for her hips to pull her warmth right against my hard cock, separated only by her sweats and my jeans. I brought my eyes up to meet her steady gaze which was encouraging me to tell her what it was that I needed.

"I need to fuck you." I pressed my hips forward to rub my hard length against her warmth. I slid my fingers into the waist band of her sweatpants and stroked her hips slowly and deliberately.

"Please... yes… Edward." She moaned, groaned and purred in my ear, begging for me to keep going. She pressed her hands to my chest, grabbing fistfuls of my shirt and starting to frantically rip open the buttons. "I'm yours Edward, please… fuck me."

"Say it again." I held her hands still and looked into her eyes. "Who do you belong to Bella?" I snaked my hand into her hair, tilted her head back and licked from the base of her throat, across her neck to the soft spot behind her ear before biting down on her earlobe.

She hissed at me and moaned my name again. "Edward... you, I'm yours..." She breathed, "I always have been."


I growled into her mouth as I kissed her with a combination of need and desperation. Bella moaned in response and she became even more aroused, enveloping me with the delicious scent of her in the small bathroom. I slid her pants down passed her hips and grabbed onto her ass to lift her onto the counter while taking in the sight of the recently exposed, creamy skin of her smooth legs. I stood between her legs and curled my fingers into the front of her panties to push them aside.

"You're mine, Bella." I ran my thumb up and down her wet pussy. "This…." I emphasized the word by dipping two fingers inside her, "is mine." Her breathing hitched, becoming shallow and uneven.

I thrust my fingers into her warm, tight core as my thumb rhythmically circled her sensitive clit, making her pant out frenzied pleas. One of her hands clung to the edge of the counter, turning her knuckles white, while her other hand gripped my shoulder. Her head was thrown back, her eyes hooded and unfocussed as my fingers continued to bring her pleasure.

I was totally consumed by the feel of my fingers buried deep inside her. She was so warm and amazingly soft. She was unbelievably tight and wet, so ready for me. I can only imagine how she will feel around my cock. I fell even deeper into my lustful abyss when I heard the wet sounds of my fingers thrusting in and out of her, making her drip for me.

She was panting and moaning my name, mumbling incoherent things and I knew she was close. I paid no attention to the insistent chiming of my phone in the right pocket of my jeans, instead I focused my attention on the sounds Bella continued to make.

"Right there Edward…. oh my God!" She screamed as I twisted my fingers, curling them inside her and hitting that sweet spot over and over again. I sucked on her bottom lip and kissed the corners of her mouth which had dropped open, unable to kiss me back, she just offered me her mouth and neck.

"Where? Right …. here, Bella?" I asked her in a husky whisper as I thrust my fingers deeper inside her, slowly stroking her walls and slipping almost out of her completely before thrusting back in, making her moan and beg for more. Bella seemed oblivious as my phone began to ring again, quiet in comparison to the noises escaping her. I let the ringing continue, far too unwilling to take my hands from the beautiful creature in my arms to do anything about it.

"Yes! More… more…. Oh, Edward, I'm going to cum…" She was clenching down around my fingers and I desperately wondered what it would feel like around my cock. My hips shifted against her thigh, providing friction where I craved it most.

"Cum for me Bella, oh God… please…. I want to watch you cum." I have never seen anything so beautiful. She threw her head back, arching her chest into me and clenching fistfuls of my shirt in her fingers. There was a light sheen of sweat on her flushed face and a single bead of sweat was dripping from the base of her throat down into the valley between her breasts, and I reached down to lick it before it disappeared into her sweater.


"Yes … Yes ….. Edward!" Bella screamed in pleasure again and again as she dripped all over my fingers until coming down from her blissful high. "Edward, oh God, I love you…. I love you so much." She grabbed my wrist, holding my fingers still inside her as she was too sensitive for me to move yet.

"I love you too, always." I kissed her and she grabbed my face with her free hand to pull me closer, kissing me back with passion matching my own. Her scent hung in the air, tempting me, and I fought the urge to taste her, my need to be inside her taking over rational thought once more.

"You smell so incredible and delicious." I blurted out before I could stop myself. She smiled and licked her lips again. Oh, God.

I was too busy thinking about those full, pink lips to notice Bella's hand inching back towards mine, where my fingers remained inside her. I looked down to see Bella pushing my fingers inside her once more, then pulling them out of her slowly. I have never seen anything so erotic and a low growl rumbled in my chest, followed by a throaty moan that left my mouth. Just when I thought I was going to have a calming moment, being that I wasn't touching her, Bella shocked me. She used her hold on my wrist to pull my fingers from her, coated in her wetness, before bringing them up to my lips and sliding them into my open mouth.

"Taste me, Edward." She said quietly while I stood there, motionless.

Oh. My. God.

I licked and sucked on my own fingers while she held my hand to my mouth, devouring her taste completely until there was no trace of her left.

I groaned in appreciation, grabbing her hips to pull her to me and kissed her with wet, open mouth kisses that had no rhythm. I was so close to the edge that I was rapidly losing all the control I had.

There's that damn phone again.

She looked up at me, face flushed, hair wild …"I want to make you feel good, too, Edward. Will you let me make you feel good?" She asked in the sexiest voice I had ever heard.

Fuck yes.

All I could do was nod my head and swallow thickly, I was too far gone to form words. She smiled and licked her lips, and I attacked them with my own. Her hands were trailing from my chest down to my stomach and the waistline of my jeans. Her fingers inched their way into the front of my pants and found the swollen thickness of my length. She gasped and kissed me harder; I was definitely not complaining.

"Bella….Oh, God…" I could hardly stand anymore due to the sheer pleasure that shot through me at her touch. I leaned into her more and pressed my forehead to hers, allowing her fingers to explore my body as I had done to hers.

Incredible. Amazing. Unbelievable. Divine.

Those words don't even come close to what I feel when I am with her, especially like this. There are no words. None. Nothing can describe our love with the use of mere words.

"Edward, tell me what you want, show me how to make you feel good." Is she trying to kill me? Does she have any idea how unbelievably sexy that is?

"Fuck….. Bella. That's the sexiest thing I've ever heard."

She smiled, licked her lips and pulled her sweater off, throwing it to the floor. If vampires could get dizzy, that's what I was. She is a goddess, perfect and gorgeous. The white lace that covered her perfect breasts was making my mouth water, and the confidence that she had when she stripped off her shirt made me impossibly harder.

"Come here, Edward." She said in a soft, sultry whisper.

I eagerly closed the distance between us and she tugged on the bottom of my shirt. I ripped it off and it fell to the floor, onto the growing pile of discarded clothing. Her hands found the waist of my jeans again and she unbuttoned them slowly.

I sucked in a breath and revelled in the feel of having her hands roam my body. It was like little trails of fire all the way down to my erection. "Oh God, Bella…." I moaned into her neck. The look and feel of her in front of me like this was incredible.

Then it happened. I was so consumed in Bella, and everything that she was doing, that I didn't even hear anyone approach.

There was a pounding on the door and the annoying, high pitched, nagging voice of my sister.


"Edward, I don't even know why you have a cell phone if you won't bother to answer it." She called from outside the door, in a tone that often meant she was rolling her eyes.

Bella was frozen, staring at me like I held the answers to the mysteries of the world. I clenched my teeth, tightened my jaw and took a deep breath, refusing to release my frustration at our current situation. Right now, Alice was the only thing stopping me and Bella from the path we were on.

Fucking pixie.

"If you would have answered the phone then I wouldn't have had to drive all the way here, in the rain, to stop you from doing something you would just feel guilty for later on. You might not like me right now, but you will thank me later. Trust me, I've seen it."

Her tone let me know she was clearly annoyed, but her thoughts said otherwise. She was apologizing for having to do it, but she was just trying to help.

"I'm sorry Edward, but I saw it and you would feel guilty for what happened, leading to you and Bella having a fight about it on your wedding night."

I saw the vision in her mind and all the anger I felt was gone. I couldn't do that to Bella. I wouldn't.

Bella looked so confused and sad, not to mention a little pissed off.

"Edward, when I'm a vampire… Remind me to punch Alice." She huffed and jumped down off the counter to pick up her sweater and sweats.

I laughed, pulling on my shirt, and agreed to remind her, then wondered how I was going to be able to walk out of here with the situation that was going on in my pants.

Once we were both dressed, I pulled Bella into my arms and whispered into her ear how amazing she is and how much I can't wait to marry her. She smiled, and stood up on her toes to kiss me.

"I love you, Edward Cullen."

"I know. I love you, too. More than you could ever know." I kissed her once more and tucked her underneath my arm.

"Come on, let's go home."

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