Hey guys, I know I haven't written anything for a while, but I haven't been in my groove. To get back into it, I started the iPod Shuffle Challenge. The song I got for this one was When It Rains by Paramore. I know it's similar to my "Never Let Go" but hopefully it doesn't sound exactly the same. Enjoy!

Jacob's POV.

I stood, numb. There was no other way to feel. No other way, because I had constantly begged myself- begged her- that this didn't happen. But why? Why?

It was the only question I wanted answered. I didn't want to know how she did it, or where, or what she did it with, even though I knew all of this already. Every question I didn't want to know the answer to was given to me on a silver platter, but she took the last- the only answer that mattered- with her.

I guess she forgot I was part of the deal, too.

It was safe to say I never saw it coming. Nobody did. She was a crappy liar, and I could always see through her. But why, the only time it ever mattered, did I fail? Why did she leave me here with not even a god damn answer!

And like an echo in my head, I heard, 'I have my reasons.'

She always said she hated being a burden, but didn't she know she was only making things worse? She had left everyone blind. Nobody knew what to feel; to blame her or themselves. And of course, naturally, they would jump to the latter.

'Is this what you wanted?' I thought to rain splashing wildly all over the place. 'How could you!'

I began to sob- the only time I cried about this, because I knew she knew. And I wanted to make her feel guilty. I wanted to make her feel the same way I was feeling.

"How could you do it!" I shouted into the rain.

And the rain carried her answer right back down.

'How could you let me?"