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Part Yuuno

"This is crazy! Is it infecting everyone?"

"I love! I-I-I love!"

Fate sighed, looking down at Arf/I-love-pineapples. "I wish I could understand you again…"

I-love-pineapples nodded her head sadly. "I…"

"Hey you guys!"

Fate and her beloved I-love-pineapples looked up to see Nanoha running up with Yuuno in ferret form. She smiled and waved. "Hi Nanoha. How are you?"

Nanoha frowned. "Have you heard about the plague spreading? Yuuno's got it too."

Fate, Nanoha, and I-love-pineapples stared at the now blushing Yuuno.

Yuuno squeaked, "N-N-Nanoha… I love you! Nano…"

They all exchanged looks. "What kind of attacks does an Nanoha-I-love-you have?"


Nanoha shook her head. "It's really awkward, Fate! What am I going to do? He's been saying that non-stop since… since this whole thing started!"

"Hmmm…" Fate suddenly grinned. "Hold on, I've got an idea."

They waited patiently to hear the idea.


Nanoha raised an eyebrow even as Fate covered her mouth in shock. "Fate are you okay? Nanoha-na-na-nanoha? Nano!"

Fate's eyes widened and she tried to talk again, "Fate, Fate! Fate Fate Fate Fate Fate!"

Nanoha then remembered her telepathy and tried to speak to Fate through that. "I'm hungry."

Fate nodded, sending back, "I want pickles."

With that, all four of them set off into the forest in search of pineapples, pickles, and Nanoha's that were hungry.

The Randomly Ended End.