The decision

It was obvious who she had chosen, it was more than just choosing the best date, it was realizing who she loved. She ran as soon as the car door opened at the gates of Cross Academy. Riko didn't stop for breath, she ran, she had to get to the dorms.

Takuma yawned and stretched out as he sat on the sofa, abruptly saw a blur and felt someone on top of him hugging him tightly. Kaname walked in, the others looked from Takuma and Riko to Kaname, who looked to the stairs, and they followed him up.

Riko finally let him go and looked up as his surprised face, still sitting on his lap and her arms around him.

"Um, what's up Riko?" He asked innocently, sitting up more to be comfortable.

She looked in his sweet green eyes and smiled, leaning close to his face, "Nothing Takuma." She pressed her lips to his, like he had last night, except he closed his eyes and pulled her closer.

She broke away and brushed his hair out of his eyes, he grinned; Riko then remembered what Kaname had said about this gesture and smiled.

"Takuma, you're going to be the council's leader soon. I don't want you to take on all the pressures and stress by yourself. I want to help you." She said enthusiastically.

"Oh, well I will be away a lot you know, it can't be helped you staying here." He shrugged, but Riko shook her head.

"I mean I want to be with you all the time," she blushed, "I mean as like a …" she sighed, embarrassed.

"As a ..lover?" He finished his voice slightly husky. Riko bit her lip and nodded.

"I want to be your lover." She smiled sweetly.

Takuma grinned and hugged her tight to him before kissing her eagerly.

She felt something in her pocket, she remembered the box and pulled away from Takuma and pulled it out and handed it to him. He read the tag and smiled, opening it and holding up the necklace inside. Riko gasped.

"This was the necklace I was looking at in a shop window once and absently minded said to Kaname-sama, that it would look nice around your neck. That the blue stone reminded me of your eyes." He blushed and moved to place it around her neck. She looked down at it and grinned.

"Takuma." She whispered, and then looked up at him, her hair flopping in her eyes; he pushed it out of the way for her, before kissing her again.

"Ewww, get a room." Aido walked passed in his pyjamas. "Just disgusting watching someone else do it."

Takuma opened one eye and glared at him, inserting his authority, Aido widened his eyes.

"Ok, Ichijo-sama, no need to tell Kaname now." He smiled quickly and bowed.

Riko pulled away from Takuma, and watched Aido mount the stairs. "Goodnight Aido." She called sweetly.

"Yeah, yeah." He growled. "Goodnight."