Unfair. Boring. Miserable. This is my life in a nutshell. My life used to be perfect. I had an amazing boyfriend ( who happened to be a vampire), a best friend who cared about me, lot's of friends and no worries at all. But all that changed last fall. Edward ( my vampire boyfriend) left because of a little accident. Jake ( my best friend) turned out to be a werewolf and now refuses to talk to me for reasons still unknown to me. All my friends have given up on me. What happened?

I got up this morning and decided I had had enough. I got dressed hurriedly and ran downstairs.

"Where are you going this early in the morning Bells?" Charlie asked me suspiciously.

" Oh nowhere.. just down to La Push to see Jake," I answered edging towards the door.

"Okay. Well have fun kiddo." He replied turning his attention back to the T.V. I rushed towards my truck and put the key in the slot. The engine roared to life and I pushed my truck to new speeds trying to get there. After a drive that seemed to take forever I pulled up in front of Jake's house. Billy answered the door when I knocked.

" Jake's not home right now. He's out doing errands for Sam." He informed me. I mumbled thanks and sat down in my car to wait. I was going to get an apology from him. I must have dozed off because I was startled awake by angry tapping on my window.

" What are you doing here Bella?" Jake hissed angrily. I jumped back, startled by the resentment in his voice.

"I need to talk to you." I told him. He gestured for me to continue." Alone." I said nodding towards the pack. He sighed but followed me down to the beach.

Listen Jake, I don't know why you won't talk to me but I am sorry for whatever I did to you okay?" I said straight out.

"Okay I forgive you. But to be honest I am the one who needs to apologize. I have been a total jerk to you and there is no excuse." He told me.

"So, friends?" I asked.

" Friends" he answered, his face breaking into the grin I knew and loved. "Now come on. I wanna introduce you to the pack." He took my hand and led me back to Sam and the pack.

"Guys this is Bella!" He shouted to them once we were in hearing range. " Bella this is Sam, Jared, you already know Embry, and Paul." He pointed them out as we got closer. I looked over each of them and smiled. Sam looked nice, Jared looked sweet and Paul looked kinda intimidating. And on top of that he was looking at me strangely. Like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time. I scooted closer to Jacob, feeling suddenly uncomfortable. Jake growled at Paul.

"No. How could you do that Paul? Come on!" He yelled and ran at Paul. He exploded into a russet wolf in midair.

" NO!" I screamed.