I woke up the next morning and found myself in Bella's room. I turned to her and smiled. She returned it.

"I thought last night was a dream," I whispered to her and she shook her head.

"Thank god!" I buried my face in her hair and held her close. After a little bit, she pulled away with a small sigh.

"Paul we have to get up," she told me. I grunted.

"Why?" I moaned and she laughed at me.

"Because we have school and I have to introduce you to my friends as my boyfriend," she said and I perked up immediately and grinned. She kicked me out of her room and I ran into the woods and grabbed my extra clothes from a hollow in a tree. Then I raided her fridge and pulled out a bunch of stuff to fill my plate. Bella came down a few minutes later and looked at me, confused.

"Extra clothes out back from patrols," I explained. She nodded and took a piece of toast form my plate.

We took my car to school. I helped her out and took her hand. The classes were super boring and I didn't really pay attention. I was starving by the time lunch came around I was starved. I took Bella's hand and we started walking towards the cafeteria. Suddenly Bella looked up at me.

"You know people will be talking about this for the next month right?" She whispered to me. I grinned.

"Well why don't we give them something to talk about," I said. She looked confused until I put my arms around her waist and pulled her lips to mine. Our kiss was interrupted by a loud cough. Bella blushed a deep red.

"So. I take it you two are together now?" asked Bella's friend Angela. Bella nodded and blushed deeper. I chuckled and led her to her usual table. I pretended no to notice all the hostility aimed at me and Bella. I started to eat. The silence at the table was broken by Bella. She ahd just notice that everyone was staring at her.

"What?"She asked. The blond kid spoke up.

"So are you together now?" he asked. Bella grinned.

"Yupp," she answered. You could literally see the guy deflate. Pretty hilarious if you aske me. Bella and Angela started to laugh and I just smiled and continued to eat. I was suddenly hit by a sickeningly sweet smell. I stiffened. Bella looked up at me.

"Bloodsuckers," I told her under my breath. She looked back and visibly paled. She put her hand on my arm and stood up.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom," she told me. I turned back to my food. I knew that she was lying. I could tell that seeing the rest of the Cullen's was pretty bad. I excused myself and went after her to see if I could comfort her at all. I found her just outside the cafeteria with the pixie like bloodsucker wrapped around her.

"Oh Bella I missed you!"She exclaimed. Bella's face hardened and she pried her arms away.

"Not enough to come back," she replied. The pixie looked ashamed. Edward came up beside her and glared at Bella.

"Bella why were you…..kissing…..that dog?" he asked disgusted. I held in a snarl.

"He has a name oyu know. And he is my boyfriend so I think I should be allowed to kiss him," she replied a little smugly. My heart swelled with love and pride.

"Bella love don't you remember our talk last night?" he asked a little desperately. I saw Bella roll her eyes and muffled my laugh. He sounded like a pathetic child.

"Well as you probably already know, I'm Paul's imprint," she answered. Edward hissed. She backed away.

"No! You are mine and mine only!"he yelled. This time I couldn't hold in my low growl. Suddenly the big one and the scarred one were by his side, restraining him.

"Bella is not yours Edward. She is through with you so leave her alone," the big one growled. Edward scowled and disappeared. Bella thanked and hugged the two other vampires and I felt a surge of respect for them. They had protected my Bella. I decided that it was probably time to show myself, so I started to walk towards them. I went to Bella and wrapped my arms around her.

"You okay Bells?" I murmured. She nodded.

"Are you sure?" I asked. She nodded again then shook her head. I saw the tears that threatened to fall and rushed her to my car. I pulled her onto my lap and she buried her head in my chest and cried. I stroked her hair and waited for her to calm down.

Fifteen minutes later her sobs quieted and then stopped.

"We're gonna be late for class," she told me. I took in her tearstained cheeks and puffy red eyes.

"No. I'm taking you home. Bella I heard what happened with the bloodsuckers. You thought of them as your family and they ditched you. It's gotta be awful to see them again after that," I told her. She looked about to argue but I gave her a look and started the car. She gave up and sat back in her seat.

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