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Sesshomaru Ch. 1

Patience was my father's worst enemy. This was naturally made evident from the habit he displayed by continuously pacing back and forth in front of the large double doors of the medical ward, grumbling under his breathe at each 180 degree twist. The fluid whip of his kimono robes brought a smile to my face, but I dare not laugh out loud. I, being who I am, knew better than to increase my sire's already mounding irritation. When he was in this state of unpleasant company, I'd take my place nearby to be the silent audience and enjoy the show.

"How long do they intend to keep their lord and king waiting?" Growled the elder demon lord. Crinkled lines bruised his handsome face into a disfigured frown of displeasure. Really, my father was quite the impatient fiend. "My patience wears thin with all this waiting."

Of course he's speaking to no one in particular. Just ranting and raving about like a child without his favorite toy. Nonetheless, he just wouldn't be InuTaisho if his patience wasn't as thin as spring kissed ice. This is how he's always been.

"I have the sudden urge to blast this damned door down. Why haven't I received word of what's going on in there?"

I could easily offer my two cents, but there'd be no point. All my end of the conversation would do is cause another barrage of nonsense aimed my way. Why intentionally give myself an unnecessary headache? But then again, my patience was never one to be tampered with either. I too wondered what could be taking place behind those enclosed walls. It seemed like a day and eternality has passed since we received word that one of my father's cohorts had become impregnated with his seed.

The news at first seemed far-fetched since those women had but a single purpose and that was to sate the pleasures of their king and master. Each woman was chosen based on impeccable pedigree and of her inability to have children, an ingenious move by the matchmaker. It was the only assurance guaranteed that his seed would be kept safe within until he saw fit for another child and he would still be able to have his desires satisfied without worry. Humans weren't fit for anything more than being the heat he needed to warm his bedding.

This only came to be so when my own mother passed many moons ago. Her death in the Great War nearly 500 years ago broke my father's heart, enveloping him into a state of depression for a long period of time. Since Inu demons mated for the remainder of our lives with our chosen lovers, her death was a tremendous impact on his soul. Since then all he's done is rut with females the match maker considered to be worthy of his unholy drive, but not worthy of storing his burden; namely the semen that was worth more than their very lives.

Unfortunately the match maker proved to be a failure in his choice of women this time.

One of the females, a human princess from far off in a neighboring territory, became pregnant with my father's likeness from their latest rut nine months ago. My Father had been angered to learn that a mere human was blessed with his precious genes but soon became overruled the concept of desecration at the thought of having another child besides myself. The human would have nothing to do with the rearing of the hanyou child to be born. That job would be left to him and caretakers of the palace. The mortal would count her blessings if she came from this chamber alive.

"Kami, I cannot take much more of this blasted waiting. I'll melt this damn door down now if I have too!"

This time I do chuckle quietly at his drastic tactics. This of course brings the full blunt of rage unto me, a mistake but oh well it was bound to happen sooner or later. I wasn't the least bit intimidated by his narrowed glare for I had one of my own just as potent. "Do you find something amusing Sesshomaru?" He asked with the slightest twitch of his right eye.

"Naturally Father." My dear King huffed at that. His rage and aggravation don't frighten me in the least. The only reason I choose to stay on his good side is to prevent an unwanted ear bleed of his constant bellowing.

"And what is so funny? Please share the wealth of merriment. Kami knows I could use it."

The wall I was supported against was kicked from beneath me as I strolled calm and collected as our water pillars releasing in a pond, "You're standing here walking back and front like a worried nanny. Just allow nature to take its course."

"Nature is taking her precious time in there, Boy." Father mumbled looking up at the tall door. "I can't be as relaxed as you when I have another child coming into this world."

"Yes another child that happens to be hanyou." My bitterness is easily pronounced in the way I said that final word. I can't be help feeling the unfamiliar twinge of jealousy from how Father was getting antsy from the prospect of another child when he already has one standing before him; one of pureblood and more than powerful enough to carry on his name.

"Don't speak on such prejudices with me," I frown a similar expression to his own at being called boy. "You may feel bitterness toward humans but my tastes don't run as low as your own."

"Of course it doesn't. Otherwise we wouldn't be standing here waiting for a birthed mongrel, now would we?" I sighed shaking my head. "Seriously Father, why put yourself through the pains of raising a hideous creature? What if this child comes out distorted with the face of a goblin?"

InuTaisho laughed out loud from the non-humorous jest. "Come now my boy. I'm sure my genes will dominate over the likes of a mere human. I doubt the baby will come out disfigured."

"Your hope in this child is most unbecoming." I say nothing more on the matter and return to my post against the wall with my arms folded. By now, I'd truly had it up to my ears with this unborn child's praises. Nestled in his dam's womb and already he was getting the praises of current company.

My behavior, I admit, is similar theory of demonic heritage but can one blame me? This was a lesson I'd been raised on, practically embedded in my mind to believe that our breed was flawless. Now to have the likes of this underdeveloped savage blended in our family bloodline with the disgusting dilution of a human? It was an unsavory feeling o digest.

Yes the blasted human's heritage was one to be admired because of her elegant beauty and charm . . . but so were many other women and human blood wasn't one to be flattered over by our kind . . . especially not by me. She was after all a short lived creature destined for a single century of life.

Our wait proceeds onward for two hours in complete silence. Both of us lost in our own thoughts about the baby but each on different opinions. My father contemplating on how he wanted to raise his new son or daughter; while I thought about the misfortune that would be bestowed upon our family. A disgusting savage of pure ugliness to destroy the beauty that was once our family was to be born today and there wasn't a damned thing I could do about that . . . that filthy beast.

Finally after another hour passed, my father's prayers were answered when the large mahogany doors opened and the nurse, an aged panda demon, walked out with a tired expression. Her elderly face formed into a weak smile of exhaustion from the many hours of labor and patience as she announced softly, "Your highnesses, the child has finally been born."

InuTaisho grinned from ear to ear after hearing the wonderful news. "What of the human?" He asked trying to seem polite in the welfare of his female.

The old nurse was hesitating to answer my Father's question.

"Be quick to answer when spoken too Sakura," I said, breaking through her mental nervousness. A particular soreness of mines was when servants failed to do as they were told immediately on request.

Sakura bowed respectfully, snapping back to her lower station, "Yes my lords please forgive me." She lifts her head with saddened rose hue eyes. "My lord, the human female was far too distressed during her labor and passed on during the birthing process."

"That can't be helped," Was my unkind reply. No human is capable of bearing a demon child. Death was sure to follow during the birth or later on. Either way it was fated that best suited them in my opinion.

"What of the child?" My king asks, clearly not caring about his human's life either.

Sakura blinked as if nearly forgetting about the baby, "Oh my king." She smiled proudly. "You'll be happy to hear that the child was born a healthy –"

Her words were silenced by the shrill cry of an infant from within the medic wing. The signal of impending doom has just arisen. That was all the king needed to hear to rush as fast as he could to see what the child came to look like.

I for one wasn't as thrilled to enter.

"Your highness," Sakura bowed to me from my side. "I don't think you should be so worried about the child. The baby is very healthy and quite a sight to behold."

"Your opinion wasn't asked on the matter Sakura."

"But my lord if I may be so bold as to continue, I just wanted to inform you that the baby was not disfigured in his facial features and has a few of your Highnesses demon traits," Her rosy eyes wrinkled along the sides of her face into a cheerful smile. "I think you will think differently of the baby when you see for yourself." She bowed her departure and returned back inside the room.

Her gracious impression isn't lost on me entirely but I would be the one to judge for myself if the child was even worth looking upon. I guess she assumes since the hybrid tyke looked decent that it would still be fine by me. Hardly the case I dare say.

But curiosity won out over my stubbornness and I walked inside anyway to see what all the fuss was about.

The walk wasn't long enough for me as the noise grew louder as I found my Father laughing and smiling up at the newborn in his hands. "Ah yes what a fine babe you are!" He boosted audibly, holding the nude babe high. I don't see the creature from my end of the room. My Father's long sleeve robes concealed its figure from head to toe.

He senses my presence at the door and beckons me to come inside. "Come here, boy. Come and see your new brother."

Brother? So the child was born male. Even more troublesome indeed. Now I had a potential rival born over my place for the throne. A male heir no less would create more competition for Father's options when it came time for it. He wouldn't possibly put a mixed breed in the chair would he?

But judging from the way Father was laughing and smiling so much, the boy can't be all that hideous.

"Ah look at him Sesshomaru. Have you ever seen such a finer child born?" InuTaisho reveals the tiny male to me for my own evaluation of him. The babe could not possibly be all that special. My eyes peeked over Father's arm to look at the boy and— immediately my previous words of brazen fell silent against my lips.

I was more than stunned, absolutely star struck if I were to be honest aloud. The child was not ugly; far from it. He was near perfection. His tiny head sparkled in shockingly white hair, possibly paler then my own. His skin was tanned a soft peach tint, a deep tone. On top of his head were what would probably be his only trademark of hanyou blood. Two triangle shaped canine ears twitching from side to side, picking up the slightest sounds in the room.

But what captivated me the most were the two biggest and brightest honey gold eyes I'd ever seen. They were beautiful, incredibly mesmerizing to stare into. I found my own inner self drowning in the ever going sunshine pools of liquid gold. Such an enchanting soul he was and only a mere babe at that.

"I see the boy is taken with you already Sesshomaru," InuTaisho teased noticing that the baby stopped crying the minute he saw his older brother's face.

"Don't be ridiculous." I scuffed arrogantly. "He doesn't know me enough to behave."

"Why not hold him and see for yourself?"

The child was offered to me but I declined. "No I'd rather not. He's far too small be held."

"Nonsense boy; he's strong enough," Snorted Father. "Here, take him."

My sigh goes unnoticed by my stubborn sire as I take the small pup in my arms. At first I'm surprised at how small his body is; light as a freshly plucked feather too. His length is about as long as my hand to my elbow, possibly smaller.

The baby looks up at me with those doe like amber eyes and suddenly gurgles happily for me. He was a quite a glorious sight. Already I was just as attracted to the child's purity and innocence as my father. Probably more than Father was. But I would never speak of this out loud. I still had my pride to uphold of course.

The tender little bundle whined and laughed, reaching his short tubby arms out to me as if asking for my embrace. So sweet and new to the world he was. Small, fragile like the leaves of a dying autumn left . . . and just as easy to crush in an instant.

Strange. I cannot figure out why but I felt different just by looking at this sweet being in my arms. Almost like this over whelming urge to . . . to do something completely out of my character.

The next thing I knew my lips were pressing softly against that plush chop of hair inhaling the wondrous scent of pure freshness. He smelled heavenly, cleansed of all malice and evil.

"I see you're pleased," Father mentions, placing his hand on top of the baby's head. His eyes narrowed in a thinking pose. "What do you think we should name him?"

I rolled my eyes. "The child is not mines Father. I don't have grounds to name him."

"But your opinion is wanted," He walked over to the window looking out for some inspiration. "How does InuTaisho ll sound?"

"Please father, don't damn this boy with your tname. Just because you were unfortunate to have it doesn't mean he should be as well."

"Then what do you suggest?" He snorted sarcastically. "Surely you don't think that your own name sounds more pleasing?"

"As a matter of fact I do," My name would be much more appropriate in my opinion. I am perfect after all.

"Don't be a fool. What do you think Sakura?" He asked to the nurse cleaning off the sheets of the bedding to be replaced with fresher linen.

The old demoness pondered over the choice for a moment, than a bright smirk creep on her mouth. "What about Inuyasha?"

"Inu-Yasha?" We both repeated.

"Yes. The child came into the world with the strongest pair of lungs I'd ever heard. I think he will grow up to be a powerful warrior and prove his worth of the Inu clan's blood very well." She explained proudly.

"Inu-ya-sha. Hm," InuTaisho peered now at his now quiet child thinking. "Inuyasha is a fine name. Yes!" He picked the boy up from my arms swinging him high in the air excitedly. "Yes Inuyasha it is!"

"Careful Father. The pup was just born today." I scolded softly.

Father carefully brought the fragile pup down, cradling him in his arms. "I apologize little Inuyasha. Your father is just so thrilled to have another wonderful son to call my own."

So Inuyasha shall be the boy's name? A fitting name for the small prince indeed. A very fitting name indeed for a prince of royal blood. "Father have you informed Godfather about—?"

"Why yes he has," Said an intruding deep voice from the doorway of the medical room.

Standing in the doorway were two of our closest allies from the neighboring kingdom. Lord Yoko Kazo of the Eastern Lands, reigning superior of all Youko Demon. By his side stood the spitting image of his very appearance, minus his eyes was his son prince Yoko Kurama.

"Ah my friend!" InuTaisho strolled over to show his newborn pup to his platinum haired comrade, all grins and smiles alike. "Look Kazo. Look at what I have been blessed with."

Lord Kazo smiled, tracing a delicate claw over the smooth skin of the new child and lend down to bury his nose into his newest god child's snow top hair. He inhaled deeply, placing the scent into his memory for safe keeping. "A fine babe he is Taisho. A very fine babe. What have you name him?"

The king's chest swelled with something I'm embarrassed to say was his pride, "Inuyasha."

"Inuyasha? Marvelous! A perfect name for him," Cooed Lord Kazo, wiggling a finger in front of the little hanyou, laughing.

My own friend and god brother, Yoko Kurama, walked over to me with his usual cocky smile. The same smile I always accused him of displaying when he was up to kami knows what, "Congratulations on the newest addition of your clan Sesshomaru." His gravely rasped voice hummed, rather than spoke.

"Thank you."

Yoko braced his arms on the chair I sat in and sighed. "You seem to have all the luck."

"Whatever are you talking about?"

He chuckled. "Come now Sesshomaru. Look at the boy. He's divine."

"I'm aware."

"I'm sure you're also aware of how alluring he'll be when he gets older then," Yoko commented with a seductive glee in his hazel gold eyes.

I could already tell where this conversation was heading. "Already staking claims on him Fox and he's barely been born. At the very least, wait until he's able to walk."

Yoko laughed. "Don't be silly. I would never think of taking the boy from you."

"Who said anything about me wanting him for myself? I just don't want my brother to be subjected to the likes of you. I know how you are. Your bed ventures are legendary."

Kurama mocked a hand over his inflicted heart. "You wound me little brother. I am not the common whore you make me out to be."

"No not the common whore but a very picky one."

"That is something I will agree with."

We both laughed softly drawing the attention of our fathers to the both of us.

"What are you pups laughing about?" InuTaisho asked putting his hands on his hips.

"Yes Kits, due share," Kazo said while holding Inuyasha in his arms.

"Nothing. Nothing at all." Yoko answered waving his hand at his father and god father.

"Hmm," They shared a look which said they knew we were lying but went back to entertaining themselves with the small baby.

After making sure that their attention was back on my brother we continued with our conversation.

"So will you take the boy as your own?"

That wasn't something I considered. "Why would I? He is a hanyou."

"You forget Sesshomaru that he is also of high blood."

"That doesn't matter."

"It does matter when it comes to someone high maintenance like you," Yoko walked around my chair to squat next to my leg. A move he knew would annoy me since now he could read my emotions with his cat like eyes. Not even Father could interpret my expressions as well as this crafty fox could.

"What if the boy grows up to be an enchanting beauty? Picture him. If the baby is beautiful as he is now, just think of what he will look like when fully mature. Tall, built like an ox, legs for miles to come—" He looked over his shoulder at the baby. "And hopefully well endowed."

"Disgusting savage," I spat venomously.

Yoko raised his hands uncaringly, "Am I wrong?"

Yes the boy would grow up to be very handsome but just how handsome? Would his features surpass my own? Would he be tall? Muscular? Slender? Tanned or fair? Will his hair length become as long as mine or shorter perhaps? So many questions to wonder and so many years to have them answered. "I'll just have to wait and see what the future holds."

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