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Sneak Preview: All My Romances

Standing near one of the wide set castle windows was a small bright crystal blue eyed Maru staring down at all his brothers and sisters playing in the gardens with their Fathers. At 150 years old he was still the shyest one amongst his siblings. His parents assumed his bashful nature was due to his Omega station but it held more reasoning than that. He was the only one out of all of his siblings to be born unique. He carried the genes of both his dominate fathers.

His pointy ears were inherited gifts of his Inu father Sesshomaru. The swishing silver tail behind his back were compliments of his older father Yoko Kurama and his generously beautiful blue eyes were from his grandfather Yoko Kazo. The long silver hair; from both fathers. However the expressive form of his features spoke highly of his beautiful mother Inuyasha.

His mother seemed to be the only one out of his parents to understand his emotions. Mother Koga was a fierce heads on type of person who couldn't exactly explain the emotional bagged he felt sometimes. Mother Fiorello was too flamboyant at times for his tastes but he kept life interesting. His fathers, Sesshomaru and Yoko held very intimidating stances that sometimes made him too nervous to approach them. He knew they meant no harm since they assured him he was being overly dramatic about it.

"Hey Maru!" Called the maturing deep voice of his older Yoko brother Kuroshi.

Kuroshi, the sired and dammed son of Yoko and Koga was growing wildly into his teenage years. His jet black hair and reached the mid sections of his back with small hints of starlight highlights. His muscle tone was similar to Mother Koga's than Father Yoko. Two dark black ears flicked from side to side sneakily in sync with the swing of his black tail. The three blue stripes on his face were slowly taking on a jagged appearance enhancing the mischievous glint of his golden eyes. He was growing into his Alpha stance rather well.

Maru blushed turning his attentions back to the window. "Hello brother." He'd always seen his brother as being attractive but he's seemed to become more handsome each passing day.

"What cha looking at?" Kuroshi asked coming to stand next to him. He peeked out the window at his large family and smirked. "Oh looking at them again? Why not join in on the fun?"

"You know why." His silver tail bristled behind him in a way of annoyance. "Don't ask me questions you already know the answer too brother."

Kuroshi looped an arm around the mixed hanyou supportively. "Come on kid. You gotta let it go with the looks already. You're being overly dramatic again as always."

"Who's being overly dramatic?"

Kuroshi groaned rolling his eyes at the silky smooth tone of his supposed Uncle Shura. The dragon/youko mixed demon was a strikingly beautiful demon with the lengthening growth of his red and silver streaked hair tied high above his head; although it still reached pass his hips. His green eyes were more of a calm rippling flow of the rivers they'd seen outside of their homes. His pointy ears tingled as he came close toward his rival and nephew. "Who's being overly dramatic Kuroshi?"

"None of your damned business." Kuro grunted roughly. "Buzz off. We're having a private conversation that doesn't involve you."

"It does involve me if Maru's having problems." Shura walked pass his fuming relative to stand beside the quiet hanyou. "What is bothering you Maru?" He asked calmly.

"I wish you two wouldn't be concerned about me. I am fine. Honestly I am."

"I cannot help but feel concerned you're not being yourself." Shura boldly reached over and hugged his family member to his chest rubbing claws through his hair. "Maru you know I'm here for you if you need anything don't you?"

"Yes brother." Shura stood back looking up at his taller uncle whom he called brother like all the others. "I know. Thank you."

Kuroshi folded his arms. "Whatever. Anyway do you wanna stay here all damn day or do you wanna go out and join the others now?" He didn't wait for the answer as he stomped off in a huffed hissy fit. Damn he couldn't stand that Shura. Always butting in when he wasn't needed.

"What's wrong with him?" Maru asked blinked his crystal eyes curiously.

Shura shrugged honestly not caring. "Kuroshi's just being Kuroshi." The honest truth was being that Kuroshi and Shura couldn't stand one another. Especially when it came to the issues involving Maru's wellbeing. They haven't gotten along since they were toddlers, always arguing over the smallest things.

"Come on brother. Let's go join the others."

Maru nodded. "Ok."

Laying against the tree relaxing in the sun's warm rays were the Beta demons keeping a calm watch over their growing children. Inuyasha and Koga were high in the branches of the Trinity Tree soaking up the sunshine beaming generously on their faces. Further down were Kazo and Fiorello speaking to one another in the Youko language. Over the years the two were still learning much about the other.

Kazo was still a bit hesitating sometimes about leaving his sons alone for moments on end but he's gradually become better at it. He's been allowing Inuyasha and Koga to go off into the markets now without worrying and has finally gotten to the point of allowing Fiorello to go with them without issue.

Inuyasha yawned and stretched his limbs, scratching his head. "Damn it's too peaceful these days."

"Yea." Koga grunted waving his arms over the branch of the tree he was occupying. "I appreciate all the down time but where's the excitement?"

"You two should be grateful for the peace my sons." Kazo commented up to the youths.

"Oui Mon amis. Peace is something I am grateful for." Fiorello yawned sitting up to flex his back. "However Pretty Pere I wouldn't mind a little more—how do you say— entertainment no?"

Inuyasha and Koga hopped down to join their fellow Betas/ Omegas on the ground.

Kazo sighed shaking his head. "You kits are so ungrateful. Be respectful for the peaceful times while they last. Inari knows we could use it."

"Mother Kazo! Mother Kazo!"

Kazo groaned sinking down against the tree. "You see what I meant about peaceful times?" He grumbled seeing his children and grandchildren running their way.

It never, ever failed. Whenever one child came, the entire flock would come running behind as if it were some sort of game of follows the leader.

Kazo's daughter a sweet angelic young golden eyed and haired Youko vixen with pale grey skin came running helplessly to land beside her mother crying. "Mother, mother…" She whimpered.

Kazo patted her hair rolling his eyes above her head. His child was so melodramatic. "What is it now Hina?"

"Mother," She sniffled. "Ryusho and Riku are making fun of the flowers I made for Shina."

Said demon, Shina, sighed shaking her white hair from side to side. Her blue eyes were so fed up with her friend's antics. "Sister I've told you that I loved your flowers. You didn't have to cry over it."

Ryusho's ears twitched angrily, his black hair flailing and his crystal eyes flashing an icy shade. "She's just whining for attention as always. I never heard of an Alpha who cried as much as she does." The Omega growled.

The eldest child Riku nodded his head, focusing his gold eyes on his sister, while flipping silver hair over his shoulder. "Hina you're too old to cause such a fuss over trivial things. Learn to grow up."

"Shut up!" Hina sneered. "You're just being stuck up as always."

Inuyasha and Koga snickered at the predicament of their father as he tried to juggle talking to all three of his children.

Inuyasha's oldest son, Hakaru, smiled admiring at the ever wonderful glow of his alluring mother. The puppy eared imagine of Sesshomaru could never recall ever seeing someone as handsome and lovely as his mother. And probably never would. "Hello Mother Yasha, Mother Koga." The Alpha greeted respectfully.

Inuyasha bowed back as Koga went over to try and help his father with the arguing. "Hey son. How are you today?"

"I'm fine Mother." He said quietly studying the hanyou's features closely. "I'm just happy to see your lovely face this afternoon."

"Hey cut it out with the compliments kid. You know how I hate ass kissers."

Hakaru blushed. "Yes Mother please forgive me."

"Hey, hey." Inuyasha patted his son's head playfully. "I was only kidding son."


A slender white haired Youko Inuyasha's daughter, Kiko, giggled at the way her brother always became awe struck whenever he came in contact with their mother. She always knew he was the one to admire their mother the most. She couldn't blame him though. Her sad gold eyes fell to the one person she'd come to admire as well. But no matter how much she wanted to be with her she knew it wouldn't be possible, since her crush already loved another. Shina didn't want Kiko. She wanted Hina.

Bringing up the rear where the final children of the set coming to sit on either side of their mother. The Yuki and Yura the more flamboyant of the set of children, next to Hina.

Yuki was a sweet spirited Omega the exact mirror imagines of his silver Youko father besides his green eyes. The other twin, Yura was a red haired, green eyed vision of his sire Sesshomaru and every bit as intimidating whenever he was around others. His calmer nature was expressed around family only.

"No no no no!" Hina suddenly fussed, standing to face his eldest brother Riku. "You're always the one trying to be better than me."

"That's because I am you fool." Riku said smartly.

"I wish you guys would cut it out already." Ryusho mumbled rubbing his temple. "You're giving me a headache."

"You're not the only one." Lord Kazo stood up from his tree and waved his hand in the air, summoning a vine from the bush to separate all of the children individually.

All of them squealed and squirmed different words and whatever nonsense, the Mother's ignored until The Alpha fathers came outside to join them.

Whenever the fathers came outside, the children all knew to be extremely quiet, not making a single sound.

Sesshomaru and Yoko walked calmly as elegant as their grace could utter toward their mates for the greeting kiss as always.

Yoko kissed Fiorello and Koga first before giving his youngest mate a kiss. "Greetings little brothers."

"Hey, What's up, Bonjour!" Came the three separate welcomes.

Sesshomaru did the same kissing Koga and Fiorello, but lingered longest on his favorite mate Inuyasha. "Hello little brothers."

The same greetings came in chorus to their brothers.

Kazo stood up dusting off his tunic and went to greet his two mates, Taisho and Ryuu with sweet kisses. "Hello my loves. Glad you could join us." He winked slapping his tail on their hips.

"Keep it up fox and you'll be having another litter." Ryuu threatened playfully.

"Hmm I look forward to it."

Taisho chuckled. "Honestly could you too wait until we get home with the flirting?"

Kazo kissed his first mate. "Never when it involves you two Love."

"Ewwwwwww!" The children finally sounded off gagging.

"Please could you guy all do your cuddle time somewhere else? It's making me sick." Hina teased wiggling by her vine.

Kurama motioned with his hand for the vines to lower his siblings and children down to the ground. "I take it since Father has you all suspended in midair that there was a problem?" He questioned the youths, holding his arms.

The children, looked at their scuffling feet before nodding their heads innocently.

"I see…"

They waited for the moment of truth…All eyes turned to Sesshomaru who pointed toward the castle where they all knew they'd receive their punishment. The girls began to whimper while the males, groaned inwardly knowing exactly what was going to take place. Each and every one of them was going to get a whipping beyond this world.

One such child held back staring menacing at his father. Hakaru watched with angry eyes as Sesshomaru hugged his mother close to his side nuzzling his nose into his neck. He bristled at the laughing moan of his Mother who returned the gesture sweetly. Growling under his breathe he turned on his heel, trying to will the disgusting sight from his mind.

One way or the other when he became strong enough, he was going to have Inuyasha for himself…even if that meant he'd have to challenge both his Fathers for his hand.

Coming outside in time to see the others going inside, Kuroshi, Maru and Shura watched the others walking into the castle with grave expressions. Kuroshi groaned slapping a hand over his face. "Ah fuck what the hell did you assholes do now?"

"Ask Miss cry baby." Ryusho said pointedly to his crying sister.

"Shut up Ryusho!" Hina whailed.

Maru sighed turning around to join them. "We might as well turn around Kuro. You know Father Sesshomaru punishes us at once."

"But fuck we didn't even do anything!" He whined following behind the others.

Shura turned his nose up following behind. "Quite your bellowing and take it like a man."

Kuroshi snarled baring his fangs. "Keep talking trash Shura and I'll have us all getting our asses beat for months."

"Is that a threat?" Shura taunted uncaringly.

"Please you two could you try to get along just once?" Maru said quietly. "

Kuroshi huffed turning down toward the hall. Shura smirked trailing behind him as well.

Maru hung back a bit too looked at his elders who were still standing near the tree discussing whatever came to mind. They all had their own specific appearances that were so much like others. So where did that leave him? He was the most different of all his siblings. The big question was…where would that leave him in the long run?

With a heavy sigh, he went back into the castle to follow behind his siblings wondering in his mind what life was going to be life for family as well as the others. For some strange reason, he could feel something big was going to happy to affect his family…and he wondered if they would all pull away from it together…

TBC: Yes I know it's short but I only wanted to give an insight of the newest squeal scheduled a few months from now ^_^. Don't worry I won't focus on ALL of the children. That's wayyyy too much work lol. It'll mostly revolve around these things.

romance triangle between Kuroshi, Maru and Shura.

romance interest between Shina, Hina and Kiko (But I don't know how to do Yuri =P)

3. Hakaru's infatuation of his mother Inuyasha and his growing rivalry between Sesshomaru and Yoko for his mother's hand.

4. Trouble in the kingdoms of someone trying to win over Kazo from Ryuu and Taisho. A new upcoming ruler who's young…and steamily sexy….I bet you can't guess who it is ^_^

5. Yura the red headed, green eyed version of Sesshomaru will also take a love interest into his mother Fiorello against his Fathers.

Stay tuned for the future squeal my lovelies! Ouch….now it's time for bed… ^_^