Some of you may already be familiar from this story arc from the drabble series, Today, but I found that the idea is too big to fit into the drabbles, so I've decided to turn it into its own separate series. It originally started out as part of the ten songs challenge, to the song 'Hoist the Colours' from Pirates of the Caribbean, hence the title of this fic. I was asked for a continuation, and it just kept growing and growing, leading to the separation. I hope you enjoy!

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Hoist the Colours

Chapter One: Arrest

"Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die."

~Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Hoist the Colours

The decision had been made. He and his men were sentenced to death. No trials. Not in the midst of a war.

Deryn had a very strong urge to punch something.

After all Alek had done for them? And what about Klopp? A nice man, if ever there was one. Bauer was a good man too! And good old Hoffman! Volger…okay, Deryn could really care less if they strung him up.

But still! Four of the five didn't deserve this…All five, she admitted reluctantly to herself, as Volger hadn't really done anything. Except find out her bloody secret, but he hadn't told anyone. Well, she hoped he hadn't.

However, no matter if they were at fault or not (which they most certainly weren't) they didn't deserve to be hanged without a trial. And there was no barking way Deryn would let them string Alek up.

It was all the fault of the captain. Deryn had certainly lost all respect for Hobbes, although Dr. Barlow had told her that he was only doing as he'd been commanded. No matter. Deryn needed someone to place the blame on, at least for now, and Hobbes was the primary choice.

She stood amongst the rest of the Leviathan's crew, and she noticed, a bit smugly, that not all of the men were looking very pleased at the occasion.

Deryn gulped as the drums began to sound, and Alek and his men were marched out. The British guards led the five of them onto the platform, and she closed her eyes as they put the noose around Alek's neck.

Barking spiders, if she didn't do anything, she'd noose herself!

Without a second thought, Deryn leapt forward, plunging through the crowd and shoving all the spectators aside as she fought to reach Alek. Flicking out her pocketknife, she found herself making double time.

None of the crowd had any desire to face a half-crazed middy with a knife.

Reaching the platform, she ignored the shouts from the guards and cut Alek and his men loose. Darting forward, she snatched up a pistol from a guard's belt, then held it steady, its barrel aimed straight at the guard's chest. The poor man froze, staring down the mouth of the weapon.

Deryn motioned for the Clankers to get a move on, and they did. All but one.

If it had been any other situation, Deryn would have groaned at the fact that Alek refused to leave. Still, she was a bit glad of the company.

Sneaking a glance behind her, she saw Klopp and Bauer acting as twin battering rams, while Hoffman deflected attackers away from the two. When she saw Volger apprehend a sword, she smiled in fiendish delight.

Now they had the upperhand.

Well, not really, of course, but none of them were willing to shoot while Deryn was holding one of their guards hostage. The man may not have been a captain, but he was young, and well-liked, and none of the guard could know that Deryn had no intention of harming him.

"Dylan, stop! This is madness!" the captain shouted.

He really did make a good scapegoat for Deryn's anger in this situation.

Instead of answering, she turned to Alek. "Never shall we die, aye?" she asked him.

"Aye," he agreed, and together they took off running, the British guard hot on their heels.

Thanks to the pathway Alek's men had cleared, it was a straight run. Now, though, the guards were willing to fire, and shots cracked above them. Deryn flinched as one hit the brick wall just to her right, spraying rubble and broken stones.

Quickly, they turned around the corner of the court building, Deryn firing a warning shot behind her. Hopefully that would scare them for a few seconds.

The moment they burst onto the street, Deryn sprinted forward and leaped onto a cab, one that was similar to the all-terrain carriage that had greeted her the day she tried out to be an airman. A similar lupine creature pulled it along, and Deryn flashed a grin at the driver. "Mind if I borrow this?" she asked the stunned man, then shoved him, motioning for Alek and his men to get onboard. They did so quickly, shutting the carriage door tightly, and Deryn whipped the reins, shouting a quick "Sorry!" behind her to the stricken man upon the cobblestones.

Spurred into action, the lupine creature began to race down the streets, and Deryn had to hold tight to steer the beast.

Behind her, she could hear the pounding of hooves as the guards started to give chase, but she had a head start. That didn't stop the guards from firing their own guns as well, and she ducked down. While the Clankers were somewhat safe in the carriage, she was in the open at the helm of their ride. Spotting a narrow side street, she yanked the reins and the carriage turned abruptly, scattering passerby and entering the alley.

The sides of the carriage scraped against the walls in a tight fit, but they soon shot out the other end, onto an empty street. Perfect.

Halting it, Deryn commanded, "Get out. Now." As soon as the Clankers had gotten out, she whipped the reins again, hard, then took a flying leap out of the carriage as the lupine sprinted down the street.

She landed awkwardly, rolling a bit to stop herself, then got to her feet and pointed towards a much smaller alley. "Let's head down there, then mingle with the crowd."

"Mingle?" Volger asked disdainfully, gesturing at her clothes. While the Clankers were alright, with their unassuming outfits (it wasn't as if they wore special clothes to be hung), she was dressed in her airman's uniform, and cursed.

"Pretend I'm off duty," she snapped, then began to stride down the alley, tossing her gun down, but sheathing her knife. "Plus, we won't be in the open long. Now, hurry it up, if you don't mind, unless you want the British guard to catch us."

Alek caught up to her, his men following behind, and Volger reluctantly parting with his stolen sword. "What do you have planned, Dylan?" he asked, curious, glancing warily behind them. Footsteps and shouts indicated that the guard had already entered the side street. They had to get out of the alley, now.

They entered the next street, a busier one, and Deryn chose not to answer Alek, instead hailing a cab. "Do you mind taking us to that hotel by the Thames?" she asked politely, giving off a calm demeanor despite her heart racing, and the cabbie smiled.

"Certainly. All aboard, then!"

Deryn let the Clankers onboard first, hissing to each of them, "Don't talk." They nodded mutely, aware that their accents would be conspicuous, and together, the six of them rode through the streets of London, unassuming tourists.

Safe inside the carriage, Deryn smirked as she saw the guards running down one of the streets they'd trashed. The bum-rags didn't think to check the carriage, and for that, she was glad.

At last, they reached the hotel she'd asked for, and piled out of the carriage. Fumbling, Deryn gritted her teeth and paid the cabbie a fair chunk of what she had in her purse.

Walking into the hotel, she got them booked in the cheapest room they had, which was luckily empty (it wasn't as if war was a popular tourist season), and together the group of fugitives entered their room and locked the door.

Suddenly tired, Deryn leaned against the door and sighed. "Well, that was barking exhausting!"

Alek simply stared at her. "Why?" he asked simply.

She rolled her eyes. "Why, you ask? 'Cause we just escaped from the British guard!"

Alek shook his head. "Not that. I meant, why help us?"

Deryn raised an eyebrow. "That's what friends do, right?"

Alek still wasn't convinced. "You're on the run, now. They'll be looking for you! Dylan, what were you thinking?"

Deryn hmphed. "I would've thought you'd be grateful I saved your daft bums."

"We are!" Klopp and Bauer chorused together in the background while Hoffman nodded, and she smiled widely at them. Their English was not as good as Deryn's German, but they could still manage very simple talk, and with their muddled English and her muddled Clankertalk, they could sort of make their way through a conversation.

Volger glared haughtily at Deryn, but he didn't insult her. To her surprise, he said, "I do not like it, but we owe you our lives. Is there anything we can do to repay the favor?" Despite his demeanor, she knew his words were genuine.

Alek nodded vigorously in agreement. "Dylan, there must be something we can do! Anything!" His eyes alit as he realized the perfect answer. "You can come with us, to Austria!"

Deryn glared at him scathingly. "Won't you be recognized?" she asked. "After you got your picture plastered all over the papers?"

The prince's face fell. "Oh…you're right. I suppose we can't go back there, can we?"

Deryn shook her head, about as crestfallen as he was. They were on the run, with hardly any money, and nowhere to go.

Heaving a large sigh, Volger drew everyone's attention towards him. "I'd rather not, but I suppose it is the best option, given the situation."

"What is?" Alek asked curiously.

Volger gave a sardonic smile. "How does America sound to you?"

Deryn blinked in surprise. "I never thought of that!"

"Of course you wouldn't," Volger replied dryly, and Deryn pointedly ignored him.

Alek was just as startled as she was, but he found his mouth twisting into a wry grin as well. "America. Why not?"

Deryn looked between the lot of them. Klopp, Bauer and Hoffman each voiced a quick "Ja."

Deryn shrugged, furrowed her brow as if she were concentrating hard, then glanced at Volger, then to Alek, then back to Volger. "How's the food?"

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